Cupping his ears in dogs: the animal age and the price of the operation


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cupping his ears in dogsThis veterinary surgery has an ancient history. The first manipulation was conducted during the existence of the Roman Empire. Dogs serving together with the Legionnaires, shortened ears, to supposedly protect them from rabies. Hence the tradition that the docking of ears in dogs of fighting breeds (dogs, alabais, Caucasian shepherd, Doberman and others) – the required procedure. However, short ears gave them in combat advantage – the four-legged fighter became less vulnerable to the teeth of the enemy. For hunting dogs a reason to do the surgery similar, they also sometimes come into the fight with the beast, especially the little ears are harder to damage, they rarely get foreign objects. And in most cases the formation of the auricle surgical way have to spend for the requirements of the breed standards. Recently, the relief as a mandatory procedure loses its relevance. Many European countries have even imposed a ban on participation in exhibitions of dogs with artificially put ears. But still quite a large percentage of pet owners considers pruning this part of the body as appropriate from the point of view of aesthetics, and from the point of view necessary.

Indications for relief of ears of an animal

As has been described above, the main reason is the standard of a particular breed of dog. Second in importance – surgery on ears due to the disease. For example, tumors, ulcerative lesions of the ears of the animal, the presence of akrotiriani tissues, extensive burns or wounds, as a rule, lead to the forced removal of the appropriate part of the body. Proven and the feature that in dogs with short ears less likely to register bites, trauma, contact with foreign objects, contamination by pathogenic organisms. Pet guardian breeds the lack of ears – another trait contributing to their invulnerability during the attack, along with a short tail and dense fur.


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However, many of the exhibition experts and dog handlers today are inclined to believe that cupping his ears in dogs as a fashion statement lost merit, and animal rights activists find this procedure quite painful, to walk her without a serious reason.

cupping his ears in dogs costContraindications

Naturally, the procedure of trimming of the ear in dogs, like any other surgery, has a number of factors, when it is not recommended. Surgical intervention should be postponed or completely eliminated if:

  • Puppy has clear deviations in development;
  • Dog sick;
  • Have the selection of any character from the ears of the animal;
  • The puppy has fever.


For a Long time, Boytsov and hunting dogs cropped ears, and in the end it is entrenched even in the standards of some breeds. Therefore, the angle at which the clipped part of the body, and correct ear carriage of the animal is subject to the requirements for its appearance and natural belonging. To date, this manipulation is not one dozen dogs, including Doberman Pinschers, Central Asian and Caucasian shepherd, giant Schnauzer, Staffordshire Terrier and many others. Caucasians remove a significant part of the ear, sinks dogs and Pinschers lend classic acuity, but pit bulls and dogs from this part of the body after the surgery should remain only one-third of its original size. The edge can be both direct and S-shaped.

If you are going to have a puppy that will be necessary to form the ears, find out in advance the details of this operation and the requirements for appearance of the dog. It is useful to inquire about when the best time to docking of dog's ears (age), what are the possible complications, how to care for this part of the body after surgery. In the future, this information will help you to act correctly. On some aspects we will describe below.cupping his ears in dogs price

How to prepare a dog for surgery? Description of the actions of a veterinarian

Animal before cupping his ears must fast for at least 10-12 hours. The operation usually lasts from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Removal takes place under local anesthesia (in puppyhood) or under General anesthesia (for adults). The owner will require the ability to securely lock and hold your pet. To do this, the dog on the operating table firmly hold front and hind legs. Also ensure that the animal could not move the body, put a muzzle on him or lock jaw to avoid being bitten.

after cupping his ears

After that, the vet gently vestigal wool, when cleaning the operating field. Immediately prior to cupping the skin on the ears is processed antiseptic solution, apply a line cut, injected the anesthetic. The incision is made from the top of the ear to its base in accordance with the markings. The edges of the wound sutured and treated with antibiotics.

It is Recommended to perform this procedure on puppies to reach them weeks of age. In older individuals to form a correct ear carriage will be harder, the risk of developmentnegative consequences. You must know that if the owner of several adult individuals decide to cupping his ears in dogs, the transaction price will be higher. If you have the financial factor is decisive, mention a few more features. Before you settle for cupping his ears in dogs, the cost should be known in advance. It sometimes depends on the breed, size of dog, the price list of the clinic (an average of 2000-4000 rubles).

How to care for stitches?

After cupping his ears their shape is maintained by using a special frame (not all breeds). Wearing it requires a minimum of 20 days. The puppy is not damaged hocks ears, on his neck, he should wear a plastic collar. Do not let the dog play with other puppies and Pets, this can lead to the violation of the integrity of the bandage, the ingress of infection in the wound or suture. In the first days after surgery allowed to give your pet pain medications. The stitches are removed in 7-10 days.

cupping his ears in dogs age

Docking of ears in dogs: complications

Let's List what unpleasant situations can be faced by the owner of a dog after removal of the pet of the ear.

  1. The Occurrence of bleeding. If a relief of the dog's ears to hold in weeks of age, this complication can be avoided. Surgery old specimens have the likelihood of bleeding is much higher.
  2. Scarring, thickening. This trouble is also less often found in puppies. Also affect this period removal of sutures.
  3. The Development of the inflammatory process. To avoid this complication, the operation should be carried out in a sterile environment of the veterinary clinic certified veterinary surgeon.

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