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Our domestic cats can be infected with helminths, even if they do not walk on the street. Basically, parasites cause harm to kittens and young individuals. But the fact is that some parasitic diseases can be transmitted from a cat to a person. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly carry out measures against helminthiasis of carnivorous animals. Tablets from worms for cats are only part of these activities.

What helminths do cats get infected with

Round worms (nematodes). Ascarids. They are found in cats more often than other species. Kittens are often infected with them from their mother, and adult cats are carriers in 30-70% of cases. For adults, this type of parasite is not dangerous, but kittens can lead to death. Babies can become infected both during intrauterine development through the mother's blood, and during feeding with milk. The eggs of worms are transmitted mainly through soil contaminated with feces. Parasites can come out with feces or vomiting, they look like thin white worms up to 10 cm long. Some types of ascarids can be transmitted from sick cats to people.

Hookworms. These are small filamentous helminths with a length of 5-12 mm. Infection occurs through contaminated soil or feces. Kittens become infected with them at a later age (1-2 months).

Tapeworms (cestodes). Cats are parasitized by several types of tapeworms, all have an intermediate host. Tablets from worms for cats will be ineffective if you do not break the chain of transmission of the pathogen of the disease. Dipylidiosis is transmitted through fleas and hair eaters. Animals become infected with diphyllobothriosis when eating raw freshwater fish or its giblets. A person can get infected with tapeworms from a cat only if he accidentally swallows an invaded flea.

Flatworms (flukes). This type of worms is rare in cats. The most dangerous is opisthorchiasis. Carnivores become infected when they are fed raw river fish. Despite the fact that a person also suffers from opisthorchiasis, he does not get infected from a cat.


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Rules for the treatment of cats from worms

Even the most effective pills for worms will be powerless if you do not follow certain rules of treatment. The most optimal option is to study the feces of an animal on the eggs of worms with the determination of the type of helminth. If the cat walks on the street, it is desirable to conduct such studies twice a year. In addition, it is necessary to examine breeding animals a month before mating and kittens two months old. In this case, there will be no need to injure the pet with deworming, if the tests are negative. If the pathogen is detected, the veterinarian will prescribe a narrow-acting drug with minimal negative effects.

Well, if such a service is not available, then combined drugs are used. All cat breeders give their pets pills for worms. Reviews of the drugs confirm that there are no complications from the drug if all the conditions of use are met. For preventive purposes, the treatment is carried out once a quarter, two weeks before mating or before vaccination. A direct indication of the need to take the medicine is the detection of helminths or their larvae in the feces.

Do not give anthelmintics to newborn kittens up to 21 days, pregnant individuals up to the last third of the term, nursing mothers within 21 days after lambing. They are not prescribed to adults weighing less than 500 grams, sick, emaciated or weakened animals. You can not give remedies against worms in case of violation of the liver and kidneys.

Most drugs are available in the form of a worm pill for cats. How to give them to a pet? Physical strength option: fix the cat with the help of an assistant or by wrapping it in a towel. With the index finger and thumb of one hand, press the corners of the mouth, opening the jaws. With the other finger, place the tablet on the root of the tongue and close the cat's mouth. Lift your head up a little and massage your throat, stimulating swallowing movements.

The second method with deception: wrap the tablet in a piece of minced meat or fish. If the tablet is large, you must first crush it. If it does not work, then make a suspension of milk or water from the tablet and pour it over the cat's lip into the corner of the mouth, trying to get into the space between the teeth. Use a syringe without a needle or a teaspoon for this.

All medications are given in the morning on an empty stomach. After taking the medicine, do not feed the cat for one hour.

Most anthelmintics are set once. If the degree of infection of the animal is high, then the drug is given fractional, or the treatment is repeated after 10-14 days.

Preparations for kittens

Tablets from worms for cats are very numerous, but in fact there are only six active substances-anthelmintics. The drugs have different names, because they are produced by different companies and contain a different combination of active substances.

Kittens are mainly infected with ascarids (toxocars). Apply drugs based on pyrantel or piperazine at the age of 21 days and repeat the treatment after 14-21 days.

Against cestodoses in cats, one drug is used - "Praziquantel" ("Azinox", "Droncit"). It has a disastrous effect on all stages of reproduction of the parasite. For better removal of worms from the intestines, the doctor may additionally prescribe a laxative.

The agent "Fenbendazole" acts against adult forms of nematodes, their eggs and larvae. It works in the intestines and in the respiratory system. It also destroys tapeworms.

The drug "Pirantel" destroys adult nematodes at all stages of their development.

The Milbemycin agent acts on nematodes and their larvae, but not on eggs.

The drug "Albendazole" ("Nemozol") destroys adult forms of nematodes, as well as cestodes and their larvae.

