Holidays in Europe in may: what and when?


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The Holidays not only in Russia but also in Europe. Let's see what holidays in Europe in may is celebrated?

Many in may in Europe holidays?

If you look at the calendar, it turns out that a lot of them. What holidays in Europe in may popular? The first of may in Germany is celebrating the may holiday, it is associated with the end of winter and onset of spring.

On the Third of may in Lithuania celebrate mother's Day and for Poland it is a national state holiday-the Constitution Day.

The Fourth of may-the independence Day of Latvia, the eighth of may-Day of Memory and Reconciliation, the ninth of may in Estonia, Europe day, the twelfth of may – the day of the Finnish identity.

The Fourteenth of may – father's Day in Germany, the twenty-fifth of may for the UK Spring holiday, the twenty-sixth of may – mother's Day in Poland.

holidays in Europe in may

Each of the holidays in their own interest, if you delve into its history and traditions. All holidays in Europe in may deserve attention, but we'll focus on three: the May holiday, the Day of Memory and Reconciliation, and Day of the father in Germany. This is the most popular and widely celebrate the date.

May day in Germany

This is a time filled with joy and noise. The revival of nature after a long winter – is always a sea of positive emotions. The main character – a Maypole. This is a high post that decorating with greenery, flowers. The top of a tree adorned with a garland with colorful ribbons.

may 14 is a holiday in Europe

In the tradition of celebrating very much pagan. This song with dance, dance around the tree, nightly bonfires and jump through them. Necessarily need to decorate the house both inside and outside, this will attract a good harvest, health and prosperity into the house.


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The Fun starts the day before – April 30. In the morning, decorated the tree solemnly carried through the Central square and set. For us, this holiday is similar to Midsummer day and the carnival at the same time. The symbolism of the feast of the close of the Trinity and Easter. That's such an interesting mixture of both greeting the rebirth of nature after the sleep, run the new wheel of the year with new hopes.

May 8: a holiday in Europe – the Day of Memory and Reconciliation

This date is dedicated to the memory of people who fell victims of the Second world war. Why number of eighth, not the ninth? The difference in dates associated with the difference in time zones. The official end of the war – the signing of unconditional surrender of Germany. It was held may 8 at 22.43 on European time and Moscow in 0.43, the ninth of may.

Why Europe celebrates eighth of may, and Russia – ninth. In Europe, where a large number of Russian-speaking citizens, the celebration happens two days in a row. In Europe, as well as we do, there are formal events, organize meetings with veterans and their congratulations. People bring flowers to the monuments to the dead during the war, also hold ceremonial parades and parades of military equipment. You can see a small fireworks.

may 8 is a holiday in Europe

The Horrors of Nazism touched many countries, so this holiday is so important. We must not forget the terrible events of the past, if we do not want to prevent their recurrence in the future.

May 14: a holiday in Europe – father's Day and the ascension of the Lord

Father's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, including in Russia. Most often it falls on the third Sunday in June. But in Germany it is not. Here for the celebration chose another date. If someone asks you a question: "14 may – a holiday in Europe?" - we can safely answer him that it's father's Day in Germany, or else it can be found under the name of men's Day. The official celebration started in 1936.

On the same date and have another holiday-the ascension of the Lord, which is considered Federal. So it is always off. It turns out that 14 may – a holiday in Europe double. The Ascension was also to commemorate the men, so such a Union is justified.

may 14, what holiday in Europe

Father's Day men love to celebrate, two in nature, accompanied by rich, delicious food and spirits. A kind of picnic in a purely male company. Love this day to gather in bars, to arrange trips and excursions. Most men prefer to spend this day without their wives, but there are those who celebrate with the whole family.

Holidays in Europe in may differ in a variety of occasions and traditions. Good excuse to get to Europe in the spring and learn during the trip, something new and interesting.

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