What are the medicines for abortion in the early stages?


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Medical abortion last time was widespread. Method of interruption is chosen by the physician based on the age and General condition of the woman. Drugs for abortion in the early stages improved and produced new forms of media provide greater reliability with a minimum of side effects.drugs for abortion of early pregnancy

How to apply pharmacological agents

After examination by a gynecologist and conducting all necessary procedures, the doctor prescribes any drug that will provide abortion. The action of such means is the blocking of hormone that supports the normal course of pregnancy – progesterone, resulting in the so-called miscarriage.

For women this method of abortion is easier, both physically and psychologically, because it looks like a normal period, only the more abundant and long.drugs for pregnancy termination

Preparations for the termination of early pregnancy was developed in France in the 80-ies, however, became widespread much later. Now there is a wide variety of drugs, providing the desired effect.

The Benefits of pharmacological abortion

Medical abortion compared to surgical has a large number of advantages:

  • Easy psychological tolerability of the procedure;
  • Damage to the cervix or the endometrium of the uterus, so women in the future will have no problems with the pregnancy, whereas after surgical abortion is often a woman cannot get pregnant;
  • High efficiency used drugs (95%), this gives you the opportunity early on to safely and securely carry out the abortion.

This method is optimal for nulliparous women, because it eliminates problems with second pregnancy and does not cause scarring on the cervix. Drugs for medical abortion are considered safe and effective if the use occurs on prescription and under his guidance.

When to hold pharmacological abortion

The Medications in the early stages, are more effective when used up to 4 weeks of pregnancy. The deadline for the possible use of pharmacological abortion – 6 weeks. However, in this case the drug may not provide the desired action and the pregnancy is not interrupted.drugs for pregnancy termination


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On this course of events strongly influenced by features of the menstrual cycle and other individual performance of one particular woman. That is why if you wish to carry out an abortion using drugs for termination of pregnancy in the early stages, you need to do this as early as possible to the action of the drug most effective.

Contraindications for the medical abortion

When any intervention in the physiological processes of the body there are contraindications. Perform pharmacological abortion is illegal in:

  • Uterine fibroids;
  • Diseases of the blood;
  • The presence of allergic reactions to components of the medication;
  • Gastrointestinal infections;
  • Ectopic pregnancy;
  • The presence of scars on the tissue of the uterus or cervix;
  • Adrenal insufficiency;
  • The presence of any genital infections.

In order to exclude the development of complications, before abortion was necessary to conduct a full examination and choose suitable drug. Drug name for abortion can only tell the attending physician all the necessary test results of a patient.

Feature "Postinora"

Women are often interested in the question, what drugs are for abortion you can use immediately after unprotected intercourse. One such remedy is "Postinor". The active ingredient of the drug is levonorgestrel. It provides thickening of the endometrium, resulting fertilized egg can not implant in the uterine wall.drugs for medical abortion

The Drug is used exclusively for emergency contraception and provides its effect for only a few days after unprotected intercourse. The package contains two tablets, one of which you must drink immediately after intercourse, and the second after 12 hours.

If after taking the first pill vomiting has occurred, the second must be drink immediately. To use this method of contraception is necessary as infrequently as possible. Make preparations for emergency contraception in the same menstrual cycle as this may lead to the onset of heavy bleeding and problems with hormonal background.

The use of the drug does not give a 100% guarantee of abortion and has many side effects. That's why lately Postinor replaced by more effective and safe drugs. Drugs for abortion before the appointment the woman for a long time tested.


Used as a postcoital contraceptive. Depending on the phase of menstrual cycle affects the rate of ovulation, slowing them and thus preventing fertilization, or changes the thickness of the myometrium, not allowing a fertilized egg to gain a foothold in the wall of the uterus.drugs for abortion reviews

Is Contraindicated in hepatic, renal and adrenal insufficiency, extragenital pathologies are hypersensitive to mifepristone. After taking causes side effects in the Central nervous system (dizziness, headache), nausea and vomiting, and weakness, pain in the abdomen and hives.

