Cat Burmese and Burma: description of the breed, the differences


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In our article we want to talk about two wonderful breeds of cats – Burmese and Burmese. Due to the very similar names, which, in fact, differ only by one letter, these animals are often confused. Let's understand the features of both breeds.

Burmese cat

The Burmese (photo in article) has a more concise title – Burma. Their homeland is Burma. Since ancient times the Burmese cat was there highly esteemed. More than five hundred years ago this animal was considered sacred. These cats lived in temples, and behind them there was looked after by monks, and they believe that the better they will take care of them, the closer to God.

And only in 1930, the Burmese cat (Wong Mau) were brought to America. There he crossed with power-point (Siamese). And only the great-grandchildren of Wong Mau began a purebred representatives of the breed. Next cat of Burma came to England, and later spread throughout of Burma

Genetics has done a great job. Currently, the Burmese (photo shown in our article) is available in ten color variations: chocolate, brown, purple, blue, red and four tortie Burmese. Interesting is the fact that each color of the animal matches your eye color. In addition, each such cat of Burma (the photo gives an idea of the color of the animal) preserved the temperament and type of his very distant ancestor, which appeared more than sixty years ago in the United States.

Character of the Burmese cat

The Burmese cat is of medium size, neat and tight physique. The coat is tight-fitting, emphasizing muscular body. Outwardly the cat is Burmese (photos show body type) absolutely does not look a big beast, however, taking it on hands, you will feel a decent weight.


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In addition, the Burmese breed has a very unusual silk wool, it is short, but very pleasant to the touch. Amber eyes complete the image of Asian beauty. The look of the animal is very unusual for the Eastern section, he seems a little sullen, as askance. However, this is only a first impression. True lovers know that a cat has an incredibly friendly nature.

Animal loves people, their feelings, it manifests gently and tactfully. However, experiencing tender feelings for the master, Burma can gently poke the muzzle in the face. Whatever man, the cat will always be there. Very well, these Pets are friends and children, sharing with them the game. The smallest animals are treated with special patience: what would they do, they would never hurt a baby. The ability to get along with children – a very important feature for many cat lovers. In addition, the Burmese cat is fine into the existing in house team of Pets, even if there are other cats and dogs cat of Burma photo

In General, animal character soft and complaisant. Cats are very sociable and love to get the love of others. Having a modest size, the animal is a leader with boundless energy and strength of will.

Varieties of Burmese (standards)

Currently, the breed has two standards: American and European Burmese. Significant differences between them. However, the American version has four colors: sable, champagne, blue and platinum.

How to choose a cat breed of Burma?

If you decide to buy a kitten of breed Burmese, you should consult a professional breeder who is a member of the Russian club of the cats, or take advantage of the kennel. Do not rely on the case, otherwise you can buy the animal that I wanted. Since starting them, you are relying on its affectionate character, then after another kitten, you will surely be disappointed.

When you visit your breeder you should definitely pay attention to animal welfare. The room where the kittens live, must be clean and warm, and odor-free. Kids should have their own area with different toys.

You have every right to ask them to show you the parents of the kittens. This is very important. If you refuse, then this is a serious reason to be suspicious, such a person is better not to buy an animal. Any decent breeder is not only proud to show parents and talk about their achievements, titles, show the documents which recorded the pedigree.

Looking at the dad or mom of the kitten, you will have an idea about the appearance of an adult.

Kids Burmese begin selling no earlier than 12 weeks of age. Good breeders know that before this time you can't take kittens from the mother, because they are still fragile and not ready for independent living with the new owners.Burmese cat photo

At the age of three-four months, toddlers are mobile, active, fun play and quickly go on contact. Besides their fur should be shiny and clean, eyes – clear and healthy, lugs – clean. When choosing a kitten, you must take into account all these variables, and therefore should carefully examine the pet. After all, you want to have a healthy animal. Tight abdomen may indicate the presence of worms.

Documents for the kitten

By Purchasing a kitten, you need to take the breeder documents: pedigree,veterinary passport, the agreement of sale. If the animal is older than twelve weeks, the papers have to be stamped on two of the vaccinations that are usually made at nine and eleven weeks. Also conducted deworming.

