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To Make the car more beautiful, give it an aggressive look, or, on the contrary, to show a sense of humor, and decorate her peaceful drawings in the style of "flower children”… In General, to reveal the personality of its owner – that is the main goal of the tuning process, that is a valid structural and decorative changes in appearance and the device "iron horse". The engine can be boost, and exhaust pipe to otgremyat, add moldings, to convert the bumpers, the good opportunities today are rife. But the tuning of toy cars is usually quite different, and goals are set by others.tuning toy cars

Purpose – maximum reliability

Almost every toy car sold in children's stores and is a replica of any car, modern or descended from the conveyor in the past decades. Manufacturers try to give them a more authentic look, but it turns out they are not always successful. Overly “toy” view, suvenirnoe, that is not satisfied with the true collectors. It happens differently: finds rare instance that you have plenty of playing someone's kid, relish patareni them all the items in the house and causing serious damage and a household, and the little car. A real collector just itching, so I want to make tuning with toy cars with their own hands, to give them the appearance of these thumbnails.

Now is the time to start.

tuning toy cars VAZ

Basic operations

The Tuning of toy cars, as these cars starts with disassembly. If the body is connected to the bottom screws, there is no problem, but in some instances these items are riveted. In this case, reaming, which should be done very carefully, especially if the chassis is made of plastic, the heat can melt.


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Having examined the basic nodes, need to remove all the moving elements (opening doors, hoods, trunks), and to remove the old paint, which is usually badly damaged. After that, the surface roughened sandpaper-nulevkoy. These operations can be called repair, particularly if there are chips and dents that need to be addressed, restoring the geometry of the body. Then start the works which distinguish the tuning of toy cars from their simple fix.

tuning toy cars with their hands

«Lada», just like these

You Can go towards the creation of original and unusual variant of the car, and to give vent to their own imagination. Adding a spoiler, air intake on the hood, zatonirovan glass by a special film, and creating an exclusive interior, in some cases it is necessary to make an amazing pattern, but there is another way to replenish a collection of wonderful instance. For example, to make large-scale copy of his first car, restored in fine detail his special signs, and even the number of state registration.

Very interesting ways that produce fans of the Soviet automobile industry tuning toy cars VAZ. In the Soviet years at the Togliatti plant work shop, which produced models of the main products. To our days a few instances of those cars managed to survive, but the more valuable each of them. In the seventies to the small details of the models was not treated very carefully, so the scope for action is broad: it and the fenders, and the driver's interior mirror, and radio, and many other elements that have been neglected by the creators of the model, although the body is made quite accurately. Particularly noteworthy are the round headlights “penny”, “fangs" on the bumper with polyurethane shock absorbers and distinctive taillights.

Tuning toy cars – a painstaking work, requiring care and patience. Well, if preserved glass, but if not, they should be made anew, made of transparent polystyrene, PVC or blister packaging. The license plate can be imprinted on a laser printer, and complete the overall composition of the installation.

Here are ready «Lada», quite the same as forty years ago, though now they go to an imaginary road. However, the real “Penny” today, often found on the streets.

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