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For animals a proper diet is important. This also applies to cats. And many masters teach Pets to purchase feed. It is important that it be of high quality. Cat food Gemon will serve as a great food for pet. On the composition and characteristics of the product described in the article.

Company History

The Italian firm Monge was founded in 1963 as a company specializing in poultry rearing. Because it used strict standards, the chicken was ordered popular restaurants in the country. The company actively developed, but always had a lot of waste from boning chicken carcasses, and this product was not used anywhere.

cat food gemon

The company began to look for ways to use leftovers. And he was found firm began to produce animal feed. And began to produce products for dogs and other animals. She became great helpers to those who have no time to cook. Products became popular. Among them particularly popular food for koshey Gemon. It is sold in more than 50 countries.


The Products are different in composition. As an example we can take the product Complete Adult with Tuna and Salmon. The first component was considered to be cereal, which is considered as a source of carbohydrates. It does not indicate that it contains and in what quantity.

Also in the stern for cats Gemon present fish and secondary fish raw materials, which is considered the source of protein. Stated that contains 8% of the same tuna and salmon. The composition of dry food for cats Gemon has oils and fats, which are a source of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.


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gemon cat food reviews

Indicated that the added salmon oil (2%). The next product in the feed provided “meat and derivatives". Also there are supplements - “minerals”, yeast, prebiotics, Yucca of shidigera (reduces smell of feces).

As evidenced by the manufacturer, the food is created from high quality raw materials grown in local meadows. The company have own farm for the breeding of livestock and poultry. In the product has no growth hormones and antibiotics. Products do not include gluten, hydrogenated fats, dyes, gluten, chemical anti-oxidants.

The Range of diets rich. The company manufactures products for cats with a penchant for ICD products for older Pets and kids. In addition to dry croquettes, eat canned food and pouches that allow to diversify the diet of the pet.


For reviews, cat food Gemon has the following advantages:

  1. Prevalence, low cost.
  2. Sold as a dry food and canned food, pouches.
  3. Contains vitamins and minerals.

The Owners of many Pets prefer to choose this kind of product. Their composition is quite varied, which makes the food ideal for everyday use.


But still has disadvantages:

  1. The Common language in the designation of the components - often beneath the surface, the by-products, food processing.
  2. Does Not specify which cereals are added.
  3. In General, the composition poor, the food is in the range between economy and premium products.


The company produces food for cats with different composition. Each product is designed for specific Pets:

1. Gemon Cat Pouch with chicken. This nutrition, products are pieces of poultry. It is recommended to give kittens 1 to 12 months. The products are suitable during pregnancy, lactation of the animal. It contains proteins, vitamins, minerals, required for normal growth and development. In addition to chicken, provide useful fish, fish products, crustaceans. Of technological additives are thickeners, geleobrazovanie substances. Food should be at room temperature.

2. Gemon Cat Pouch with rabbit, vegetables. Wet products are designed for feeding adult animals with good activity. Recommended age – 1-10 years. In the composition of proteins, oils, fats, fiber, vitamins a and E. it is Important to keep the pet clean, fresh water.

gemon dry food for cats

3. Gemon Cat Pouch with beef, vegetables. This product is suitable for cats aged 1-10 years. Food enriched in proteins, oils, fats. Also have fiber, vitamins a, D3 and E. in addition to the main components, the presence of mineral substances. For pet medium size will require 2-3 pouch a day.

4. Gemon Cat Pouch with tuna and fish Dori. The product is suitable for sterilized cats, Pets that are prone to excess weight. It can be used for daily feeding. The composition includes proteins, oils, fats, fiber, magnesium, and vitamin A. Besides fish, contains meat, meat products.

5. Gemon Cat Pouch Turkey. The product is suitable for older cats aged 11 years. The benefits provided by a rich composition of proteins, oils, fats, fiber, and vitamin A. Products include meat, mineral components.


To Purchase cat food Gemon can be the online pet stores. Packing 0.4 kg worth of 158 rubles, and 1.5 kg – from 495 rubles. This is the approximate prices, they may vary.

gemon cat food for cats

On the stern for cats cat Gemon there are positive and negative reviews. Many people have questions about the product. Before giving such food to your pet, it is advisable to consult with a specialist.

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