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Student years are the best time in the lives of most people. After all, you can not only learn while under the strict supervision of parents or teachers, but first and foremost fun to spend all my free time. That is why to know how to spice up life, want to be considered the most fun and exciting competitions for students.

competitions for students

Game «Crocodile»

This is probably the most common and fun to play. It need about 5 more. Of everyone here, you select the primary, that is, one who would show the word. Players need to present the encrypted word to be guessed. Who first guessed, about what there is a speech, becomes the master. This is a very fun game that you can play for hours.

Contest «Fun sausages”

Considering the competition for students, it is necessary to tell about the games events. So, it is possible to procure fake sausage, or sausages, which have to attach to the strap members. These devices, players will have to push a ball or a cube in some gates. Who would you rather do, wins. This contest is always accompanied by cheerful shouts and funny words of support.

 competitions for students

Who is Superman?

This competition is open only to boys. So, need 5-7 people. The essence of the job: to decide which of the boys is the modern Superman. And as you know, a real man should do three things: plant a tree, build a house and raise a son. This contest will be some changes. Guys have “put” the liver, “build” his wife and “grow” the abdomen.


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  • To fulfill the first part of the assignment it is necessary to drink liter of juice through a straw.
  • The Second part of the task requires you to inflate the balloons. They further puts under shirt or jacket, then begins the fight of sumo. The winner is the one who has the balloons remained intact.
  • For the third part need girl. Guys need more ladies to gather in your team. Behind whose back will be more than the fair half, is the winner.

Superman will have to declare the results of all three rounds of the competition. To give you a medal.

Who is trendy?

Are there Any other contests for students fun? So, why would a big company not to play dress up. For this we first need to prepare a bag full of different clothes: trousers, large bras, skirts and jackets. Merry music bag is passed from hand to hand. When the melody stops, the person, in whose hands was a package that pulls from it a garment to touch. And of course, wears. Then those who are best dressed must either dance or sing a cheerful song. This game can be useful for any young company, not only student.

contests for students fun

Where am I?

Picking up the contests for students in any program it is necessary to include the game “Where am I?”. For this you need to prepare name boards of the places where people can go. For example: “dormitory”, “public toilet”, “isolation”, “nudist beach", "strip club”. That is, the plates should be as fun and unusual. The participants do not know which place they will fall. A handout is attached to the back of the player. Leading defines the most common questions that participants must answer. For example: “How often you go there?”. The result is very funny. And the winner picks the whole team.


The Scenario of the competition, students can fill up such a fun game-like «Sultan». For this you need to choose between two men. They are sultans. Then the guys got to choose his harem of 5-6 wives. After the teams will have to perform several tasks.

  1. Selecting contests for students, it is necessary to prepare and inventory. In this case you will need wide pants, wide trousers. Their “wife” will be required to complete self-inflated balls. The thicker the Sultan will be the winner.
  2. Next sultans of speed should kiss their wives in two places on the body (out the best places to kiss on their own). For example, it can be hand and cheek.
  3. The Third part is – replenishment. That is, the Sultan must think about how to attract his harem of other girls. This guy goes into the hall, kissing all gets his way with the ladies. Wins the one who will pereculum more girls in one time period.

competitions among students

Expectant mother

Definitely need to prepare contests for the students. So, we all know that most of the universities students live in dormitories. And there must be order and cleanliness. For this we can hold a contest, called "Expectant mother". So, the guys belly and attaches a big balloon. And they should have the matches scattered on the floor. This is not an easy task. It is believed that if the players in this situation were able to restore order, in real life it would be very easy to keep your room clean.


The Contests for dedication to studentsto be not only fun, but also educational. So, you can acquaint the freshmen with the teaching faculty or Department. For this you need to procure the portraits of all the teachers. Well, if you get them fun to handle in photoshop. Freshmen need to show off knowledge of teachers. That is, newcomers will have to guess which object will read one or the other person.

The Perfect Dean

It is Important that competitions for students were fun and funny. So, you can have fun, inventing a portrait of the ideal Dean. To do this two or three commands issued by an easel, on which they should draw a picture. The winner is the team who have Dean get better and funnier.

the script competition of the students

Find a cheat sheet

Competition among students can also be educational. So, you can prepare a fun game that will teach beginners to hide Cribs. It is necessary to select a plurality of pairs of commands. Best tandem - a guy and a girl. One will hide the crib in his body, the other – blindfolded to find them. The winner is the first team to find all hidden.

In fact, games and contests can be a lot more. Good to connect creative component, that is, to sing, to dance. Importantly, the audience had fun.

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