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Now there is a very large assortment of medicines, and when choosing them, more and more people are guided not by the advice of pediatricians or advertising, but by the recommendations of those who have already tried. One very interesting remedy - nose drops "Derinat" for children - has very contradictory reviews. But in order to understand whether it is worth buying and using it, it is also important to study the instructions of the tool. In this article, you can learn about the interesting nuances of the drug and the experience of people who used it.

General description

It is available as a solution for topical and external use in dropper bottles of 10 or 20 ml each and belongs to the group of immunomodulating agents "Derinat". In the nose of children can be instilled from the first day of life. It is made on the basis of sodium deoxyribonucleate - this is the chemical name of the extract from the milk of sturgeon fish. It cannot be applied locally together with hydrogen peroxide or fat-based products. It is prescribed for children with colds, acute respiratory infections or runny nose, but it has a wider range of effects, including it helps well with frostbite or burns, as well as cuts due to its regenerating properties. Shelf life is up to 5 years at a temperature from +4 °C to + 20 °C in a place protected from light.

When and how the Derinat agent is used

According to the instructions, nasal drops help activate and restore immunity, as well as fight various types of infections. One of the advantages of the product is that it is possible to use "Derinat" for children, the use is allowed from the first days of life. When using a remedy for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections, the application scheme is as follows: for two weeks, the drug is instilled two drops into each nostril from two to four times a day. The course of treatment, if the disease has already manifested itself, begins with instilling 2-3 drops into each nasal passage on the first day every hour and a half, then for the next five days it is enough to use the drug three to four times a day, if necessary, the period of use increases to a month. With an inflammatory process in the nasal cavity, the number of drops increases from 3 to 5, and the number of times a day - from 4 to 6.

The dosage is the same for everyone, there are no differences between children and adults, so you should consult your doctor before using. The instruction calms down a little, informing that cases of overdose have not been identified.

Interesting nuances

For those who will be dissatisfied with the use of "Derinat" in the nose, the instruction contains a small reservation on contraindications: individual intolerance, without explaining, however, what it can consist of and what is the risk of its manifestation.

Also, normal studies on the safety of external use during pregnancy and lactation have not been conducted, but this group of people is not included in the list of those to whom the drug is contraindicated, that is, they can use it at their own risk.

The shelf life of the medicine is up to 5 years, but when the bottle is opened, it is reduced to two weeks. If you do not have time to apply the product within the specified period, then you need to throw it away. A month-long course will require at least two vials.

About the benefits of the drug

People who have used Derinat nasal drops for children leave reviews, noting the following positive points:

  • Good prevention of diseases, especially in the spring and autumn period;
  • When used with other means, drops increase their effectiveness and help to cope with the disease faster;
  • They can be used from birth, they help to cope with a runny nose very quickly, the nose begins to breathe much easier almost at the end of the first day of use;
  • One of the few drugs that are effective and allowed during pregnancy and for the treatment of children from an early age: improvement occurs in three days, and full recovery - in a week;
  • even after ordinary treatment with this remedy, the immune system becomes stronger, and diseases – more rare.

Another look at the medicine, possible causes

There are no medicines with 100% effectiveness, so the nose drops "Derinat" for children have not only positive reviews: there are people who have not been helped by it. Often in such cases, it is not the drug itself that is to blame, but non-compliance with its storage conditions, for example, if you do not hide the medicine in the refrigerator in the summer, but leave it in the closet, then at a temperature above +20° With the beneficial properties of the drug will begin to break down.

There are also opinions that all possible immunostimulants - this is a placebo, but everything new is always perceived with distrust, and only after the appearance of many successful results of application for a long time becomes recognized.

How much will the treatment cost

For the "Derinat" in the nose, the price varies from 250 to 350 rubles per 10 ml bottle. This amount is enough to carry out a full course of prevention. If you use it in the recommended minimum doses, two drops twice a day, for the prevention of colds, it will last for 14 days, while in the treatment of the inflammatory process, the funds will last only for 8 days.

