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The Health of a pet is always a major concern of the owner. And often this area of life causes a lot of difficulties and worries. Especially if it is not an ordinary cold, and that at first glance seems extremely dangerous and can endanger the life of the animal. This disease of many pet owners seems to be a lipoma, or Wen the dog. Is lipoma dangerous for life pet? How to deal with it?

Wen the dog

What is a lipoma?

Lipoma is called a tumor, which in rare cases formed in the internal organs, often in connective tissue and those localizations, which are formed fat cells. Such tumors are benign, that is, there is no danger that Wen the dog will ever be reborn in cancer.

Most Often, the owners find a lipoma in the common external examination of the animal. It allows you to visually determine the fatty lipoma in dogs. Looks like the growth is? It is a soft swelling is rounded, which is located directly under the skin of the animal and is often moveable.

Wen photo

Causes of lipoma

Most often Wen in dogs occur if the animal is already at an advanced age and has a significant excess weight. An important role plays hereditary, or genetic, predisposition to the disease. Also metabolic disorders of any origin provoke that Wen the dog has formed a very active. The dog breeds that are considered to have the greatest predisposition to the formation of Wens are as follows:


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  • Among small: the miniature Schnauzer;
  • Among medium: Labrador Retriever;
  • Among large breeds: Doberman Pinscher.

Most often, lipomas are formed in the area of the abdomen and chest, sometimes on the limbs of the dog. As a rule, much less Wens in dogs appear on some internal organs or directly next to them (for example, heart or lungs, breast or liver, all the organs related to the gastrointestinal tract). The situation is considerably complicated if the education are multiple.

great Wen the dog

Dangerous Lee Wens for dogs

Since Wen the dog is not transformirovalsya in cancer, a direct threat to the life of the animal such tumors do not carry. In most cases, lipomas do not cause the dog any pain. However, if formed quite a large fatty lipoma in dogs, it can significantly SAG under its own weight, which causes much inconvenience to the animal, including impacts to the free movement. Often, however, do not pose a danger Wens confused with dangerous disease - liposarcoma. In this case, the tumour is characterized by uncontrollably fast growth, which restricts nothing. So to ignore the existence of the Wen from your pet in any case it is impossible, measures should be taken for diagnosis of disease and treatment of lipomas.

Methods of treatment

Experts believe that if the lipoma does not increase in size, and does not bother the animal, then nothing should not be taken. However, if the situation is different, you should consult the vet. In some cases you need to remove a fatty lipoma. The pictures of lipomas in dogs leaves no doubt about that. In which cases to seek the help of a surgeon?

Wen the dog looks like

When do you need surgery?

It is Important to remember that the removal of Wens in dogs occurs exclusively by means of surgical intervention, another opportunity to get rid of lipomas at the moment does not exist. Although a lipoma and does not form metastases, but if the tumor is characterized by active growth, then immediate surgery is necessary. Because Wen the dog could most adversely affect the internal organs, squeezing them and disrupting the circulation of blood and the mechanism of their normal work.

If this tumor is not timely removed, it can lead to tissue death, cessation of proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system that will cause the animal severe pain, and sooner or later will start to occur decay of a number of tissues. Surgery to remove the lipoma is a relatively simple and almost without blood, without incurring any threat to the life of the animal. In this case, cut directly Wen, tie up the channel that provides his food, and then sew up the incision made earlier.

After surgery, the dog will need care and special care. Seams need to be protected from injury and do not allow the dog to lick. If you fulfill all these conditions, already after ten days the stitches can be removed, and the dog will feel much better.

Predisposition to lipomatosis

Unfortunately, some dogs may have a genetic predisposition to the disease, called lipomatosis - occurrence of multiple fat formations. Well, if you have the opportunity to find out beforehand whether suffered lipomatosis parents of the puppy. If Yes, then you should pay attention to what steps need to be taken to the Wen the dog was not formed as long as possible.

Wen in dogs what to do

How to prevent the formation of Wens?

The first thing to give your pet a sufficient amount of time. So, you need a lot of walking with the animal, providing it with a good motor activity. An active lifestyle helps to prevent many dangerous diseases and unwanted complications, including situations where a lump is formed. Photo dogs suffering from lipoma, ensure that the actual existence of regularities between the presence of overweight of the dog and the tendency to the formation of white bumps. Therefore, also plays an important role and nutrition of the animal.

It should be not only moderate in quantity, but fairly balanced for a dog that could get all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals and to develop the most safe way. Good nutrition from an early age ensures good health even in old age of the animal.

removal of white bumps in dogs

What to do if the dog found a lump?

So you found a fatty lipoma in a dog. What to do? Do not attempt to remove it yourself, not warms, the occurrence of Wen. Do not try in principle to any traditional treatment of this disease. It is important to remember that only the owner is fully responsible for the life and health of your pet. Therefore, the only correct solution is to show the animal by a competent veterinarian, which will determine whether you need surgery and will explain how to alleviate the condition of the dog. Following the recommendations of experts will ensure the safety and future good health of the pet.

Your dogs Health is in the hands of the owner. If you do not be lazy to regularly inspect the dog on the subject of visible injuries and formations, not only to protect the health of your pet from serious problems, but also save your valuable time and money in the future. Like their smaller brethren, and may they be healthy!


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