The cat on the belly lump under skin - what is it? Than to treat?


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After Learning that the cat's belly bump under the skin, many fans of the mustachioed Pets start to worry. The idea that the animal has cancer, it causes fear and sadness. It is sad to realize that cats are also prone to cancer.

The course of the disease and its outcome have almost no differences from the human. In veterinary medicine cancer selected direction, the relevance of which is growing from year to year. Why quadrupeds have cancer, how to prevent it and what to do after you told the diagnosis?

Dangerous Than cancer?

Every year is cancer mentioned more often. They made the trip and to Pets Pets. Sadly, when found in cats on stomach, lump under the skin. “What is this cancer?», – I think the owners whiskered Pets. This word designated a “bouquet” diseases and conditions of the body. They are characterized by the uncontrolled growth and development of individual groups of cells, gradually invading into the surrounding tissue. In this way, the lesion may increase in size.the cat on the abdomen a lump under the skin

Often in cats this process remains unnoticed for a long time, what is the greatest danger. Characteristics of cancer at the mustached Pets similar to human

  • Several stages.
  • Localized the lesion or not.
  • Communication with the different body systems.

In case of late detection of the disease, as well as the running process is almost not to avoid death. Veterinary medicine has advanced greatly in the treatment of cancer, there are good results, but it does not guarantee recovery of cat in the last stages.

Causes of cancer

Why is there a cat on the belly lump under the skin? To determine the exact cause of the appearance of cancerous tumors in animals also problematic, as in humans. The situation is complicated by the fact that these diseases are multifactorial and can be caused by different circumstances.

The Highest probability of tumor development in those animals which:

  • Have a genetic background;
  • Were born as a result of the error of breeders;
  • Are not peculiar to mind the way of life;
  • Eat poor quality food.

The Most intense influence on the probability of occurrence of cancer has the environment. the cat on the belly lump under skin photo

Whether the cancer is Associated with modern living conditions of the animals?

So, did you notice that the cat on the belly bump (under the skin). Is there any reason to believe that this is cancer? And that cancer in animals is associated with the current state of the environment or, perhaps, the disease appeared much earlier? Most likely, Oncology at Mouser did not appear yesterday. History of disease is as old as the world, just before it was manifested, much less.

Today, statistics reveal an increasing spread of cancer in humans and animals. This gives every reason to believe that the malady is associated with the state of the environment:

  • The fumes in the air;
  • Electromagnetic pollution;
  • High content of chemical additives in food products;
  • Widespread pollution of nature.

Cancer viruses

Some veterinarians support the viral theory of cancer in cats. According to them, the body is a virus that alters the host cell genome and its ability to reproduce. Science knows of more than 100 types of oncoviruses. Once in the body of a mammal, they are able to be a long time in sleep mode.

If the immune system is strong, he is able to block the spread of the pathogen and prevent disease development. However, unfavorable environment inhibits the protective forces of the animal, “opening the gate” viruses. As the starting of push there may be stress, worms, poor nutrition, diseases etc.

the cat on the abdomen a lump under the skin bursting

What contributes to the development of the disease?

Besides the causes, it is important to deal with the favorable factors for the development of cancer. The risk of disease is directly proportional to the duration and extent of their impact on the body of a cat. A list of these factors:

  • Error of the selection operation.
  • Weakened immune system.
  • Feed the poor quality of the lowest price category.
  • Hormone disruption, endocrine system diseases.
  • Environmental pollution.
  • Stress.
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Radiation.

It is Necessary to stress one point which has become relevant in recent years – vaccines. ImmunizationsPets often have complications. Appeared in cats on stomach lump under the skin can be the result of vaccination. The tumor should be removed at an early stage, even if it is benign.

As soon As the first symptoms or discover seal, pet should be in the near future to show the veterinarian. Looks like the cat on the abdomen a lump under the skin? Photos of animals with this pathology is in the article.

the cat on the belly lump under skin after sterilization

Susceptibility to cancer

If we consider the cause of the disease, it will be easy to know which cats have a greater susceptibility to it. However, the disease can occur in the animal for any year of life, regardless of predisposition and breed. But the chances of tumor development is higher in animals aged, representatives of the rare breeds having light color with white ears.

Varieties of cancer in cats

Cancer in animals and humans have little differences: they affect different tissues and organs. Therefore, the types of cancers there are many. You never know where and when they will appear. Classification of tumors in veterinary medicine coincides with the adopted in our medicine:

  • Benign. Characterized by slow growth, a certain localization and without severe discomfort for the animal.
  • Malignant. Have the opposite traits: rapid development and powerful influence on the functioning of the organism.

The members of the cat more common cancer of the thyroid, breast, skin and genitals. Tumors of the gastrointestinal tract are diagnosed less frequently. What to do when a cat has a belly bump (under the skin) blue? The first thing to go to the vet. The doctor will make the diagnosis and determine the stage of the disease.the cat on the abdomen a lump under the skin than to treat


There are 4 phases of cancer in animals:

  • Initial. Appears barely noticeable tumor, resembling a knot.
  • The Second. The tumor is growing, increasing in size. Affects nearby cells.
  • Third. The tumor does not change, but the disease affects almost the entire body of the cat.
  • Fourth. The last stage in most of the cases are fatal. The disease has spread throughout the body of the animal, destroying it.

How to diagnose cancer in your pet?

All animal lovers should be alerted to the appearance on the body of the pet, no tumors or other abnormalities. However, it is a manifestation only of those tumors which are located close to the skin. How to recognize cancer of the internal organs and tissues?

Make it extremely difficult, most often to detect early stage cancer in General is not possible. The signal can be any change in the behavior of cats, the sharp response to the usual factors and other symptoms. You should immediately visit a veterinarian and pass all the necessary tests.the cat on the belly bump under the skin that it

If you see that the cat on the belly lump under skin after sterilization, it is certainly cancer. Cats should be carefully monitored by the testes, identifying swelling or breaking of symmetry and urination. Cats have increasingly cancer-prone mammary glands. Upon reaching the age of six the animal is recommended twice a year to show the vet, who will examine him and do blood work.

When any of the following symptoms, the pet of its worth as quickly as possible to a doctor:

  • Swelling of the skin and other swelling.
  • Tumors and any inflammation.
  • Skin infections.
  • Discharge from the Breasts.
  • Drowsy and lethargic behavior as well as appearing aggression and caution.
  • Decreased appetite.
  • Decreasing weight.
  • Any other unreasonable change.

Only a complete examination of the tumor (biopsy, x-ray, blood test, ultrasound) will allow you to make an accurate diagnosis.

Prevention and treatment

Good master will guard discovered the cat on the abdomen a lump under the skin. How to treat pet? Nowadays, most cancers are treatable successfully. Of course, this statistic applies only to the initial stages of the disease. There are several types of treatment: surgery and three kinds of therapies (chemo-, immuno - and radiotherapy). Help an animal in the early stages of providing medicines.

If a cat has a belly bump under the skin, the treatment will prescribed by a veterinarian. In the case when the disease has advanced, and cure is not possible, the mustachioed patient is prescribed strong painkillers and recommend euthanasia.

Notrush to euthanize your pet, because there are cases of sudden healing of animals. This can help in proper diet, care and love the owners. For a full life pussy is a case of just a small treat. Of course, the result depends on the stage and type of cancer.the cat on the belly lump under skin blue

About the prevention and treatment of cancer specialists disagree. To prevent cancer of the skin hygiene and avoid visiting the street. Breast tumors is almost not diagnosed in cats spayed before the first heat. In the case when a cat has a belly bump under the skin burst, it is necessary to take a sick animal to the veterinary clinic.

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