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With the birth of a baby the life of parents changes drastically. A completely new concerns, issues, and interests. Moms, especially young ones, are constantly in search of information. They care about how, what and when to feed the child, what to wear, how long to walk, how to sleep, and much more. Now, thanks to the world wide web can find answers to all the questions.

The Main cause of diseases of children

There are moments when the kids get sick. This is such a difficult period for the whole family that words can not convey. Parents depart from the child, trying to help him. A mothers heart is bleeding, because it is better to be sick than to watch how tormented the kid. Especially scary when an unhealthy baby. After all, he and drugs, in principle, cannot be given, and words cannot explain that all will be well soon. The main cause of the diseases of children is overheating or overcooling. And why? Because the majority of mothers incorrectly dressed their children for a walk. Because moving kids is not coddle. And kids sleeping in the stroller, on the contrary, ought to be dressed in two times warmer than itself.

How to dress your baby for a walk

All for a walk

Boardwalk for kids is a daily necessity. Walking is always necessary. Even in bad weather, at least for half an hour the child is to go outside. By the way, during the illness should not only ventilate the room, and in and out of the house. Clean fresh air will do the patient good. Of course, the exception becomes the high temperature.

Let's look at how to dress your baby on the street. The table below represents the list of clothing for specific weather conditions, if your baby — a baby. Don't forget to check hot for him. Touch the neck, it will be the measure.


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How to put the month of the child on the street

How to dress your baby outside: table

It is important to consider the thermoregulation of the newborn. After all, they still did not have active sweat glands, and then freeze it easy. The baby should always be worn to layer more than the adult.

How to wear the month of the child on the street
Summer.+27...+34 °CBodysuits short sleeve/t-shirt/sundress/sandy, headpiece. If not wearing a diaper, don't forget to lay absorbent diaper
Summer.+20...+25 °CCotton "man" that covers arms and legs/bodysuit with long sleeves, slim pants and socks. Bring a light blanket
Autumn spring +18...+22 °CThin cap; slip on; flannel/fleece blanket
Autumn-spring. +13...+16 °CLightweight slip; Romper, hat; hat; plaid
Autumn-spring. +8...+12 °CWarm slip; jacket; hat; cotton envelope/bag
Winter. 0...+5 °CWarm slip; winter jacket; slim and warm hat; envelope/bag
Winter. -10...-2 °CCotton slip; wool/flannel jumpsuit; slim and warm hat; envelope/bag; fleece blanket

Clothing in bad weather

Children's winter clothing – it is, above all, warmth and convenience. Kids should not feel too tight in warm clothes. It is desirable that the wardrobe was a waterproof suit. After all, he and the child to play in the snow, to climb in the snow, and in the end to bring a mountain of snow. Naturally, this applies to children closer to two years. Also correct for the child to wear underwear, and on foot — termobotinki. They are perfectly warm in the biting wind, frost and slush.

How to dress your baby outside table

With infants, things are easier. In extreme cold it is better not to take out for a walk. You can be a stay on the balcony or in the yard. Children's winter clothes for babies should be of good quality, suitable size. Speaking about quality, focus on the bike, fleece, flannel, especially for overalls, jacket and blanket. In any case, do not buy synthetic products for kids. Polyester attracts all germs. How to dress your baby on the street? Table (up to years), which presents the necessary information will help young mothers.

+6...+10 °C0...+5 °C-10...-1 °C-15...-10 °
6 monthsCotton slip; winter jacket; fine hat; plaidThin hat, warm hat; bodysuit long sleeve and tights; warm slip; envelopeThin "man"; fleece jerkin; a thin beanie hat; warm hat; booties or socks Terry; fleece bag envelope; flannelette blanketBodysuits and plush tights; thin beanie hat; warm hat; jumpsuit fluff with legs; a blanket; mittens
6-12 monthsBodysuit + tights; socks; Romper, hat; cap. Possible shoesBodysuit + tights; socks; overalls warm; mittens; hat. If the Romper doesn't have any legs, the right shoes,Bodysuit + plush tights; socks; fleece jacket; suit on a sheepskin shoes or fur booties; blanket; mittens; warm hatBodysuit + plush tights and socks; woollen Romper suit made from feathers; shoes on a sheepskin; a blanket; warm hat; mittens

List of winter things

In the second year of life in the cold time of the year the child is best to wear separate coveralls. It consists of a jacket and pants with suspenders (bib).

How to dress your baby on the street (table of up to two years)
+6...+10 °C0...+5 °-10...-1 °C-15...-10 °C
12-18 monthsA Diaper/panties; tank top or bodysuit; tights; sweater with a throat; jeans (leggings); jacket (raincoat); hat; shoes.A Diaper/panties; tank top or bodysuit; tights; golfiki; pants; warm jumpsuit; cap; waterproof mittens; scarf; thermobol.A Diaper/panties; tank top or body; dressing tights; sweater; trousers; warm suit on sintepon; mittens; hat; scarf; membrane boots.A Diaper/panties; tank top or body; dressing tights; fleece poddevom; a warm suit on sintepon or sheepskin; hat; mittens; scarf; membrane boots.
18-24 monthsPanties; tank top; tights; Raglan sleeves; pants (leggings); jacket; thin cap; shoes.Panties; tank top; tights; socks; sweaters; pants; salopettes; waterproof mittens; hat; scarf; membrane boots.Panties; Mike; Terry tights; socks; sweater; trousers; overalls with padding polyester; waterproof mittens; scarf; membrane boots.Panties; Mike; Terry tights; socks; socks; fleece specodlew; jumpsuit membrane; waterproof mittens; scarf; hat; termobotinki.

How to choose the right clothes for the weather?

How to dress your baby on the street? Probably, all mothers were asked at least once this issue. Especially in autumn and spring when the weather is extremely changeable. The day the sun is shining, but penetrates the wind. Parents frighten cold hands and noses, and wet back to the contrary. You should know that the most terrible-is overheating. There's nothing worse than a child wrapped in 15 degrees Celsius. The kid runs, jumps, sweats. Blows same the cold wind, and all – at night, the child gets sick. Remember: as soon as the baby starts to walk, it is not necessary to wear warmer itself. He moves, making this much effort, so simply can not freeze.

kids winter clothes

Another option if your child is not the most active, and prefers to sit in a wheelchair to explore the world. This baby necessarily need shoes, and in the cold season - and plaid. In General, the blanket should be in a wheelchair always. And even if you're not warmly dressed child plaid will come to your aid. Remember: the baby is easier to cover than to undress in the street.

Of Course, you must monitor the cap, which forever rises from the ears, wear a scarf if the wind is blowing and there is no neck on the sweater. But we should not fuss over a child and to live in fear that he will catch a cold.

As for children, which took off the diaper. Be sure to carry a change of clothes. And at any time of the year, and preferably two sets. Do not allow the child went to wet pants, to anything good it will not. Educate and accustom to the pot house where it is warm.

Summer time

As all love and miss summer! This time of relaxation, warmth, light clothing. Children spend more time outside, in the sandbox or on the Playground, maybe go to sea. Of course, there are downsides. Many kids can not stand the stuffiness and difficulty falling asleep. Appears heat rash, diaper rash diaper, a sun hat toddler shoot and a lot capricious.

Moms of kids who go well, should be patient and stock up on comfortable shoes. Because now clothes a little, movements more relaxed, and it's time to try everything and explore. You go for a walk to is, if the air temperature does not exceed 35 degrees, and always with hats. Shoes children should be with a rigid heel and closed toe.

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