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What to do in 2 years? This question often set inexperienced moms and dads. A two year old child is completely ready to the active knowledge of the world. The task of parents – to help the little Explorer with the right toys, books, exercise. What lessons can permanently captivate toddler?

Educational cartoons for kids 2 years

Kids at this age have developed enough to experience the invariable attribute of adulthood – TV. Cartoons for children 2 years – fun, vs which are not even psychologists. Main – to choose the right picture and not allow your son or daughter to be in front of the TV for too long. You should start with 20 minutes.

take a child in 2 years

Two-year toddler will definitely are addicted to ‘Razvivalki for the Bear”. This picture introduces young viewers to various colors, shapes, numbers. The same knowledge provides crumbs “Horse rainbow”, “UMI Zumi”. Love to younger brothers Chad wakes up after watching "As they say the animals”. The cartoon, which combines learning letters and numbers, familiarity with the English language, is called ‘Lessons of aunt Owl”.

Great if cartoons are for kids 2 years the child looks together with adults. Moms and dads will be able to notice the reaction of the baby on a particular story, discuss the information received.

Pick the right toys

Two-year-old children have difficulties with concentration, various subjects it is difficult to attract their interest for a long time. Care should be taken when choosing toys for children from 2 years to not have too many.

games for kids 2 3 years

In the nursery every two years the baby should be realistic objects which he uses in story games. This toy sets of furniture, utensils, toiletries (e.g., comb). These objects the child uses, interacting with your favorite soft animals, dolls, which allows him to acquire useful skills.

What to do in 2 years? With this task perfectly cope dynamic toys. Son or daughter will surely enjoy chasing rabbits and walking dolls, watching a spinning top, use a rocking horse. However, psychologists recommend to abandon the interactive structures that do not allow children to decide what would be the gameplay.


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What to do in 2 years? Pyramid, mosaic, designers – products that promote the development of logical thinking.

Educational games

When the kid turns 2 his style of play starts to differ from the one that fascinated him earlier. Like children in a playful manner to repeat the actions of adults, which helps them to acquire the necessary skills. Moms and dads at this stage the necessary tips and help the heir in inventing the plot.

cartoons for children 2 years

What can the child in 2 years? Put the toy car into the garage to replenish stocks of gasoline, to travel or to the office. A lot of interesting interactions with the dolls, plush animals which you can feed and water, to rock, to tell them stories.

What to do in 2 years? The kids like not only to imitate adults, but also to take an active part in their activities. They are happy to “help” moms and dads, carrying out simple instructions. Also many children like to put things in order, distributing the items on the ground. Worth accommodate a variety of cartons and boxes.

Developing creative skills

Games for kids 2 - 3 years old – an effective way of identifying talent Chad. By this age many children are already familiar with the drawing. The time has come to abandon the finger paints in favor of the present, supplementing them with a variety of coloring books, stickers. You can give young genius simple tasks like painting hare drawing of a flower. However, it is more useful to let him surrender to their own imagination and to create.

what can the child in 2 years

What to do in 2 years? To cope with the task will certainly help musical toys, armed with which one can easily develop a sense of rhythm, hearing the young Creator. It is necessary to abandon cheap fixtures, emits a repulsive, loud noises. It is better to use “childish” tools – drums, balalaika, pipes.

Games for children 2 – 3 years can not do without experiments with clay masses. It is useful to pay attention to a whole set designed for sculpting. These products include syringes and molds, making the process more diverse. Enlisting the help of parents, the baby will be able to create a home zoo, to invent a new “cooking” meals. In any case, this hobby is extremely useful for motor skills and imagination.

Outdoor games

What can the child in 2 years? Look for the energy output, which in this age it just overflows. Trips effectively fill the need for physical activity has a positive effect on the immune system, the psyche. On the street the children can run, play hide-and-seek to teach their classes in the sandbox. The latter is very useful for motor skills,which develops while the toddler is playing with sand, molded figures.

toys for children from 2 years

Invaluable to the health of regular exercise that are on the street. Gymnastics for the young athlete doesn't take more than a few minutes. It can involve actions with the ball, squatting, bending. In the majority two-year-old kids happily reproduce the parents ' movement, for which the exercises will also be useful.

Learn verses together

Poems for children 2-3 years should be as simple, clear and short. It is best to begin to practice memorizing the tongue twisters that the baby is easier to learn. Then you can switch to the quatrains, selecting poetry based on the age of the baby. Ideal for yearlings – works Barto, Mikhalkov, Chukovsky. Simple and sonorous lines are easily remembered by most children.

poems for children 2-3 years

Some parents believe that in the 2 years before the burden of baby “studies”. However, memorizing verses improves memory, helps the child to increase vocabulary, teaches voice culture. In parallel with practicing the works of poets should regularly practice this exercise as inventing rhymes for various words, names of familiar objects. Such training also has a positive impact on memory will allow you to achieve instant results in memory.

Play along

Many moms and dads rejoice when the child finds something interesting to do, giving them time to do their own business, and not demanding attention. However, parents should as often as possible to be involved in the process to look for new and interesting little stories to stimulate his imagination, to communicate. This is useful not only for development but also for the psychological state of the baby.

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