It should be noted that after use, the product cannot be stored for more than two weeks, so there will be no opportunity to reuse the open bottle, but the remaining solution can be used to prevent other family members before the expiration date.

The instructions contain information that for the convenience of instilling the drug "Derinat" in the nose of children, it is produced in a volume of 20 ml. However, it is difficult to find it in pharmacies. It turns out, if we assume that the average price for "Derinat" is 300 rubles, then the course of treatment will cost 600-900 rubles.

How to use the drug better and more conveniently

Many people who have used the drug note that the instructions for the "Derinat" drops are not quite correctly compiled. Reviews of those to whom the remedy helped contain a recommendation to clean the nose before using the remedy. If the child is very small, then you can use saline, "Otrivin", "Aquamaris", "Saline" or another similar remedy, and then eliminate congestion with a nasal aspirator.

The dropper bottle is not very convenient to use. To avoid overdose, it is better to use a separate pipette, collecting the necessary amount of medication for one nasal passage.

It would be useful to warm the medicine to room temperature if it was stored in the refrigerator. To do this, it is enough to hold the bottle in your hand for a short time. There is no need to use other methods, but there is a risk, for example, if heated with boiling water, that useful properties may be lost in case of overheating.

How to use drops correctly

Another drawback of such a remedy as "Derinat" drops: the instructions (reviews indicate this) do not contain rules for instilling the nose, which affects the effectiveness of using the drug. It should be remembered that it is better to bury your nose lying on your side. The nasal passage of the side of the body on which they lie is processed. You can not immediately turn over, you need to wait a little, and then drip the second nostril. Thanks to this method, the drug gets on the outer wall of the nasal passage and does not cause irritation, and relieves congestion much faster.

Nose drops "Derinat" for children (reviews indicate the correctness of this remark) are not recommended for a long time. If there are no improvements after three days of use, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician - perhaps the medicine did not suit the child. It is impossible to get too carried away with this type of medicinal products, since there is a risk that the runny nose will become chronic due to the development of dependence on the remedy used. During treatment, you can alternate with inhalation drops.

What can be replaced with

For the treatment of acute respiratory infections and runny nose, pediatricians rarely recommend "Derinat", analogues of "Aqualor" and "Aquamaris" are much more common. They also fight inflammatory processes and are a good preventive tool, and cost almost twice as much. But still they cannot completely replace "Derinat" in all properties, since they do not restore and strengthen the immune system.

Grippferon is considered to be not inferior in positive effects after application, it can also be used from birth, but the list of side effects is very impressive and frightening. The price is the same high, and the shelf life of an open bottle is slightly longer: one month.

Other means replacing "Derinat" (analogues in the form of drops) and suitable for children, coping with colds and restoring immunity, are difficult to find, but there is a drug "Viferon" in the form of an ointment that can lubricate the nasal passages. It has all the listed positive properties and is often recommended by pediatricians. Cons of the product: it is not suitable for children under one year old and has a specific smell. Side effects may occur - burning or sneezing will appear, but they go away by themselves when you stop using the medicine. The cost of the drug is much less, about 160 rubles, and it goes well with other drugs. The total shelf life is less than 1 year, but it does not decrease after opening the ointment.

How to increase the effectiveness of treatment with any drug

Pediatricians advise, in addition to the use of medicines, to pay special attention to the room in which the sick child is located. It should be regularly ventilated, the temperature is recommended not to exceed +20°C, and wet cleaning should be done daily. It is necessary to ensure that the humidity of the air does not fall below 50%, otherwise the mucous membranes will dry out, and with it the inflammatory process will increase. When the child recovers, to strengthen the immune system, you can use the method of hardening loved by many.

It should be remembered: self-medication is fraught with consequences, so prescribing or replacing medications is the direct responsibility of a pediatrician, not parents. Of course, unfortunately, it is very difficult to choose a doctor who can be trusted nowadays, so they often search for information on the Internet and rely on the positive experience of other people.

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