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In this article we'll talk about where has its roots the Orthodox architecture of churches, what it stands for and on what principles, and also about how different types of temples is given.

Churches of ByzantiumIt is no secret that Christianity in Russia - not the native religion. Orthodoxy came to us from distant Byzantium. And the principles of the construction of the churches was based on the churches of Byzantium. But although initially Russian architects and tried to copy the architecture of churches, over time the building of temples took on unique style and your own sense of the sacred.

We Can say that the Byzantine Empire came to Russia the technology of how to build a cross-domed Church. It has its own distinctive features, as it is bound to have a dome, which is located on the four pillars, symbolizing the four cardinal directions and the four evangelists. After four major twelve or more pillars, intersections of which form the signs of the cross and divided the temple into zones, each of which has its own name and purpose.

According to research by historians and religious scholars, cross-domed Church takes its architectural principle of the Roman catacombs.

cross-domed Church

In the catacombs the place of the dome is always a source of natural light that symbolized the light of God or Jesus Christ. Of course, the ground cross-domed temple looks much greater than the catacombs. But still part of the architectural similarities are preserved.

The Development in Russia of construction technology was originally different from the Byzantine. After all, the main building material was wood, which were often built churches with domes in the form of tents, because wood is difficult to make the traditional dome shape. Even with time began to appear stone Church with a dome in the form of tents. However, in the seventeenth century forbade the construction of such temples.


However, in Russia, and later in Russia, despite the wood construction, was not built in a fully compliant Byzantine cross-domed Church. Basically, it's dome and white stone five-domed Church.

architecture of Orthodox churches:a view insideToday, the architecture of Orthodox churches has moved far ahead, if you look from the originally Byzantine. But still have many features and principles of construction of the temple.

One of the distinguishing principles have become a greater number of domes. And if was originally built one - and five-domed temples, but now they became much more. Church with a dome dedicated to the unity of God and his creations.

Two domed talking about double God's creation, men and angels, and also of the dual nature of Jesus Christ (God and man).

With three domes are used as a symbol of the Trinity.

Katerikoli temples symbolize the four evangelists and the four directions.

The five-domed talking about the exaltation of Jesus Christ.

Semicolony is a Testament to the seven sacraments and the seven virtues.

The Temple with nine domes is the evidence of the nine angelic ranks.

A Church with thirteen domes is a symbol of Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles.

Twenty-five domes of the temple speak about the prophecy of St. John the Evangelist.

And thirty-three domes indicate the total years of Jesus ' life.

Different number of domes are not provided. But it is important to note that each element in the Church carries any sacred meaning. Since Byzantium architecture has leaped forward. However, all Orthodox churches are still being built according to the cruciform principle.

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