Feature "Genale"

"Genale" - French drug for termination of pregnancy. Used immediately after unprotected intercourse. Provides barriers to fertilization or implantation of the egg (depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle).

Active substance is mifepristone. These drugs for abortion in the later stages do not have efficiency, but can cause abnormalities of the fetus. Therefore it is not recommended taking the drug after 72 hours after intercourse. In this case, it is necessary to pass the examination and to conduct a medical abortion using other drugs.

Feature "Mifegyne"

Mifegin is the most common and safe drug used for pharmacological abortion. The active ingredient is mifepristone. Reception should be carried out by the doctor in his presence. In case of overdose can occur adrenal insufficiency.what is the drug for abortion

Once in the body it acts on receptors in the uterus, blocking the production of progesterone. As a result, the embryo dies and is rejected, the cervix is open, to happen muscular contractions of the uterus and the fertilized egg is derived from the menstrual blood of the female sex organs. Drugs for abortion at this stage operate for 6-8 hours.

It is Important to note that to increase the efficiency of action of the drug, you must assign the reception of prostaglandins that cause muscle contraction, by which the uterus will be pushed out a fetus. If during this period to take painkillers, the effectiveness of the drug significantly decreases. And the dead embryo can remain in the uterus, causing serious consequences.

Before taking the pills necessary to undergo an examination by a gynecologist and do a pelvic ultrasound. This is to confirm pregnancy and determine the site of attachment of the ovum, since the interruption of ectopic pregnancy according to drug drug are prohibited. Drugs for abortion in the early stages does not act on the developing embryo outside of the uterus.

In some cases, may cause side effects such as severe bleeding, requires medical intervention, the continuation of pregnancy, fetal death without removing it from the uterus and more.

Feature "Mifepristone"

"Mifepristone" is a synthetic steroid antigestagens causing contractile activity of the myometrium. After ingestion may experience severe weakness, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea. Breastfeeding after administration of the drug should be discontinued for 3 days.

Drugs for medical abortion that are valid for up to 9 weeks are used more often than other peers. In complex with the drug administered taking "Misoprostol", which stimulates contractions and a miscarriage after blocking the receptors of the uterus progesterone.

To Assign "Mifepristone" may in other cases:

  • For induction of labor in case of fetal fading fruit;
  • Surgical interruption of pregnancy up to 12 weeks to cause expansion of the cervix;
  • In the period of 13-22 weeks is used to normalize the actions of prostaglandins.

Drugs for pregnancy termination will only be accepted after careful inspection in the presence of a doctor.

Characteristics "of Pencrofton"

"Pencrofton" – drug Russian production. Is an effective means for abortion, practically does not cause any side effects and complications. Pharmacological abortion is easy enough for a woman psychologically, and also does not damage the integrity of the uterine cavity and the cervix, so women in the future will not have problems if you wish to get pregnant.

drugs for abortion without prescription

Drugs for abortion without a prescription not sold, they can be purchased only after conducting a full examination in a special medical institution. The drug is carried out only in the presence of a doctor, then a certain time need to be monitored by medical staff to prevent the unintended consequences of abortion and, if necessary, in time to receive the necessary help.

The Characterization of the "Mifolian"

Is a complete analogy "Mifepristone", all the indications and contraindications are also virtually identical. What is the drug for abortion, any individual woman can only tell a doctorafter conducting the survey.

After taking the tablet the patient should be observed for several hours to detect possible side effects or complications. 36-48 hours ultrasound examination, to determine whether there has been a complete miscarriage, and if there are any fertilized egg or in the uterus.

If this is not done, the remaining embryo, decomposing in the uterus, will provide intoxication and in severe cases can cause death of the patient or the need to remove the uterus.

To learn the specifics of medical abortion and to study more drugs for abortion, reviews can be found in free access on any of pharmacological agents.

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