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August was not only considered the main month of the summer, which ripen almost all vegetables and fruits, but also is the most important from the ecclesiastical point of view. This month, Orthodox Christians observe the Dormition fast, which is dedicated to the assumption. There are several posts, but this one is special. It is one of the many days, a most venerable and ends with the celebration of the Dormition of the virgin. Unfortunately, in our time, the tradition of the Church has lost its great value, I always attend the temple and fast. Today, not all remember, for example, a number of Walnut Saved. In this article we will deal with all the features of the three holidays.

Dormition fast: the father of three

third Savior of the nut feastThe Dormition fast is observed from 14 to 27 August, new style. At this time imposed many strict prohibitions that believers must adhere to. So, are prohibited on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to eat anything but bread, vegetables and fruits. On Tuesday and Thursday the Church allows you to eat hot meals, but without the addition of vegetable oil, and only on Saturday and Sunday allowed to eat food seasoned with vegetable oil. In addition to food restrictions, the laity should abstain from carnal pleasures, scandals, deception and lies. In the post is more important than spiritual restrictions than the “home”. Want to know other features of the Dormition fast, a number of Rescued Walnut or Honey?

Sweet post – sweet holidays

Despite the severity of the Dormition fast, he has one amazing feature: it was at this time the harvest and pay tribute to three if not essential, to important gifts of nature – honey, apples, nuts. Each of the foods the ancestors emphasized, it was believed that because the very Mother Nature gives people his grace and power. Our "churched" great-grandmother celebrated 3 holidays – 3 of the Savior. It was Honey, Apple and Nut Spas. They are widely celebrated, in a big way, despite the fact that August – heavy and troublesome to a farmer a month. The name of the holiday - “Saved” is not accidental: it was the abbreviation of the word “Savior”. Here originate many important words: “thanks”, “save”. Despite the fact that at present, folk traditions passed their position, it is interesting to know how and when to celebrate three feasts of the Saviour: Honey, Apple, Hazelnut.

Honey spas

a number of walnut rescuedThe Saved – Honey is traditionally celebrated on August 14. It is believed that after that day the bees are honey, which has lost its healing properties, and it should not be eaten. To Honey Savior tried to gather all the harvest in this day to sanctify it in Church. It is customary to give each other bottles of the new harvest, and even the poor near the Church left a delicious healthy treat. Besides honey, August 14, was honored especially water. On this day, old style was an important event – the Baptism of Rus.


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Apple spas

3 of 3 feast of the SaviourThe Apple Day of the Saviour – 19 August. Only now, by tradition, we try the first time, apples and any food of them. With the rising rays of the sun, our ancestors came to the orchards to pick delicious apples, went to market to buy fresh produce. In addition to apples, 19 Aug sampling of grapes and pears. On the same day in the Church the priest was covered by the fruit, and then began the real feast. Grandmothers tables Laden with cakes, pies, baked with honey apples. Those who attended generously treated Apple compotes, liqueurs.

Nut Saved

Nut Saved – the third, is celebrated on 29 August and is the most important among the rest of the summer holidays. Different this day is called the Bread of the Saviour. This name is more accurate and truthful. 29 Aug ends harvest, and the first time the hostess is baked from flour of the harvest this year. In the Church hold the consecration, a festive loaf, and only then to give it a whirl. Together with grains, bread were brought to the temple and nuts, which were just ripe. The name of the Savior "Nutty" justify and naturalist: studies have proven that it was at this time there is a final ripening nuts, and now they are without fear for the health to eat.

when we celebrate walnut savedEspecially this holiday there was no time to celebrate as the end of August – the busiest time for rural residents. But our ancestors definitely baked special bread, and offered them to those who asked for alms. It was believed that even those who do not have enough grain, should generously bestow bread from the new harvest all those who need it – then wealth and fortune will come to the house. Apple spas and Nut Saved – major holidays of the summer, as it is the end of August began the season of collection and pieces of almost all of the gifts of nature.

Popular signs on Walnut Saved

The Savior of the Nut feast, the third “delicious” the feast of summer, the harvest was finishing and did a special “birthday sheaf” – the last sheaf of the year. On this day, leaving the last winter swallows. To the villagers it was important to know what number of Nut Saved the day, to finish all the work in the fields. The peasants were in a hurry to remove the bread until 29 August, and for those who couldn't make it, would gladly help out neighbors and relatives – it was thought that God would givehealth and well-being.

If the day, when we celebrate Walnut Saved, the cranes fly South, it is winter, expect cold and snow, if the birds remain, then the winter will be warm. Walnut sprigs, stripped and lit on August 29, able to heal the sick, cast out evil spirits from the house.

Apple spas and nut spas

Interesting statement exists in the people: “awful – hunger strike, spasivka – gourmand". The word “spasivka” originates from the word “Saved”, which is called the three major Orthodox summer holiday. With the onset of the Nut of the Savior's life was truly tasty: the peasants were treated hazelnuts, ripe, juicy sweet apples, delicious honey.

The Miracle painting

An Interesting story told by the Bible. Legend has it that Jesus Christ miracle of healing the Lord Abgar wiped her face with a cloth clean tissue, which later showed the countenance divine. The fabric with the face of Jesus to this day is stored and gathers crowds of pilgrims. The canvas can do miracles, cure the sick, soothe the soul seekers. In memory of this magical event has long been on August 29 in the Church for lighting brought the leaf tissue, from which then the whole year, sewed clothes for the household.

I Kept saying: “save First – on the water cost, the second Saved – eat apples, the third Saved – in the green mountains of canvases sell”. An event that happened thousands of years ago with an ordinary cloth, is revered in the Church: 29 August, Orthodox celebrate the feast of the transfer of the miraculous image of Jesus Christ from Edessa to Constantinople. This is a significant action already occurred in the year 944, but "churched" people today remember and celebrate the event.

Saved diverse

Surprisingly, it was Savior of the Nut feast has many names, which are justified with the Orthodox, cultural and domestic, agricultural point of view. Nutty, Bread, on Canvas, on Canvas, Canvas – such names is a holiday that is traditionally celebrated in a big way on August 29. It is important to know how many will Nut (Bread) Saved, because this day is sure to notice as our ancestors did.

Holiday recipe

what's the date nut bread will be savedThere is a recipe, which is perfect for the end of the Dormition fast, when it ends all religious prohibitions. The curtain of Honey, Apple and Nut spas fit baked apples with honey and nuts. This dish is a kind of ritual feast that marks the end of major works in the field and portends well-fed winter.

For making delicious treats you need to take a few large apples 250 g of honey, 100 g of any nuts. Apples good wash, remove the seeds, lay in deep pan and bake until soft. Melt in a water bath of honey, add chopped nuts, mix thoroughly. Stuff the apples with the mixture, send in the oven for another couple minutes. Optionally, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

how and when to celebrate three feasts of the Saviour honey Apple walnut

Three days Aug not just like singled out among others and endowed with a special magic. For centuries, people have noted that these days in nature is something special, mysterious. In our time we are celebrating other holidays, which are often invented quite by accident and have no deep meaning. So why do we now know what number of Walnut Saved? Why you need to follow the traditions of their ancestors? It is important to remember, how in Russia it was decided to celebrate Apple spas and Nut Spas?

We need to know, to remember, to celebrate and honour the Orthodox fasts, feasts not only for the sake of respect for our grandparents. In the old days strictly adhered to the laws of the Bible that are in effect at all times. To improve the life, health, maintain emotional and mental equilibrium it is important to believe in God to appreciate and respect the knowledge accumulated for thousands of years.

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