Normal temperature in dogs small and large breeds. How to measure the temperature of the dog


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Today many families live Pets, and dogs are no exception. Most importantly - do not forget to provide them with proper care and a comfortable environment for living.

Many pet owners are interested in how to understand what their pet is sick and needs the help of a qualified physician. What is the normal temperature in dogs? How to correctly measure her dog? What if the values obtained are far from optimal performance? For these and many other questions we will try to answer in this article.

How determined?

dog at vet

What is the temperature at dogs is considered normal? It can vary depending on the breed and be in the range of 37.4 to 39.3 degrees. There are certain laws which relate to the age of the animal and its size. For adult dogs of large breeds are considered normal indicators of of 37.4 to 38.3 degrees, for medium – 37,5-39, for small-38,5-39 degrees. For puppies, the temperature will be a little different. In large breeds it can be between the 38.2 to 39, mid – from about 38.3 to 39.1, small – from the 38.6 to 39.3.

When to pay attention?

Measuring the temperature of the pet should be carried out in case of the following symptoms:

  • Refusal of water and food;
  • The pallor of tongue and mucous membranes;
  • Dry and warm nose;
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea;
  • Convulsions.



How to measure the temperature of the dog? That for this purpose it is necessary to use? Typically used a mercury or electronic thermometer. The latter use is much easier, and the process temperature measurement takes less time – about half a minute. The thermometer should be individualized. After all the manipulations it must be disinfected. Also wash and process disinfecting composition hands.

Sequence of actions

Before the temperature measurement the dog must perform a few simple operations. First, the thermometer must be sanitized and smear vaseline or baby cream. Then the dog should be put to one side. Temperature can be measured in a standing position, if the animal is calmly responds to manipulation. Tail lift the base and insert into the rectum thermometer. The depth of insertion should not be more than 2 cm then waits for a certain period of time (if we are talking about electronic thermometer – before the emergence of the audio signal). Then gently remove the appliance. If you did everything correctly, any discomfort the pet does not arise.


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dog with fever

To facilitate the procedure, you can use a few simple tips:

  1. Animal is better at an early age to accustom to the temperature measurement. Then this process will not cause you much hassle.
  2. You Can train an animal to stand still.
  3. During the procedure the main thing - not to be afraid and to behave naturally and calmly.
  4. After this process, the pet should be encouraged some Goodies.

Causes of heat

The Temperature of a healthy dog may rise during exercise, fright, emotional shock. Fever occurs as a result of reactions to the vaccine, in various diseases and inflammatory processes in the body. In females one day before birth may be a decline of 1-2 degrees.

What to do if your dog has a fever? This can occur not only as a result of physical and psychological factors. The temperature of the animal can be a symptom of a serious illness. The heat observed in such terrible infections as piroplasmosis, diarrhea, distemper. In addition, these symptoms may cause a poisoning with rat poison. If the influence of external factors you have excluded, you should immediately consult a veterinarian. A specialist will be able to conduct an initial inspection, diagnose the dog has a particular disease and prescribe treatment. In the case of temperature rise above 40 degrees, you must immediately go to the vet. If the reasons for the heat associated with natural physiological processes, such as teething, you can give the animal one crushed tablet of "Analgin". If no result in case of application of this method, you can try to introduce your dog intramuscular injection of a mixture of "no-Spa", "Dipyrone" and "Diphenhydramine".

With a sharp drop in temperature if it is not connected with childbirth, the pet should be warm using a warm blanket or a heating pad. The animal must be urgently taken to a vet or call the vet at home.

Temperature in dogs before birth

dog with puppies

It is Particularly important to monitor the condition of pregnant bitches. 12-24 hours the temperature of the dog before birth may fall by 1-2 degrees and fall below the mark of 37 degrees. For this reason, the animals in this state, it is recommended to measure this twice a day, morning and evening. During childbirth the animal may start a fever. If you carefully observe the condition of the dog, then don't miss the beginning of birth.The main thing - not to fuss. A bitch can start to whine, worry, shallow breathing.

The Temperature before and after childbirth is a major indicator of the status of the dog. When approaching the time of birth, puppies need to make regular measurements. If childbirth is going to be a veterinarian, be sure to tell him this information. Temperature is normal in large dogs before beginning this process is approximately of 37.4-36.6 degrees. Try closer to 60 day period not to leave the dog alone. On the first stage of labor contractions appear. At this time there is a staggering when walking, shortness of breath, refusal of food, vomiting. This stage lasts about 12 hours. At all times try to monitor the temperature of the animal. If it will remain slightly below normal, then everything goes well.

