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The Holidays are personal, professional, Church. But international not so much. One of the pleasant representatives the world famous celebrations is the Day of the elderly person. Its name explains everything. The purpose of this holiday - not only to please the elderly. Don't forget to bring greetings to the Day of elderly people, their relatives and friends. The main thing - to draw attention to their problems, to help the elderly to live with dignity in their years. And also highlight the problem of demographic ageing of the population.

Wonderful day

On 1 October, a representative of the older generation accepts the congratulations to the Day of older people. How nice is the attention of the grandparents, is beyond words. In each city of the planet is the holiday concert. Songs, dances, music, treats – all this for the elderly. I want to thank them for their years of hard work, raising children and grandchildren, their wisdom and judiciousness.congratulations to the day of the elderly

In 1991, 1 October, the General Assembly of the United Nations decided to introduce the world Day of older persons. In our country this holiday officially came into force in 1992. From this moment, public organizations, charitable foundations, large companies arrange for the elderly a real feast!

Professional greetings

Do Not forget about those who can't attend the event for health reasons. Be sure to get the culprits of the holiday greetings to the Day of older people from the organization in which he worked. Management or the Union sends an employee with the gift of flowers and a card.

“congratulations to you! We wish you health and long life. You worked hard, gave himself to his beloved profession selflessly. We remember you and love! Please accept our sincere wishes and success to you and good days!”.


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Typically, the organization teaches its employees who have retired, not only a simple greeting. To the Day of older persons prepared a small gift: holiday gift, set of products, books. Not necessary to buy luxurious gifts, let it be a trifle, but the fact that they are not forgotten, please!congratulations to the day of the elderly person short

Youth and old age

Young people do not think about the fact that soon they will be older. It seems that there is still a whole life full of happy moments. But time does not stand still and we become older, wiser, behind the who's experience and knowledge. “And who now need all this?” - so thinks every second middle-aged man. So nice they are any congratulations to the Day of the elderly person. A short poem or a long memorized speech – no matter. They need attention, need to know that they are remembered and appreciated!

The Young do not understand sometimes,

As in many decades to be young?

The Soul never grows old

Mark you this, gentlemen!

Temples gray, wrinkles on cheeks

And all the devils running around in the eyes.

As the spirit gives the body forever,

Flirting and cool nonchalance.

Every age has its have pros,

Run around the house grandchildren-a toddler!

Not afraid to grow old and be a grandma,

Or cheerful and attentive man!

You raduyte us with wisdom and experience,

And we will reply to you with care and trouble.

Humorous and heartfelt lines will do it, but congratulations to the Day of older people in their own words also sound decent.


The Art of speaker not everyone has. Some people get lost in public and can't put two words together. But forewarned is forearmed. Prepare templates of the speech and, if necessary, add something from myself. It'll be unpleasant, awkward situation.congratulations to the day of older people in their own words

“I heartily congratulate you on holiday! Stay healthy and happy! Never be discouraged, smile more and love yourself, take care of yourself! Let your old age will be happy, secured, not alone. You have started a new period of life, serene, calm. No need to rush to work, get tired, and somewhere to hurry. Have fun, and relax more and be happy!”.

The Variety of congratulations to the day of the elderly person: short, succinct, humorous, a little sad, in verse. Most importantly, don't forget to prepare a speech and in a good mood!congratulations to the day of older people from the organization

Dancing and fun

This wonderful holiday to prepare in advance. Your introductory and closing speech moderator should memorize. Go to address this issue outside the box. Contests, quizzes, riddles will be held on hurray. Then you can arrange a tea party, let people talk, remember his younger years. If you had the share to prepare greetings for the Day elderly, be sure to include in the program of dances. You can invite children's groups or any of the guys from the senior group of the nearest kindergarten. The fun will be great, dances and songs will dilute the program is positive.

Congratulate your grandparents, spend an evening with them over a Cup of tea, flip through the family albums. After all, loneliness – this is the worst state of mind!

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