How to organize a walk with a newborn in the fall?


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Fresh air is necessary for the baby since the first days of life. Will surely enjoy the walk and the young mother, it is so nice to be on the street after his imprisonment in the hospital, socialize with friends, having kids, or to make new acquaintances with friends fortunately. How to put toddler to visit the streets? How much should last a walk with a newborn in the fall, and how important the weather?

When and how to start walking?

Walking with a newborn in autumnIn the Autumn focus is not on the calendar, and the weather outside. In September and October, if the window is warm and Sunny, to go out you can have five days after the long-awaited discharge from the hospital. If the window is gloomy and dank, it makes sense to sit at home for a week or even wait for more favorable weather. Even with the warm air and lack of wind the first walk with a newborn fall short. Makes sense to start with 20 minutes. If you are uncomfortable to take out the stroller for such a short time, try to carry the baby to breathe on his hands, or to use for walking the balcony of his apartment. Do you like to be in the open air baby, you will understand immediately. If the baby is asleep or is calm, increase the day length walks.

How to put toddler?

Newborn baby walksSelection of clothing for the child – is another pressing issue for parents. An upper layer suitable overalls or sleeping bag for a baby, handpicked for the season. For the beginning of autumn is thin enough padding, but for the last month should give preference to natural fur, and don't forget to insulate the baby quilt (of course, if it is necessary). Walking with a newborn also affects the choice of clothes. During the day you can dress your baby a little cooler than the evening. As a lower clothing is mandatory thin and flannel vests, cotton Romper and knitted or Terry suit top. Hats must also be at least two – the normal bonnet and knitted wool top. If it's chilly outside don't forget warm socks or booties. To determine if you dressed the baby can come home: hands and feet of the child should be warm, but sweat should not be.


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When and how you want to go for a walk?

walking with a newbornBefore exiting, the child should feed and dress. If a kid acts up, is not a reason to refuse to visit the street. Walking with a newborn in the fall allow you to roll the stroller into a comfortable rhythm, and it means that you have the perfect opportunity to lull the raging of the baby. Be sure to bring a rain cover for transport of the child. It is also advisable to choose a stroller for fall with a deep and thick hood and cloak for the legs. Newborn baby will love a walk for sure if you will be attending with him, cosy parks and squares, trying to avoid the crowded streets. Do not forget that not necessarily to always walk in the stroller, sling or backpack-carrying diversify your joint with a little leisure. To walk with a newborn in the fall brings the maximum pleasure, to think a mother should and about yourself. Choose comfortable shoes and clothes that can bring outside drink and a snack, as well as an interesting book in case you get tired of walking and decide to take a rest on the bench, while the child sleeps.

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