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There Comes the autumn, it's cold outside, chilly wind blowing, the rain spoils the mood. And soon it will be winter with its frosts and snowfalls. That is why I want home warmth and comfort. When you turn on the heating, joy has no limit. But unfortunately, batteries – not only blessed warm, but dry air is not good for human health.

Why the need For a humidifier

The Body of an adult at 75-80% consists of water. And the low humidity of the air in the room does not allow it to function properly with dry air. The problem of a lack of humidity, and decides "Supra” – a humidifier. Indeed, during the heating season, the humidity drops to 25% or less (for comparison, the same level of humidity in the Sahara desert).

Particularly sensitive to low humidity children. They are suffering a sore throat, dry mucous membranes, the appearance of cracks at the mouth in infants. In a dry room accumulates more dust and other allergens, lowered immunity.

In adults, which are located in areas with low humidity, deteriorating health, dry skin, in very advanced cases, even appear cracks. Morning nose breathing, dry mouth, and in eyes as though sand filled.

The Principle of operation of a humidifier

To date, there are three types of humidifiers:

  1. Traditional.
  2. Steam.
  3. Ultrasound.

Traditional it's simple: the water soaks the filter, then evaporate naturally and by a fan moist air ascends into the room. The level of humidity depends on the temperature in the room.


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A Steam humidifier under the action of the heating element vaporizes the water in the reservoir, the steam is mixed with room air and exhausted outside. Can bring the humidity up to 100%, in contrast to devices with a different type of moisture. The perfect solution for greenhouses and museums, which require a high level of humidity.

Ultrasonic humidifier – the most common type. Works as follows: special plate (can be made of different materials) mechanically breaks the water into tiny droplets, forming a mist that is mixed with air from the room and exhausted outside by a fan.

supra humidifier

Hydration is slower than steam, but much safer. Because vapor remains cold, and they cannot be burned. But water is better to use filtered or distilled, otherwise furniture will Deposit a white film of salt.

The principle of ultrasonic humidification works "Supra" (the humidifier) regardless of the model.

Description of the models of humidifiers Supra

Supra – a company which is incorporated in Japan and produces a variety of equipment, including humidifiers. "Supra” – a humidifier, the device is inexpensive but reliable. No wonder the company was named “Brand number one in Russia”.

The Total produced 12 models of humidifiers under the brand name "Supra"

  • HDS-102 (black and white).
  • HDS-104 (blue and grey).
  • HDS-108.
  • HDS-109.
  • HDS-110 (the ideal solution for a child's room).
  • HDS-110.
  • HDS-111.
  • HDS-114 (grey and blue version).
  • HDS-115.
  • HDS-204 (in blue, green and purple).
  • HDS-205 (grey and orange version).
  • HDS-510AR (flavouring with air humidification function).

You can always find out the model number of the device that's right for you.

The models Differ not only in appearance but also performance, which first of all should be paid attention to when choosing.

How to choose a model for yourself

When comparing characteristics in the selection model, pay attention to the following.

Management Type

Can be mechanical and electronic. Mechanical simply: I turned the handle – the device works, and to break there is especially nothing. With such control available humidifier «Supra 111”.

humidifier supra 111

But in electronic there is the possibility of placing a humidity level that you wish to receive. Bright representative of the appliance with electronic controls is a humidifier «Supra 205”.

humidifier supra 205

Volume of water tank

What it is, the longer time to work your device without the topping. The maximum volume of the tank among the humidifiers have a Supra HDS-115 is 5.6 l, minimum – 2 liter from HDS-102.


Indicates how many milliliters of water per hour goes into the air. No matter which model you like from the "Supra". The humidifier has a capacity of 250-300 ml/h.

Power consumption

EThat indicates how many watt/hours the device consumes when working. The smaller it is, the less you will pay for the consumed electricity. On average, devices "Supra" consume 20-30 W/h.

When choosing a humidifier for a child's room, pay attention to the model Supra HDS-110. Its the original design of the Apple with the monkey any child will love how the boy and the girl.

humidifier supra reviews


Whether the presence offilter, off timer, backlight, ozonation, aromatization or the function of ionization – options useful but not everyone needs. Only you can decide that they are necessary or not.


But with this feature have to decide only to you, based on your taste and preferences. The main thing is to glad eye. And the adjustment of the power jets of steam, switch off when no water is available in all devices.

How to use a humidifier

When you have decided on the model and brought the device home, we can only turn on the humidifier "Supra". Instruction, which is included, will tell you in detail how to do it. But the General steps remain the same:

  1. Draw water into the tank and set the tank on the device (remember that the water should be from the filter or distilled).
  2. Turn the device on and make the necessary settings power couple, and devices with electronic control more of the humidity level.
  3. Rotate the splitter (the spout from which the steam escapes) in the right direction.
  4. Enjoy the healthy effect of air with normal humidity level, which will not take long.

humidifier supra manual


If the choice of the instrument to be taken seriously, to consider all the positive aspects, it is still the ratio of quality-price you will choose a humidifier "Supra". The reviews are very different, but all agree on one thing: this is the “workhorse”, which completely fulfills the money spent on the money and serves its purpose – moisturizes the air, making it useful for the health of your and your family.

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