A holiday for a child: what to come up with?


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Every parent wants his child to be always happy, smile as often as possible and receive only positive emotions from life. Of course, you won't spoil your boys and girls every day: they will "sit" on your neck too quickly. But nobody canceled the holidays, right?

Of course, you need to take into account what date to arrange a holiday for your tomboy. Birthday is one thing, New Year is another. For the second, for example, it is mandatory to call Santa Claus at home, or in another city of your residence. No tomboy will refuse to receive a gift from a red bag, also from the hands of the kindest hero in the world.

But with the same birthday is more difficult. It can make your head spin. Moreover, it is very difficult to surprise modern children. Whatever it was, you should always take into account the age of your child. Let's focus on a student, for example, 10 years old. This is not the same toddler who will be interested only in the presence of mom, dad and relatives. He needs friends at the party. Book a table at the children's cafe. Invite classmates, the guys with whom he (or she) is playing in the yard. Be sure to give your child exactly the gift he was waiting for. Within a reasonable amount, of course. Warn the animators that it is your child who will have a holiday, let them entertain the children all day. And, be sure to come up with some kind of surprise. You can't really advise which one, just feel your child, remember what he dreams about. A gift can also be a surprise. Or, perhaps, he dreamed of going to the water park all his life. So why not do it on the day of the holiday or the next day?

In fact, a lot depends on how you approach the holiday yourself. If the child sees that you are rather doing him a favor by arranging fun, then your mood will be transmitted to him. Try to make your son or daughter feel warm and caring. So that the child knows that this is not only his holiday, but also the holiday of the whole family.

Of course, to arrange a holiday for a child, a global occasion is not required. You can just have a great weekend together. For example, go to the rides, to the cinema or puppet theater, pizzeria. Where the child is fun and comfortable. And even an ordinary day off can turn into a real holiday for a child.

Anyway, no one knows your child better than you. Be sure to take into account his opinion and wishes. In fact, no matter how spoiled modern children are, with the right approach, you can arrange an unforgettable day for them and at low cost. You won't get impoverished from cycling, for example? The main thing is to be always there. At least spiritually. The child should feel your care, know that you will always be in the right place at the right time. And that with your help, the most intimate childhood dreams can come true. Educate your children, be a support for the younger generation, and everything will definitely be fine! Good luck!

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