Why pregnant women can't sit toe to toe - folk superstition or truth


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Many young ladies believe that a beautifully crossed legs look very sexy and so attract the attention of the male half of the population of the globe. In fact, to sit legs crossed harmful, especially to a pregnant woman. As this posture may have a negative impact on the health of a woman expecting a child.

Why pregnant women can't sit legs crossed

In this regard, all began to wonder: "Why pregnant women can't sit legs crossed?" In the first place - due to the fact that during the crossing of the legs vein located in the popliteal fossa, greatly compressed. As a result there are unpleasant swelling and circulation occurs, and in some cases may occur and varicose vein disease. And the women generally have a tendency to varicose veins.

Here is the first answer to the question: "Why pregnant women can't sit legs crossed?"

What's happening?

The fact that during pregnancy the walls of the veins weaken, as they are particular affected by the relaxin - a hormone that is produced in large quantities during the second trimester. It is believed that it has a relaxing effect on the ligaments that is necessary for normal birth. Pelvic bones becomes more movable, so that during birth the baby without problems could be born.

Sit legs crossed

In addition, there is another hormone in its effect on the leg veins similar to relaxin. To this all else must be added the impact of the uterus constantly pressing on the veins located in the pelvis, thus preventing proper blood flow in them. Here you have all the reasons why pregnant women can't sit legs crossed, as without it the load on the veins is quite high.


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Therefore, in the period when you are in an interesting position, crossed legs can only aggravate your not too good condition. In addition to all this it should be noted that while in this position, the woman grips his stomach and this creates some inconvenience for a child, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy. The woman herself can feel that the child is not comfortable with what they say his constant tremors. According to folk belief, this position can cause curvature of the feet of the child or entanglement of umbilical cord around the neck of the baby, but it's all true. But the formation of the correct position of the fetus in the womb with their legs crossed to prevent can. As a result, this may cause a reversal of the child, for example, in breech presentation. Which can lead to wrapping the baby's neck umbilical cord.

Tips for pregnant women

That is why the answer to the question "Why pregnant women can't sit legs crossed?" is understandable. While waiting, the child should absolutely avoid this situation.

And here are some more tips for pregnant

1. During pregnancy possible and necessary exercise, in advance, of course, after consulting a specialist. In that case, if you have some health problems, you need to behave more discreetly.

2. In an interesting position possible to dance, ride a bike or run in the mornings, as you did in normal condition. But the load level should be reduced.

3. Classes should stop in if you have discomfort or dizziness, headache, fatigue. In the case of spots before the eyes, you should immediately contact your doctor.

What not to do:

• do not make sudden movements;

• to be under the sun;

• for a long walk.

You owe it to yourself to rest, to gain strength for future generations!

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