Grafskaya Wharf, Sevastopol: address, description, history


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— one of the most beautiful cities of Crimea, which went down in history thanks to the exploits of Russian sailors and civilians, always a chest on protection of the native land. Although the fighting was repeatedly destroyed many of its historical and architectural monuments, in time of peace they were restored. Thanks to the efforts of citizens today, as 150-160 years ago, visitors to the city arriving from the sea, meets the count's quay. Sebastopol is proud of its attractions, photos of which adorn almost all tourist prospectuses.

the count's quay Sevastopol

The history of the construction of the pier

The First boat Wharf in the area of the modern Nakhimov square was built in 1783. On the eve of the arrival in Sevastopol of the Empress Catherine the Second was a hastily produced work for improvement of the city. The result was including replacing the wooden steps of the pier of stone. On the orders of Prince Grigory Potemkin, the new main Wharf was called Catherine's.

After the departure of the Empress, they usually went with their boats to the shore Earl M. Voinovich. At that time, this brave Admiral served as chief of the Russian black sea fleet and resided on his farm on the North side. Popularly known as the “Grafskaya Pristan”, which continued to exist even during the Soviet period.

60 years Later after a visit to the city by Catherine the great Sevastopol authorities decided that the city needed a Grand entrance from the sea.

To Create a project of such facilities was entrusted to the engineer Colonel John Upton. He submitted his work for approval in October, 1844, having received the approval, undertook the construction of a jetty, which lasted about 2 years.


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sights of Sevastopol

The count's quay (Sevastopol): history before the second world war

Although the building was originally intended to decorate the centre of the city, throughout its history, he had to repeatedly “war”. So, in the days of the first defense of Sevastopol, according to the decision of the high command of the Russian army, through the Count's quay was the supply of the bastions of the city with ammunition and food. She was even “hurt”, as the real soldier. This event took place in late August, 1855, when the enemy missile was in a boat tied to the pier, the barge with powder that caused the explosion and caused considerable damage.

The count's quay (Sevastopol, address: Nakhimov Avenue, St. 4) has witnessed sad events in the Russian Empire. For example, in November 1920 the red army, commanded by M. V. Frunze, broke into the district of Perekop, and moved to Sevastopol. Lieutenant-General P. Wrangel, trying to avoid large casualties among the troops of the South of Russia, gave the order to evacuate. Within a few days the Crimea has left 150 000 people, including about 70 000 soldiers and officers.

In 1925, the count's quay (Sevastopol) was renamed to jetty of the Third international.

the area of Admiral Nakhimov

During the great Patriotic war

In mid-autumn of 1941 near the quay was fire artillery position of the cruiser "red Ukraine». Within 20 days of the ship led fire on the enemy. Especially great damage it inflicted on 11 November, when his suppressed guns 3 batteries of the enemy, broke 18 armored personnel carriers and destroyed three companies of German soldiers. However, the next day, the Luftwaffe dropped on the cruiser 6 bombs. The struggle for survivability of a vessel was not a success, and it sank.

Remember Marina and joyful day may 9, 1944, when the colonnade Grafskaya pier again hoisted the naval flag of the USSR.

the count's quay Sevastopol address

Postwar years

In the course of works on restoration of the dilapidated city has been renovated and Grafskaya pier. Reconstruction of the staircase was carried out by V. Artyukhov and A. Mikhailenko, and in 1987-1988 was restored colonnade. Sevastopol made it its main architectural symbol and hallmark that showed to the guests. Since then, nothing has changed, except that after the annexation of Crimea to Russia has increased the number of tourists who want to see this silent witness to the military exploits of their grandfathers.

Sevastopol Grafskaya pier: how to get

Since this building is among the main tourist attractions of the city and in the whole Crimea, it can be easily reached by public transport. In particular, the train or bus to Sevastopol Grafskaya pier and can be reached by trolleybuses № 1, 3, 7, 9 or taxi № 109, 110, 112, 4, 84 and heading to stop “the Nakhimov Square”.

Sevastopol Grafskaya Pristan how to get


At the moment the count's quay (Sevastopol) consists of the colonnade and the stairs. John Upton took as a basis a model of ancient architecture, giving the building features classic style. In particular, a double colonnade made according to the canons of the Doric order and forms the Propylaea. Columns arethe entablature, which is crowned with an attic. It is attached to the convex figures denoting the date of construction. In front of the colonnade 4 marches in the direction of the sea goes down sufficiently broad staircase from Inkerman stone. It is decorated with marble lions by sculptor Ferdinando Pellichio.

Memorial plaque

Many fragments of the history of the Count's quay of Sevastopol and reflected on the memorial slabs fixed on-site facilities. They are installed in the memory of the liberation of the city from fascist invaders, as a reminder of the tragedy of those who were forced to leave their Homeland during the Civil war, in honor of the heroes of the sailors of the cruiser "red Ukraine” etc.

Architectural ensemble of the square Nakhimov

The Count's quay is surrounded by many famous sights of Sevastopol. In particular, it is part of the ensemble's Nakhimov square, which is decorated with the monument to the famous Admiral, the Marine station building and the former Catherine Palace. There are also a memorial to the heroes who defended Sevastopol during world war II, memorial plaque installed in honor of the bicentennial of the city, and Portavadie moorings.

the count's quay Sevastopol history

Now you are aware of the history of the famous attractions of the city of Sevastopol-Grafskaya pier. This architectural monument is beautiful in daylight and in the rays of the decorative night lights. So if you happen to visit this city of Russian military glory, be sure to go to the area of Admiral Nakhimov. Then you will be able to enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and sailing ships, as well as to make a couple of photographs for decorating your travel scrapbook.

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