The difference of the temperature at large and small dogs

dog with thermometer

The representatives of the different breeds vital signs may vary. To determine their individual value your pet, you should regularly measure. What is the temperature at dogs is considered normal? For adult cat optimal values are from 37.5 to 38.5 degrees.

For a puppy, the normal value of 39 degrees. Also influenced by the breed of the animal. The bigger the dog, so it is colder. Normal temperature in dogs of small breeds is between 38.5 to 39 degrees.

Fever in dogs: what to do?

Many owners want to know how you can help your pet when the temperature of the body. You must first determine what was the cause. Best to start with the examination of the animal. Pay attention to the dog's behavior. Aggression, fright or nervous excitement may be affecting the temperature. In dry and warm weather pet may experience discomfort. Not tolerate heat dogs and representatives of large breeds. Value up to 39 degrees – is a normal temperature in adult dogs. But remember that everything here can be determined by the individual characteristics of the animal.

Maintenance schedule

If you decide to carry your dog in show rings, then you definitely should know how to measure the temperature of the dog. In this case, you will need to keep a special schedule. If a regular dimensions, you suddenly find a deviation from the norm, try to determine why. A significant decrease or increase in temperature may be due to disease of the pet. In this case, it is certainly worth a visit the veterinarian's office or call a specialist at home. The control of this major life indicator should also be in pregnant females.

Another case where you need a continuous temperature measurement, - a period before and after vaccination. In this situation, you should pay attention to factors such as increased thirst, refusal to eat, pale mucous membranes, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions.

Some owners think that the normal temperature in dogs can be determined by touching the nose. However, whether it is cold or hot, this is not an indicator. To know the temperature, it is necessary to measure. If the dog is sick, the results should be recorded morning and evening.

Temperature of the dog what's he talking about?

pet at the vet

If you notice your pet has a fever, it does not mean that he was ill. Temperature in dogs can grow for a short time in warm weather or as a result of heavy load. In addition, fever may be associated with fright and excitement. In females the rise in temperature is observed in estrus. However a smooth increase of 1-2 degrees should cause suspicion, but when you increase to 40 to take emergency measures. The reasons may be various, ranging from heat stroke to serious diseases such as piroplasmosis and endometritis. Puppies have a fever can occur because of teething. Often the temperature is rising and inflammation of the joints. Low rates can be in such illnesses like parvovirus enteritis. In some cases, the decrease in body temperature may be due to undergoing surgery. If you notice such symptoms, the dog should be warmer wrap. Status of the animal must be reported to the veterinarian.

What to do when you see the temperature?

In the case of the dog symptoms such as lethargy, refusal to eat, frequent urination, you should immediately determine if the animal has a fever. It is worth considering that in some cases it occurs for quite natural reasons. It is believed that 39,3 – the normal temperature in dogs who have recently experienced childbirth. After the appearance of the puppies first time to monitor the condition of the animal. With the increase in temperature, the appearance of seals in the mammary glands and secretions immediately consult the vet. Perhaps the fever caused by mastitis or inflammation of the uterus.

pet survey

If you are faced with the appearance of the fever in dog, you must keep in mind that this is a clear symptom of some internal problems in the body of the animal. Many people wonder what to give a dog from the temperature. It is worth remembering that, taking the heat, you don't solve the basic problem. In anycase do not exercise home treatment, take the animal to the vet. Only in case of rapid deterioration of dog can resort to methods of emergency lowering of the temperature. Waiting for the doctor, you can give the animal "Analgin". But in any case, it is not powerful drugs.

If the high temperatures associated with the eruption of the teeth or stress, you can try to inject "Dipyrone", "Diphenhydramine" and "no-Spa". If you are using other drugs relieving fever, you can get blurred clinical picture. A doctor will be difficult to diagnose. The designated veterinarian treatment must be strictly observed. To cancel preparations at its discretion in any case impossible.


Significant changes in temperature in dogs can be caused by diseases such as plague, endometritis, enteritis, and piroplasmosis. Heat is a consequence of serious wounds, allergic reactions and vaccinations. Normal temperature in dogs of small breeds can vary in the range of 37.4 to 39.3 degrees. As a rule, it is determined by the age, breed and individual characteristics of the animal. The attentive host can always determine that the dog is not okay. When such symptoms as lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea, you should definitely measure the temperature. For this procedure can be used as a conventional mercury thermometer, the modern thermometer.

dog resting

If you decide to get a dog, don't forget that you are responsible for her health. So try to provide all the conditions for a carefree stay pet.

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