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The Christmas holidays with colleagues – this is, admittedly, romance is still the same! The hustle and bustle of everyday work do not allow to see different (and, admittedly, sometimes very attractive) by fellow soldiers. But, the calendar on the office wall begins a conspiratorial wink – say, isn't it time for office desks to put miniature Christmas trees, and from the chandelier to chandelier to reach a variegated garland. And now the office smiling (and not all) employees are part time for hanging, and then the contemplation of these the first signs of the most coveted holiday of the year. And – Christmas show with the participation of all employees of the company under the name “new year party”!
And Best new year's corporate party in Moscow perfect combination of hotel-restaurant is home to an old year and welcome the new for a generous table with delicious dishes, and become a member of fun and exciting Christmas program, prepared-to-order for your firm! But where do you start preparations for the new year corporate party?

Strong>People (members)

Usually someone takes the responsibility to determine the date of new year celebrations and notifies about the upcoming all employees. Asset office discusses and decides on the following:

  • The date and time of event;
  • What and who will be at the festival;
  • Where is the best to hold a celebration – in the workplace or to take a more comfortable space for the party;
  • He loves the Director in festivals, etc.

What could be on holiday?

Office parties can get so big and fun that people will forgive each other and the authorities all offences for the year (just kidding). The firm bought cafes and restaurants, rooms in hotels, rented for this purpose, whole houses and even boats. And if you have at least a full evening from 18 until midnight and beyond, but a banal meal evokes nostalgia, it is possible to invite:

  • “live music” is a much more interesting dance music from the Internet; host of the evening – he is your contests for sure will awaken the hidden talents of even the most quiet of any employee at work;
  • Artists conversational, circus, vocal, dance forms, is highly desirable – Santa Claus and snow maiden (normally a fairly even half an hour);
  • Kitchen workers (go together);
  • Friends of the Director (just kidding, though…).

Perfect – that there was a room where all sitting at the tables, and the kitchen (to cut the cold and prepared hot appetizers), and a ballroom. To have a place for “chat” and the separate place – where the dance, to eat. People will appreciate “freedom of choice” and freedom of movement.

And the best new year party in Moscow – this is perhaps not only a cozy place and not only live beautifully played energetic music, and even amount of glitter and the height of the tree (but this is important!), but – the mood! And it should not increase the number of Champagne bubbles in your body, and the desire to see each member of the corporate, many of his colleague – new year's wizard, witty competitions and just a nice person you may not notice!

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