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Interesting, cheerful, funny skits on the theme of “Autumn” will decorate any school holiday. And to play them not only in autumn but also in other times of the year, for example, on a thematic parade, holidays on calendar, etc.

a scene on the theme of autumn

Sketch “the Janitor”

If you want to play funny skits on the theme of “Autumn”, you can take an interesting idea involving one character.

The participants: the speaker, assistants, the janitor. The last dressed up in funny janitor - a hat with earflaps, any old jacket and boots. Initially, the main character sleeps peacefully on the stage, his head tucked under a box and hugging the broom. Backstage announcer declares: “And so ended a happy, carefree time for the janitor, from the trees fell down sheets». Behind the scenes helpers pour the leaves, trying to get on a sleeping face. Sounds lyrical song about autumn, the janitor jumps up, shakes her head, saying "ay-Yi-Yi”. Pours sheets of caps (which are hidden there earlier) and slowly begins to sweep. After leaving, the announcer declares: “was the day”. At this time, the assistants quickly scatter the leaves around the stage. You can at this time to pull the curtain. The janitor runs under the dynamic club music, grabs his head, sweeps very quickly, shakes her head and dances, such as break, after all swept. “the next day», - said the speaker, leaves, crumbles even more. The janitor runs under the fastest song expresses outright despair, throws his cap, shouting and tearing their hair. Then he starts to run with a broom on the stage, angrily sweeping the leaves in all directions. Then runs away and threatens with his fist. “a week Passed», - the announcer announces. On the stage the janitor is asleep, hugging a trash, a broom, a lot of leaves, but he smiles happily.

funny skits on the theme of autumn


A Hilarious skit on the theme “Autumn”, which highlights one of the most topical themes.

Number of participants - six people, dress them up to mom and dad, grandmother, grandfather and two children, brother and sister. Clothes should be fun, grandma wrapped in shawls, grandpa with glasses and big trousers, the father in the old, as the mother – all gathered to dig potatoes.

On the stage of the room, in front of the computer sits a boy in a cap, represents a gamble in the race. A girl reclines on a sofa, chewing gum and talking on the phone. Voice offstage: «Masha, Sasha, you know it's time for fries?” Children do not hear and did not react. First comes mom, ran up to the girl, begins to kiss her and squeeze, then just stick to the boy.


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- Sasha, Masha, come, and I will then buy the candy.

Mom, leave me alone, candy Granny feed.

Mom, you are human, not in the subject that is not hot - pits to dig.

Mother resentfully shakes his head, looks like a tear and leaves.

Comes grandmother.

- Well, malewicki, ovalocytes-ka palustre, Nada would podmognut a little.

- BA, rasshifruyte, Nitsche not clear with th for Morse?

Who, HDE Morse, don't walrus… ovalocytes without it would go.

The Kids look at each other with irony, but continue to sit. Grandma shakes her head, mutters about the walrus and calls grandfather. Includes grandfather and yells from the doorway.

- That th, idlers, and then I sit, a gentleman kaki, there cavo would not sit.

- Father, you better go help your grandma walrus to look for.

- Cavo, cavo? Sea urchin? Yes, what is it you guys, what is a hedgehog…

Children myself, “Well, finally the darkness”. Sit as before. Grandfather shrugs and leaves, muttering about a hedgehog.

And then everything changes, the room runs into the father and begins to cry.

Hey, you, suckers, homemade, quick, your drupella in his hands took on the potatoes cleaned.

Children surprised jump up, look at each other, but run to the door.

The Father takes out a book and say, “Well, thank you, dear dictionary of youth slang”. Sighs and leaves. The curtain.

funny skits on the theme of autumn

“Apple saved”

The scene on the theme of “Fall” (grade 7), interesting and fun, it does not require much preparation.

Members: grandson, three friends, grandma. Announcer: “the glory had been grown apples in the garden with my grandmother. But here's the problem, too, and nowhere to put them”.

On the stage of the table, sitting next to him the grandmother, adult grandson, his three friends. Everywhere there are pots, buckets, jar. All eating apples.

Grandson (sings): “Apples on snow you still will help them, I can't…”

The First one: “Grandma, maybe better to sell?”

Grandma: “Oh, my dear, so I've already the whole village fed pigs and those are my apples out”.

Grandson: “yeah, and pigs fed, and we were fed. So the fifth day of nothing but apples, soup would, perhaps, cooked”.

Grandma: “Oh, grandson, you guys are lifesavers, one of five buckets ate, but the pail friends fed. All good not to disappear”.

The Second one: “Everything is now I the next ten years the apples can not watch”.

Third one: “Grandma, grandma, are you even in the winter, then banks rolled up?”

Grandma: “why, darling, Oh, multiple sclerosis, head garden… but in the winter I do not in store…”

“autumn Queen”

a scene on the theme of gold autumn

The Fashion sketch on the theme «Golden autumn», which requires thorough preparation.

Participants: five girls in “autumn” outfitsleading a 2 member of the jury.

Moderator: “Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally happened, our podium out five great Queens. Which costume is the best, will solve jury. Meet them”.

Girls go to the music, all the costumes are a little absurd and ridiculous. One short skirt, one-piece swimsuit and leaves covered front and chest, a third on his chest says "I fall" of the fourth comes out in an orange tracksuit, and a fifth in the blue dress with one leaf.

Moderator: “What gorgeous outfits, it will be difficult to choose the true Queen. Now you should submit your outfit”.

The music and each in turn goes out and dances it's funny.

Moderator: “Well, it's time to find out who became Queen. The word jury”.

A member of the jury: “we Have five nominations. Marie (in short skirt) - tailless autumn, Lena (swimsuit) – a poor autumn, Kate (text) – the long-winded suit, Nadia – fitness-autumn, and autumn Queen - Anne. Myself – even if the leaves were more”.

Jury Member trying to wear the crown, but the girls against the decision and run to them, shouting: “atas, judges on the soap”. Jury escapes and all for them.

a scene on the theme of autumn grade 7

“Autumn dance”

A Simple sketch on the theme of “Fall” for the 5th class.

Participants: facilitator and ten participants.

Moderator:“the Autumn came to us, and now we are all reeling

Leaf let each one takes and other gives.

If the pace suddenly changed, dance who sheet left”.

Gives a big, bright sheet of paper to any member of the round he passes to another, etc. in turn. The music is slow, when the music changed to a fast tune (bullseye, quadrille, polka, etc.), one with left sheet, jumps out of the circle and actively dancing, unexpectedly quickly for everyone. Music for change must be different, so it will be much funnier and more interesting. Funny skits on the theme of “Fall” in the style of music is very impressive looking and sure to delight even the most sophisticated audience.

a scene on the theme of autumn for the 5th grade

Helpful tips

  • A Sketch on the theme “Autumn” should not be too long.
  • As props, you can make artificial leaves of paper, they look brighter and more spectacular, and the debris from them is much smaller.
  • Engage your brightest and most artistic guys.
  • Presenter must speak loudly and clearly, make sure that you have the microphone.
  • As the scenes can be any joke about the fall.

In conclusion

Autumn is the time of year, which makes it possible to come up with hundreds of interesting topics for mini-performances. Show imagination and be bold in the implementation of their ideas. Scene on the theme “Autumn” will decorate any celebration and then the concert will be the most striking and memorable event.

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