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Norwegian cat – it is a beautiful domestic cat with soft fluffy fur with a developed mind. All these advantages animals of this type have received from their predecessors from the distant past. In America and European countries, the breed is considered to be one of the most exotic species of Pets.

General characteristics

The name “Norwegian forest cat” indicates which state is the birthplace of the beast. The cold and harsh climatic conditions of the Northern nature gave these animals a great endurance and a dense, thick fur, which protects from even the most severe frosts and blizzards.

Norwegian winter cat

In addition, these cats have a highly developed instinct of the hunter of the forest. Cats have attractive appearance, and this quality makes the Norwegians one of the most popular breeds.

Origin of the animals

The Name of these Pets can often be found in folklore and folk tales. However, it is impossible to say exactly when there was this kind of like Norwegian forest cat. Some sources say that these animals traveled with the Vikings. Naturally, the sailors are not too pampered Pets food and attention, hoping only to benefit from their addiction to the hunt. After all, these predators are exterminated rodents, which are often settled on the ships. The same property of the Norwegians made them great defenders from Yersinia pestis, lives in the body of rats, mice and humans.

The Official recognition of the breed status

Cats of this species often lived in country houses, but was particularly fond of independent, half-wild way of life. The conditions under which the animals existed, largely due to their external features, habits, and disposition.

Norwegian cat walks in nature

In Norway, these Pets at one time were quite common. However, as a result of the Second world war, they left quite a bit. The variety is under threat of extinction. However, experts in the breeding of cats has taken all necessary measures in order to save animals. Officially, the breed Norwegian forest cats were allowed to participate in the exhibition in the seventies of the last century.


These Pets can be called a fairly large fauna. The weight of the animals is about five or six pounds, adult males can reach even eight. The height of the body of such animals is about 40 centimeters. However, many Pets seem a little bigger than they are, due to the presence of rich fur.


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animal appearance

The Dense hair cover is able to protect the forest of the predator from the winter cold.

Speaking about the Norwegian forest cat, the breed standard, it should be noted that fluffy wool is its main characteristic. Animal fur consists of two layers. Longer and more rigid layer thickly covered with sebum, consequently has the property to repel water. With regard to short fluff, it serves as a lining, providing additional barrier to the cold. Hair rarely strays into mats, like other similar varieties of cats. The hind limbs, neck and tail of Norwegian wool is long enough.

According to the breed standard, the color of these Pets can be very diverse. For example, a tolerance of two colors.

The Head shaped like a triangle, has an elongated shape, the nose large and rather direct. Its shade should match the color of the fur. Almond-shaped eyes. Generally, it looks a bit slanted. Hue refers to the color of the coat. As for the ears, this part of the body from the Norwegian cats are large, with pointed tips, brushes, of which the animal is similar to trot.

Characteristic features of the breed are also considered long hind legs and claws, generous and furry hair between his fingers. The life of such Pets is about 16 years. Grow and develop they tend to be slow.

Variety of shades of fur

Continuing to talk about the Norwegian forest cat and a description of the breed, it is worth emphasizing that the hair of these Pets can have numerous options of color. For example, there are animals with a marble pattern on the skin, strips. Widespread varieties of solid colors: white, brown, reddish, black or gray. According to the national legends of the Norwegian people, the shade of the coat of a predator depends on the part of the state in which lived his ancestors.

Norwegian cat while hunting

Therefore, color is a kind of ‘camo’, which provides the animal the opportunity to fully hunt. Pets with black markings on the paws, chocolate and lilac shimmer fur are not considered purebred.

Features of behavior and character

Norwegian forest cats, as a rule, are pretty quietvoice of pleasant timbre. They are easily trainable, responding to commands of the owner. By nature these animals are hunters and love to walk on the outside. Therefore, the best habitat for these predators – house located in a rural area.

Kittens-the Norwegians are not only beautiful appearance but also good, friendly character.

kittens Norwegian breed

They are cheerful, talkative, love to interact with their owners. Pets love to play with candy wrappers, ropes and ribbons, to get into secluded places, on high pieces of furniture. About the cat breed Norwegian forest owners found only positive. The people who contain these animals claim that their Pets are responsive, committed owner and pretty smart. Despite the impressive size, these predators are quite aggressive. On the contrary, Norwegians love to sleep with their owners, they love it when their stroke. However, by unauthorized persons, such as guests of a cat eyeing for a long time remain cautious. Pet owners claim that it is a very smart Pets, they are easily accustomed to the tray. In addition, such animals are perfectly find common language with other four-legged friends of man, and also with young children.

It is possible not to spend too much time on. Norwegians feel quite comfortable when playing on their own. These Pets remain cheerful disposition and mobility in old age. Another positive feature of the animal is the ability to adapt to any conditions.


Those who drew attention to the long and dense fur of the Norwegian forest cat may think caring for these animals requires a lot of time and effort. In fact it is not. Brushing once a week is quite enough to maintain the good condition of the coat. With the exception of the class pet premium. It should also be remembered that during molting the fur of the animal is recommended to pay more attention. The hair of these cats are designed by nature in such a way as not to pass water. So it can be quite fatty. Before you bring a four-legged pet to the exhibition, it is necessary to wash, the skin looked neat and didn't seem fouled.

In the description of the breed Norwegian forest cat and the specialists and breeders says that a dog must be bathed with a special shampoo for oily hair. And apply this product on dry fur, and then moisten it well. You should also add a little regular detergent. Shampoo for Norwegians choose from for your pet.

To Dry a cat with the help of the Hairdryer and brush to your hair, no tangles formed.

Proper nutrition

These animals, according to the owners, not too picky with food. They are happy to eat fish, cheese, meat products. But for members of this breed need a sufficient intake of substances, ensuring the good condition of the coat. Therefore, if the owner feeds a cat a normal diet, it is recommended to Supplement its diet with vitamin complexes, which can be purchased in veterinary pharmacy. Feed the premium category are a great solution for those who care about the body of your pet.

a cat and her owner

Indeed, in the composition of such products includes everything you need to maintain animal Wellness.


Continuing to talk about Norwegian forest cats, detailed description of animals, it should be noted that these fauna are considered to be one of the strongest varieties. However, the owners still need to regularly bring your pet to the vet for a checkup and vaccinations. These Pets live a long time and retain good health. As for diseases, this breed sometimes there are genetic disorders of metabolism. One of them is associated with impaired processing of glucose. It leaves the cubs a chance at life. Other pathology there was not enough content of blood cells red and treated with a special diet and supporting medicaments.

Selection and purchase of animal

There are various nurseries in many cities of Russia where you can buy such a pet. Norwegian forest cat prices set different – from ten to twenty thousand rubles. The cost depends on many factors: age, sex, coat color, conducted examinations and vaccines. Choosing a place where you can buy a pet, you should pay attention only to the fairly well-known nurseries with a good reputation. This is especially true of those owners who are planning to visit the exhibition with your cat.

Norwegian cat the exhibition

Only honest breeders can ensure the purity of the breed and pedigrees of the Norwegian. Otherwise there is the risk of buying a hybrid, the appearance of which will not meet official standards. In General, the owners of these forest cats do not regret that I chose such a variation.Docile nature and beauty of such Pets are their indisputable advantages.

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