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The Cure “Panadol Baby” the statement attributed to analgesics-antipyretics. Acting component of the drug-paracetamol. Basic properties – an antipyretic and analgesic.

Panadol instructionThe Drug “Panadol Baby” manual advises to use to treat patients older than three months, but under 12 years of age. Prescribed medication under the following conditions:

  • Increased body temperature that accompanies colds, flu or infectious diseases. This includes scarlet fever, rubella, chicken pox, measles and mumps.
  • Pain: throat, head, teeth and ear with otitis media.
  • Hyperthermia post-vaccination at 2-3-month-old toddlers.

The Cure «Children's Panadol (Baby)" is available in two forms – syrup for oral administration and suppositories for rectal administration. Required quantity of the drug is chosen according to the exact age of the patient (table below). If you have purchased a medicine in the form of a syrup, the bottle must be carefully shaken before you measure out the appropriate dose. Latest make helps a special syringe that comes in the kit.

Part of the body babies two to three months to respond to the vaccination increase in temperature. In this case, its reduction can also be used the drug “Panadol Baby”. Dosage of for toddler is 2.5 ml of syrup. The medicine can give your child a maximum of two times. The second reception is possible after four hours after the first application. If condition is not improving, you need medical help.

Next will be submitted to the table gets the necessary dose of medicine for children of different ages. It is necessary to focus primarily on body weight. Age should be taken into account in that case, if the patient's weight is not known.


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Panadol baby

Use of the drug can be a maximum of four times per day. Minimum time interval between doses is four hours.

Candles “Panadol Baby” the instruction recommends to use three times a day in quantity of 1 piece..

Duration of therapy can be determined only by the doctor. Without the appointment of a paediatrician to give the baby medicine for longer than three days should not be.

When buying drugs at the pharmacy may receive the the problem with the choice of the dosage form. In this case there are no special recommendations. Can be used as candles, and suspension. However, you should consider several factors. First, when using the suppository does not need to force the child something to drink. This is especially true if it hurts the baby. Secondly, the effect of the candles, usually appears faster and lasts longer. However, the use of such a dosage form should not be too often, because it has irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the rectum. According to experts, it is advisable during the day to give the baby the syrup, and the night to enter the candle.

Panadol price

As a rule, children well tolerated drug “Panadol Baby”. Manual, however, warns of such possible negative manifestations like anemia, thrombocytopenia, aseptic pyuria, and allergic reactions (itching, redness, rash). You can't use medication in the treatment of patients with severe disorders of kidney or liver and the presence of hypersensitivity to components of the medication.

After opening the bottle might be only one month to store the drug “Panadol Baby”. Its price varies from 70 RUB. (for one pack suppositories 10 PCs.) 105 RUB (syrup).

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