Review of anthelmintics for cats

Effective tablets from worms can contain one or more active substances. Below is a list of the most common drugs by category.

Tablets based on a single substance

Febtal tablets. The price is about 14 rubles. Give 1 time a day. The course of treatment is three days in a row. The dose is one tablet per three kg of weight. The tablet contains fenbendazole, which affects all stages of the development of cestodes and nematodes. Production: "Agrovetzashchita", Russia.


Azinox tablets.The price is about 15 rubles. Contains praziquantel-50 mg. Prescribe one tablet per ten kg of live weight once. Production: "Agrovetzashchita", Russia.

Complex tablets for worms

1. Praziquantel + pyrantel.

The drug "Dirofen" - suspension, paste and tablets. Composition: 1 g of tablets contains fenbendazole in an amount of 250 mg and pyrantel pamoate in an amount of 75 mg. In addition, it contains pumpkin oil, which also has anti-anthelmintic properties. Dose: one ml of suspension per one kg, one tablet per five kg of weight. Production: Russia, LLC NPF "Api-San".

With a pronounced invasion, the drug is repeated after ten days.

The price of 1 tablet is about 88 rubles.

Drontal tablets. The price is about 73 rubles. Contains pyrantel embonate (230 mg) and praziquantel (20 mg). Dosage: one tablet per four kg once. Production: Bayer, Germany.

The drug "Prazitel" is a suspension. The price is about 135 rubles (15 ml). 1 ml contains pyrantel pamoate (30 mg) and praziquantel (3 mg). Dose: one ml per one kg of weight. Production: Russia, LLC NPK "SKiFF".

2. Praziquantel + fenbendazole.

The drug "Kanikvantel plus" (Germany, "Maramed Pharma"). Tablets from worms for cats. The price is about 60 rubles. Ingredients: praziquantel (50 mg) and fenbendazole (500 mg). It is used for all types of helminth infestations in cats. Dosage: one tablet per ten kg.

Other complex anthelmintics

Milbemax tablets. The composition of the drug for kittens: 10 mg of praziquantel and 4 mg of milbemycin oxime. Dose: for babies from the age of six weeks - one tablet per two kg. The price is about 117 rubles.

Anti-worms tablets for adult cats contain 40 mg of praziquantel and 16 mg of milbemycin oxime. Dose: 1 pink tablet per 1-2 kg of weight, 1 red tablet per 4-8 kg. The price is about 228 rubles. Manufacturer: Novartis S. A., France.

With the taste of meat, covered with a protective shell. Reviews of the owners of the Milbemax remedy indicate that cats eat the medicine well.

Tablets "Alben C". The price is about 53 rubles. Composition: in a tablet of 0.6 g-azinox 25 mg and albendazole 250 mg. You can not prescribe kittens up to three months and pregnant cats. Dose: 1 tablet per 5 kg of weight. Production: "Agrovetzashchita", Russia.

The drug "Kaniverm" (AO "Bioveta", Czech Republic) - tablets against worms for cats. The price is about 31 rubles. Ingredients: 144 mg of pyrantel emoate, 150 mg of fenbendozol, 50 mg of praziquantel. Dose: one tablet per ten kg.

The drug "Polyverkan" ("Seva S. A.", France). Sugar cube, well soluble in water. Ingredients: niclosamide (200 mg) and oxybendazole (40 mg). Dose: for animals weighing from one to five kg-half a cube. For therapeutic purposes, it is prescribed twice with an interval of ten days, for prevention-once every three months. It is contraindicated for kittens up to 30 days of age. Niclosamide is active against cestodes, and oxybendazole is effective against all forms of nematodes and cestodes.

Measures to prevent worm infestations in cats

Correctly apply tablets from worms for cats is only half the battle. It is important that your pet does not get infected again. To prevent worm infestations, regularly treat the cat's litter and habitats from fleas, keep clean, and do not leave outdoor shoes within reach.

The cat litter tray must be kept clean and dry, thoroughly washed and scalded with boiling water every three to four days.

If possible, conduct regular fecal examinations for helminth infestation. Consult with your veterinarian about what measures to take against worms for your pet. Tablets do not replace preventive measures to prevent the disease. A specialist will be able to tell you what to pay closer attention to.

Tablets from worms for cats: reviews of cat owners

Cat owners share their opinions about medicines, the action of which is directed against helminths. Here's what they think:

- The drug "Alben C" is good to treat adult cats twice a year. The animals tolerate it well, there are no complications. And it is inexpensive.

- The suspension "Dirofen" is easy to dose, its single application is enough. Complications are not observed even in advanced cases.

- In terms of dosage and tolerability, the best drug is "Milbemax". The price, of course, is too high. If you need to save money, you can give Febtal pills. They always give a good therapeutic effect.

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