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When the child has matured, along with pride comes the realization that its harder to be something of interest, to surprise and to captivate seriously. There is, however, a way, which many forget, but this time will be remembered for a lifetime. “What is this game?” - the reader will ask. Nothing complicated and costly, simply show your child what growing crystals. For children this tutorial will be a huge opening. After all, it is creating amazing things with their hands, which is happening before your eyes!

crystal growing for kids

What is crystal?

The Answer to this question is simple in the book format: it is an ordered structure of solids. It seems to be nothing complicated, but it is much easier to understand the appearance of this miracle of nature on their own experience. Although in reality we have every winter we see the growing crystals. For children there is nothing more interesting can be snowflakes and a beautiful pattern on the window. But really it's all the same crystals! They manifest in the gradual lowering of the temperature of the water particles attract moisture and form beautiful crystals. Thought about it, the child will surely be interested in where he can still see a similar phenomenon. To help then come salt and sugar. Their little nuggets – the same crystals. And my mother's precious jewelry box, which has various stones. No matter, faux rhinestones or natural precious minerals. They will help to show your child all the perfection of the lines and will inspire you to create such beauty. Moreover, the equipment for growing crystals are in every home, and reagents – in the kitchen.


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kit for growing crystals

Grow a crystal at home impossible?

Possible! For this you need to prepare the container in which it is convenient to create a solution. It is best to use a pan or other metal utensil suitable for heating. You will also need a regular spoon for stirring the solution, a narrow deep container, which will be used for growing crystals at home. It may be a flask, a Bank, a large glass or clear vase. In addition, you need to be cut threads (nylon polyester), and go-to jumper that and will be suspended from the crystal. For these purposes, will fit a pencil or pen. The crystal base will serve as a ready small stone, its presence need to worry in advance.

equipment for growing crystals

What you can create crystal at home?

The Crystal can be grown from ordinary kitchen salt. This option is the easiest, does not require additional cost and time going to the store for chemical reagent. Growing crystals of copper sulfate requires the constant presence of parents, it is best to conduct this kind of experience only under the guidance of adults. But the use of sugar syrup and crystal growing for kids from this delicious product will be doubly enjoyable. Plenty of admiring the result, it is possible to eat and get to work again.

growing crystals from copper sulfate

This is probably very hard and long….

Nothing complicated in the process. Instructions for growing crystals consists of the following steps:

  • Preparation of equipment and chemicals;
  • Create a supersaturated salt solution;
  • Mounting base for a crystal in a container;
  • Create a new solution and move the finished crystal in it;
  • Ideal result of the experience.

The Basis of a beautiful crystal – the correct composition of the solution!

To create a transparent as a tear, crystal, it is best to use distilled water. Its advantage is that it is in an industrial environment is cleaned from impurities of salts, which can disturb the structure of the finished mineral. But plain water from the tap works, it can be pre-cleaned with household filter.

manual for growing crystals

Salt in water dissolves several times. Heating water to 50 degrees and maintain this temperature will greatly facilitate the process of dissolution of the salt. After each addition of reagent is necessary to let it sit for a few minutes and then mixed thoroughly. Salt to pour into the water you want as long as it does not cease to dissolve and starts to settle at the bottom. Now salt water to clear the particles of debris and dirt that fall into the salt, it is enough to strain it through cheesecloth or a cotton cloth into a clean container in which to grow a crystal.

Bookmark the seed

Growing crystals for kids interested in the process itself, so the next stage can safely entrust to the young chemist. For Foundation you can take beautiful stones, crystals or just large and smooth crystal salt. How to install it in a saline solution, will depend on the future shape of the mineral. Seed laid on the bottom of the tank, will grow up, while the bottom will stay flat, and if hung on a string, tied through a jumper, and leave in this position, it will from all sides to attract the particles of salt and the resulting crystal can beunique and fancy shapes.

Capacity need to tightly cover and place in a dark place, preferably in a cupboard for a few days. This substance is very sensitive to drafts, vibrations and temperature changes, so it is important to ensure stable performance of the environment.

Crystal for a couple of days

After a few days you can see the first results, the crystal will gradually grow, but that this process is not stopped, you need to change the solution, because the old ones gave a substantial part of the salt. The crystal should be given time to achieve significant size. Most often it is three to four weeks, but the result is worth it.

crystal growing home

Crystals of copper sulfate

If you wait that long reluctance or want to try something new, you can try growing crystals from copper sulfate. Before you start, explain to the child that this substance is very toxic, and work with them only with gloves, in contact with the solution on the skin, mucous membrane or swallowed to take action.

If crystals of salt to the water quality plays a mediocre role, the growing crystals of copper sulphate requires only distilled water. Sulphate is very easily and quickly react with other chemical elements, and the water from the tap is not a perfect purity and transparency. You also need to wash the container in which the composition is stirred, and it is best to douse it with boiling water. This once again testified that the parents have to deal with similar experiences with your child. All subsequent steps do not differ from the previous method, but the result will not keep itself waiting long. The first particles are formed already after a couple of hours.

Should you buy ready-made kits?

When there is no desire or ability to engage in the selection of containers and material for the manufacture of natural beauty, you can always use ready-made kits. The more that buy the kit for growing crystals can be in any Department of children's toys, stationery or in specialized points of sale.

the experience of growing crystals

These kits differ primarily in the composition of the reagents and priming. She's already invested in the kit and may be in the form of a small stone, but have the shape of a heart, animal, butterfly, flower or even a tree trunk. The sets are selected and invested with all the necessary equipment for growing crystals, and color additives, mixed with sodium chloride or copper sulfate will help to create a colored mineral, so it will gain an additional attraction.

Prices for the sets are very affordable, it all depends on the difficulty level. The easiest can be purchased for the amount of 300 rubles, samples for growing a large crystal of the correct form are more expensive - from 500 to 800 rubles. The kit for growing crystals can be a wonderful gift for any occasion, and if the child is engaged in such experiments with pleasure, that large choice sets can create a unique collection of minerals, which will decorate any home.

Chemical experiments is not only fun!

Today's children are sometimes difficult to distract from computer amusements, and especially to get them interested in science. But, as practice shows, this situation can and should be correct, offering is really worth it. And what could be better than spending this chemical experience? The crystal growth may be the first step to great discoveries!

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