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The human Body is designed in an amazing way: nature has created an almost perfect mechanism which not only regulates all the systems of the human body together, but each separately, forcing people to grow, to age, to grow physically, psychologically and emotionally. More work needs to be done to the female body-pregnancy, gestation and the birth of a baby – natural mechanisms that are inherent at a deep subconscious level. However, you cannot be reckless and put “interesting” to chance. The baby was healthy, expectant mother need to eat right, maintain a healthy lifestyle and try not to react too emotionally to a variety of life circumstances. Why pregnant basal metabolism? What such terrible can occur from fright or stress, a strong manifestation of joy or excitement?

why a pregnant can not be nervous

Early challenges

At the first stage of gestation a woman's body experiences the maximum load. The formation of the embryo, the intensive growth of the unborn child that appears literally out of nothing, developing from a few cells into a human – is an incredibly complex process, during which the baby is changing and is changing every day. At the heart of all these metamorphoses is the growth of nerve cells forming the brain and spinal cord of the baby. Violation of psycho-emotional state of the mother may lead to disorders and diseases of neurological nature of the fetus. It is the main reason why pregnant basal metabolism.

Any failure in the normal condition of the mother may entail irreversible consequences: the gap in the subsequent development of the child, and according to the latest data - even autism. It turns out that much depends on the sex of the foetus, and the nervous shock had different effects on girls and boys. Since this impact in any case is painted in a negative tone, it becomes clear why pregnant women are not recommended to be nervous and to worry and just need to try, if not to exclude the variety of factors that badly affect the mood, then at least to reduce them to a minimum.


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why pregnant women are not recommended to be nervous and to cry

Small wonder

Clinically proven that, at first, the body treats the baby as a foreign body, and if a woman does not have time to adapt to the new conditions of existence, a changed hormonal background, and there are outbursts of emotion, and morning sickness, and overall poor health.

The First trimester of pregnancy – a difficult period. A woman can not guess about such significant changes in your body and what will happen to the child, so do not always understand the nature of irritability, fatigue, what it is going on and why. Pregnant can not be nervous throughout all nine months of carrying the baby, but it is on the initial stage of excessive emotionality is often the cause of abortion.

why not to be nervous pregnant women

Give in to your instincts

Those who are going to be a mom, planning her every step, it is easier to prepare for future challenges, but they can expect a lot of frightening change that the girl just is not ready. What can we say about future moms, for whom a new position was a surprise, and also awareness of the shocking fact of impending childbirth, the body sends various obscure messages that need to correctly interpret and decipher.

In fact, pregnancy – is not a disease, the body prepares for this every month, and ideally it should pass naturally. The most important thing – to listen carefully to what its subconscious, feelings and emotions, then there will be problems and trouble, and the question of why pregnant women are not recommended to be nervous and to cry, will disturb neither moms nor dads, nor their leading physicians.

Strong man

Western doctors love to conduct all sorts of research, including future mothers. One of the last works of scholars was the observation of 500 pregnant women. The task of doctors was to study the effects of stress on the process of gestation and the subsequent birth and children's mental health in General.

In the course of the research, the doctors got some interesting results. It turns out that stress in the mother, if she is carrying a boy, may cause such problems:

  • Delayed fruit;

  • A prolonged course of labor;

  • Psychological disorders in the baby (anxiety, crying, autism).

The Most dangerous consequence explaining why it is impossible to nervous pregnant women – it is a possible miscarriage. In times of stress be the highest pressure surges, blood circulation, air circulation in the body, feed the baby necessary for vital activity of substances, it leads to very serious pathologies.

why pregnant women cannot be nervous and worry

Cute girl

With the girls things are a little different. Scientists claim that the high anxiety mothers may induce premature labour, the entanglement of the fetus by the umbilical cord, possibly asphyxia.

Adverse effects onthe psyche of the newborn, which brings stress mothers during gestation that subsequently manifested a variety of neurological and psychological problems.

The Greatest impact of stress affecting the baby, manifested in the later stages, starting from 28 weeks, but why pregnant women are not recommended to be nervous in the first trimester? This term – symbolic up to 12 weeks the fetus is so fragile and delicate that even the strongest emotional stress could trigger his death. Therefore, learning about an interesting position, it is important to avoid any stress.

The Mountain of happiness

What does the phrase "any stress”? What is stress? It is the human body's response to various external stimuli, which can be not only bad emotions or impressions, fatigue or overexertion, but good, happy events, moments of great happiness.

Some people with positive emotions feel so strong feelings that they may cause a short-term imbalance in the body. For pregnant it can result in increased tone of the uterus, its contractions, cramping or even premature birth, and the baby will feel the mother's delight in the form of a lack of oxygen and discomfort, sincerely not realizing that it violates the rest and why. Pregnant not nervous, but what if the stressful situation happened, how to recover faster?

why pregnant women are not recommended to be nervous in the first trimester

How to overcome stress?

Many moms remember the slight feeling of lethargy, which they experienced during pregnancy. Nature thus protects the mother and her baby, creating a natural barrier to different kinds of stress. This measure is sometimes not enough. As a woman in this case can help themselves to gain a sense of peace and tranquility?

  • Soothing herbal teas;

  • Favorable for the environment;

  • Light sedatives, tinctures and charges (on the recommendation of a doctor);

  • Foot massage

  • If the time is not late, you can take a warm bath, go swimming, rinse under a contrast shower, but without sharp temperature drops, it perfectly removes irritation and fatigue, tones the body.

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