Sometimes, instead of the pedigree can only be issued a card for the kitten, it may be exchanged at the club, which was registered by the binding. The contract of purchase and sale is issued at the request of the people, however, usually professionals sell animals only at its conclusion because they care about the future life of kids.

Caring for Burmese cats

Externally, the breed seems awkward, but it's just a first impression. In fact it is very moving and jumping animals, they love climbing trees, or for some home adaptations for games. If you are planning a trip with the cat to the cottage or just want to walk it, it is better to use a leash. Burmese are very active, and therefore can quietly slip out of the premises.

The Animals are happy to not only eat traditional cat food, but I can eat boiled vegetables, cottage cheese, cheese, pasta, ham, sausage, black bread and even butter.

Burmese are shorthaired animals, and therefore special care of their hair not needed. However, during periods of seasonal shedding cats should be carefully combed with a special brush. Also the animals should trim the claws every two weeks.

The Burmese differ playful and loving character, the owners will not be bored with this pet.Burmese cat photo breed profile

Burmese: characteristic of the breed

Burmese or Burma, – this is a breed with semi-long hair, which distinguishes it from the Burmese breed. Generally, the animal has a characteristic color, which makes it easily recognizable. In cats on legs and has a white “glove”. There are even several legends explaining the appearance of such an unusual color.

Burmese (photos, description of the breed given in the article) has a medium size body, long and dense. The tail of the animal is not very long, but very fluffy. Legs rather short and stocky. The head is medium sized with round cheeks and a small nose. But the ears are small and pointed. His eyes are a bright shade of blue.Burmese cat characteristics breed

The Length of hair may vary from medium to long. Her color is a light beige shade, on the back it is sure Golden. There are also color-point markings. They can be on the muzzle, ears, paws and tail.

There are Also Burmese cat breed, brown, dark grey, milk chocolate brown, cream, gray and pink. All the individuals on the front legs are always present white «the glove», and in the back – spur white arrows that reach mid-calf.

Character of the Burmese breed

Burmese cat breed (photos show the beauty of an animal) has a wonderful character, he is affectionate, inquisitive and agile. Animals are very playful and loyal to the man. I must say that Burma become attached to the people and not to the areas where they live. Cats can easily get along with all family members, including children. Their sociability and friendliness knows no bounds.Burmese cat breed brown

If you want to have in the house are cheerful, restless and gregarious creature, the Burmese cat (breed and description of it mentioned above) the breed is certainly for you. He will always be in the center of any event and celebration in your family because he likes to chat with the person. Many breeders characterize these animals as intellectuals. They are just restless. Cats will always find a new way to open the locker or press a button on the device, but they do not harm the economy. Burma has a calm and balanced character, so I never revenge people for some resentment and not spoil things.

Caring for Burma

Burma bred and sold in some nurseries. The content of these animals associated with the implementation of certain rules. To color has changed, you need to completely exclude from the diet of feed, which have dyes. Also preferably capable of withstanding temperatures of 20-22 degrees in the room where a cat lives. Because the breed is long-haired, then the owners will require intensive care. Wool combing twice a day and during molts more often, otherwise can form mats. Therefore, by purchasing this breed, be prepared for the fact that you need to care for the pet.

In addition, the daily need to check and, if necessary, rinse the ears and eyes of the animal. Cat is much alone, she begins to yearn for a master, stops to eat, which affects the hair. Burma may even develop neuroses.Burmese cat breed photo

As for the food, then it can be left for the representatives of this breed in any quantity, the animals don't tend to overeat. They eat as much as they need. But the food should be high in fiber, fats and proteins.

Differences between breed Burmese and Burma

Both breeds are good as family pet and best faithful friend. Sometimes people are confused in these versions, toovery similar names. But in fact, the animals look very different. First of all you need to remember that the Burmese – this Shorthair breed is presented in ten shades. Externally, the animals are very slender with long delicate legs.

As for Burma, it has a distinctive spur and “glove” at the rear and front legs. In addition, this long-haired breed (fur can be medium length), which imposes certain obligations to care for.Burmese cat breed description

You Also need to track the nutrition of the animal, it can affect the color. Externally, Burma Burmese differ from the structure of the body. The Burmese cat is more stocky.

But with regard to the nature, both breeds are very loyal, friendly and cheerful. But it is believed that Burma has a more balanced character. Burma is the same – fidget, which will not let you get bored.

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