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Many parents after the birth of a child begins to bother a number of questions concerning the health of the baby. The most common cause for concern are problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Many moms scary loose stools in the newborn. But this is not always a symptom of a disease or health problem. The child's body is just beginning to adapt to a new environment and change of the chair - this is his reaction to the arrival of new substances. But it is important to understand the bowel movements of the baby are the norm, and which – the reason for seeking medical attention.

A Normal chair from a baby is breastfed

Many moms wonder about why the newborn has diarrhea. Normal consistency and color of feces in infants determines the method of feeding. Bowel movements the baby breast feeding will differ from the feces of children on artificial food. Diarrhea in a newborn with breastfeeding, as a rule, is the norm. As the intestine is populated with beneficial microorganisms, consistency and color may vary. Also, it affects the diet of the mother. For example, if the mother had lunch with fruits and vegetables, the color may become greenish.

color of feces in infants

The Texture can also change, from liquid to mushy. Sometimes you see slightly frothy. If the watery stool of a newborn while breastfeeding found undigested particles of milk (like cheese), should not be afraid. Just the kid for the complete digestion of milk at this age do not have enough enzymes.


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The Most important factor that allows you to judge the quality children's chair, is the child's behavior. If the baby eats well, sleeps, not naughty and not losing weight, then worry not. If the child's behavior has changed, the chair was a different texture, smell, and its frequency is increased - this is an occasion in the near future to go to the doctor.

Causes of loose stools in a newborn baby

Even when the baby is relaxed and eats well, and mom needs to track the status of the stool. If the newborn child diarrhea, it is important to know the possible causes, if necessary, as soon as possible to get on reception to the doctor to determine the causes and appropriate treatment.

  • Changed the diet of the mother. Breastfeeding from the mother's diet depends on the consistency and color of baby feces. From the use of certain products, there may be cramps and bloating. Dried apricots, prunes, beets, grapes, cherries, cabbage, etc. - products that can influence the change of the feces of the baby. If the newborn has diarrhea yellow in color, the cause may be the presence in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Liquid excrements are children who have discovered the enzyme deficiency. In most cases, it is lactase. It is also referred to as lactose intolerance. Lactase-an enzyme that processes milk sugar. Most of the children it is produced in insufficient quantities. But in this case nature has provided the perfect composition of mother's milk. First the child eats the so-called "front" milk - it contains lactose, but with the "hind" milk in kid's body arrives lactase. Lactase deficiency can be congenital or acquired. In the latter case it appears due to improper feeding when the child eats only the "front" milk. This condition can be corrected through the process. In congenital deficiency of the child has intolerance to dairy products. In this case, if you do not help the adjustment of administered drugs lactase is assigned to a lactose-free mixture. Signs will be gas, bloating, regurgitation, constipation or diarrhea, poor weight gain and liquid feces yellow color with a sour smell and foam in case of primary failure and the secondary is possible to observe a greenish slimy stool.
  • Intestinal Dysbiosis. This is a common diagnosis in infants. Usually by 6 months the chair comes back to normal. If not, then prescribe drugs, such as probiotics and prebiotics, which nourish the microflora of beneficial microorganisms. When dysbiosis stool painted in green color.
  • The newborn yellow liquid stool may appear in connection with the introduction of certain foods. For example, changes can cause raw fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Teething some moms notice a change of chair at the child more liquid. Doctors attribute this to reduction of immunity during this period and a slight penetration of infection into the intestine due to dirty hands and toys that a toddler scratching his gums.
  • Change the chair may be an allergic reaction to any product that ate mom. In this case, you must exclude it from the diet.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Loose stools can cause diseases such as bronchitis and otitis media.

The Exact cause and the diagnosis can call a doctor. Therefore, when concern for the health of your child, it is recommended to call an ambulance.

Pathological diarrhea

diaper change

Usually, a newborn poops about 8–10 times per day. If the child is about 2 months, the number of bowel movements is reduced to 5–6. Six-month-old children defecate 1-3 times a day. If you notice that the baby is pooping more often, and the chair is different from the usual, this is a reason to urgently see a doctor and to pass certain tests. If to this were added other symptoms, you should speak about the presence of intestinal infections or food poisoning.

Symptoms of intestinal infection in the newborn

Baby crying

Intestinal infection – not uncommon for a newborn baby, because these babies have not yet fully operating, the protective function of the intestine. This condition is dangerous to the occurrence of diarrhea and consequently dehydration.

Emit certain signs, noticing which, you need to immediately call an ambulance.

  • Frequent loose stools of a newborn.
  • Cal out sharply, as if the "fountain".
  • In the stool are mucus and/or streaks of blood.
  • Stool is green and can be frothy.
  • Felt an unpleasant putrid smell.
  • Bubbling in the stomach.
  • Vomiting.
  • Fever.

Signs of dehydration

Mom next to a crying baby
  • Weakness.
  • Lethargy.
  • Moodiness.
  • A feeble cry.
  • Dry lips.
  • Decreased amount of urine, and she becomes darker.
  • Sunken fontanel.

This condition is especially dangerous for newborns. Before the arrival of the ambulance at the first sign of dehydration doctors recommend give the baby a dose regidratanty (for example, "Pidilite", "Gidrovit", "Naturally"). But we must remember that such solutions should be diluted and taken strictly according to instructions. It is recommended to give them between feedings every 5–10 minutes for 1–2 teaspoon.

Diagnostic Methods for liquid chair the child

Colic in the newborn

The Exact cause of diarrhea can be called a doctor after the appropriate tests. Mostly blood, urine, a study on a dysbacteriosis bacterial stool cultures. Sometimes you want to check breast milk.

The presence of intestinal infection can explain the blood test.

Lactase deficiency is tested by special tests.

After identifying the cause of liquid stools is assigned to the appropriate specific case of treatment.

Treatment of pathological watery stool in infants

Mom breastfeeding

The Most dangerous diarrhea in newborns – dehydration. The more frequent and loose stools, the faster it comes. At the first sign you need to call an ambulance. The doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Before the ambulance the child should be put to the breast as often as possible. Also safe for infants can be a weak decoction of chamomile or lime (if not allergic to these herbs) and drugs – Drug in small quantities according to the weight and age of the baby. Is sometimes advisable the use of sorbents that will help remove toxins from the body.

If there is a temperature, it is necessary to give antipyretic syrup, choosing the right dosage (e.g. "Nurofen" or "Paracetamol").

In that case, if the baby refuses to drink, and the symptoms of dehydration increase, will have to drink by force, for example, you can use a syringe without a needle and pour the liquid...

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