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Carefully selected chandelier Citilux allows the correct accents in the design of living rooms, bathrooms, corridor and hallway. The abundance of design solutions no limits to the imagination when decorating classic and contemporary spaces. Range of suspended ceiling products and contributes to the sleek addition of large and small rooms.

A Little history

In the late 20th century under the brand CitiLux (Denmark) released the first line is simple and elegant chandeliers that meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The production of fine and low-cost models quickly gained momentum, thanks to the uniqueness of the design and application of new technologies aimed at giving ease and accessibility products.

Today's users also have the taste chandelier Citilux, in the catalog there are more than 130 unique in form and design models that meet the classic lines and innovative solutions, such kak:

  • Classica;
  • Floristika;
  • Art-Deco;
  • Centre;
  • Loft;
  • Tiffany.

Pendant and ceiling products

Exquisite pendant designs perfectly complement the spacious rooms. Complex models, decorated with an abundance of decorative elements, distinguished by their charm and freshness of execution. Ceiling light Citilux is designed for rooms with low ceiling. They are characterized by compact size and simple design. Both simply flow into the interior of modern apartments, villas or estates.

crystal chandelier Citilux

The Main categories of products:

  • Chandelier ceiling Citilux;
  • Mortise design;
  • Suspension;
  • Mnogoplanovo, flat, symmetrical design and development;
  • Candles and lampshades.

The Material for manufacture: crystal

Ceiling crystal chandeliers attract attention for its unusual beauty and luster, combined with its environmental friendliness and compliance with the new trends. Innovative technology of using Bohemian crystal exclude lead content (potassium-calcium glass), providing excellent transparency and versatility.

Modern crystal chandelier Citilux has a low cost and preserving the original appearance for a long period of time. This affected the ability to take a leading position along with the traditional European firms. Feature composition (lead-free) contributes to the ease and perfection of the product.

Collection is full of charming products with a lace design and a variety of hangers and minimalist lamps, complete with actual decorations of different materials, such as:

  • Metal;
  • Glass;
  • Crystal;
  • Ceramics
  • The cast;
  • Murano glass.

Citilux chandelier manufacturer

For lovers of traditional ceiling chandelier Citilux is represented in rich shades of reinforcing elements. This:

  • Gold;
  • Brass;
  • Bronze;
  • Black.

The glass Ceiling

Good choice of glassware contributes to dispersion of a large amount of light in the room and create a cozy atmosphere. Transparent dome lights set bright and solemn moments, and frosted products provide peace of mind and comfort.

The Diversity of products allows you to choose the model of geometric shapes or floral direction. When you buy original products, it is important to determine the type of bonding (to a ceiling hook or mounting bracket), the distance from the ceiling (up to 30 cm, 30 to 60 cm or more) and number of arms (if necessary): from 2 to 7 or more.

Ceiling chandelier Citilux

Chandelier pendant Citilux is represented with diverse color palette of the suspensions. For example:

  • Vibrant hues of summer;
  • In brown and beige tones;
  • Classic: white, gray and black;
  • Gold, silver and bronze;
  • Transparent;
  • Colorful and patterned jewelry.

Metallic shades

Products made of aluminium and stainless steel look great in modern interiors. A variety of Danish products provides a choice of polished, galvanized and color coating. There are two different designs for high and low ceilings, a bedroom, a living room, kitchen, dining room and nursery.

Overview of lamps to suit the tastes of connoisseurs of traditional classics, presented a selection of forged products antique. Good demand ceramic candles or suspensions with a few shades.

Chandelier Citilux

Fabric shades

Crystal Chandelier Citilux harmoniously look at the background of textile elements, pleasing original performanceplain and combined products. For the manufacture of luminaires suspensions are used the smooth and the pleated fabric, lace and mixed textiles. Peering into the assortment of a Danish producer, easy to match products with different number of shades and pendants.

Fixtures for small spaces

The collection presents a selection of crystal, glass, metal and fabric lampshades with pendants and without. The abundance of ceiling and suspension models offers the choice of luminaires for a local, scattered and unusual lighting (using a different color palette).

Citilux - chandeliers, consumer reviews on which provide the most accurate information. For example, small lamps for bedrooms, hallways and children's will allow visually enlarge the area, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Large light fixtures

Collection is full of original carob, cascading and pendant chandeliers, we select for the living room, the fireplace room or the Grand staircase. The catalog is easy to determine the selection of size, material and style design. To world trial presented stylized antique, classic and extraordinary design models with suspensions, candles or diffusers.

Chandelier pendant Citilux

Nursery chandelier

Citilux - chandelier (the manufacturer recommends installation by the crib) that would fit well in a kid's room. General lighting should be soft and diffused. The ideal choice is considered closed reflectors. Well, if the model is equipped with adjustable lighting with dimmer switch.

If you decide to provide additional sources of light on vertical surfaces is advantageous to accommodate sconces, and over the changing table - the suspension with muted light. The optimal solution would be construction with height adjustment.

When building a room for children 2 to 6 years choice of lamp is comparable with a selection of toys. In the rooms of the younger generation is always a place for the realization of design ideas. Proper overhead lighting – suspended ceiling in the form of a fairytale character, flower or sun. Experts recommend to focus on a white matte reflector – a bright palette of colors affect the mood of children.

Citilux chandelier reviews

When browsing for an amazing and different from each other's designs, keep in mind the combination of the main parameters of the model with the interior space, size and purpose.

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