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Even the most talented cook will not be able to cook a masterpiece dish if he has only leaky pots and pans at his disposal, on which everything burns. 60% of the success of the dish depends on high-quality kitchen utensils, so if you want to learn how to cook like a professional, choose good dishes.

German Rondell tableware is a combination of impeccable quality, sophisticated design and progressive technologies. It transforms the kitchen into a space for culinary creativity.

Quality Assurance

All Rondell tableware is made of high-quality alloys that ensure the hygiene and durability of the finished product.

To prove that absolutely all materials and production processes are maintained at a consistently high level, the company has established new warranty periods: stainless steel tableware has received as much as 25 years of quality assurance, aluminum products are given 2 years, and accessories - 3 years. In addition, if the dishes become unusable due to the fault of the manufacturer, he undertakes to replace any unit of production even one day before the expiration of the warranty period. Thus, by purchasing Rondell tableware, the consumer can be sure that he is paying money for guaranteed quality, and not for a beautiful advertising presentation.

Convenience and high speed of cooking

In order for cooking to bring pleasure and not turn into daily hard labor, it is necessary to equip the workplace with high-quality, convenient and safe accessories. Rondell tableware has all these properties. Consumer reviews rate this kitchen utensil as trustworthy.

Rondell cookware is characterized by a uniform temperature distribution over the entire area of the container. This avoids uneven cooking of the dish. Forget about pilaf, which burns at the bottom and is completely raw on top; about custard, which almost all remains on the walls of the pan; about fried potatoes that cannot be scraped from the frying pan.


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A high-quality coating that protects against burning provides maximum comfort in cooking any dishes.

The food is delicious, evenly fried and cooked in the shortest possible time.
Cooking with such assistants is so pleasant that every day I want to master new facets of culinary art.

Health and Safety

In addition, you can cook not only delicious, but also healthy food on a non-stick surface – Rondell frying pans need minimal use of vegetable fats, providing an opportunity to preserve the natural taste of products and all their useful properties.

Ergonomic covers are made of heat-resistant glass, which allows you to keep warm inside the container. Thus, you can remove an almost finished dish from the fire, and the final stage of cooking will take place due to internal heat.
It is worth noting that manufacturers have paid due attention to such an important characteristic as safety. The handles of the pots are silikonen, which completely eliminates the possibility of thermal burn.

Thus, Rondell dishes will help to prepare a real masterpiece. Reviews of cooks say that these dishes have significantly improved the level of work in the kitchen and accelerated the cooking process.


This is a series of designer pots and pans, released in a fashionable chocolate-milk range in 2012. A set of pots of this line will be an invaluable gift for every housewife.

The products are based on stamped aluminum (thickness – 3.5 mm), which guarantees maximum strength.

Mocco&latte tableware is protected by a three-layer titanium coating that provides protection against burning and sticking. The inner part of the bottom is equipped with an exclusive honeycomb coating, which allows you to keep the dishes juicy and aesthetically attractive.

The handle of the dishes is fixed by the riveting method. This is the most effective attachment. Even after several months of active use, the backlash is completely absent. The handle is made of a combined material: steel provides strength, silicone - safety.

The lid is made of high-quality glass, it is equipped with a tight elastic band around the circumference, which avoids heat losses during cooking. Thus, the products of the Mocco&latte series meet the highest European standards, as well as the rest of the Rondell tableware. Customer reviews primarily note the functionality and ease of use. The non-stick coating of the new sample lasts much longer than its predecessors. Its effectiveness is appreciated by consumers higher than the ceramic coating.

The cost of pots ranges from 2550 rubles. (1.6 liters) up to 3510 rubles. (3.5 liters); frying pans - from 1400 rubles. (22 cm) to 2070 rubles. (28 cm).


This ruler is made of anodized aluminum with a depth of 44 microns. This material is not subject to oxidative reactions and excludes chemical interaction with any kind of products used.

The bottom is made of a titanium layer, which provides complete protection from mechanical damage. Therefore, you can use not only wooden and silicone accessories, but also metal ones.

Since Virtuose series products have ferromagnetic properties, the Rondell cookware set of this line will be an excellent solution for owners of induction cooking surfaces.

The exterior coating has a stylish "wet asphalt" design that fits perfectly into a modern, so it is in the classic entourage of the kitchen.

A frying pan with a diameter of 36 cm can be purchased for only 1,650 rubles.


This series is distinguished by its unsurpassed design and durability. Twenty-five years of warranty provided by the manufacturer for products of this line speak for themselves. This is exactly the German quality that is legendary.

According to independent surveys of marketers, it turned out that almost 80% of consumers believe that the ideal assistant in the kitchen is the tableware produced by Rondell. The manufacturer made sure that the choice of buyers was justified.

So, the Evolution series is a monolithic housing made of standardized stainless steel 18/10 of the highest standard. It is based on high-quality 1.5 mm aluminum, and 0.4 mm stainless steel frames it on both sides. This design guarantees the preparation of dishes in a minimum time, which saves gas and electrical resources.

The price of the Evolution frying pan is 2320 rubles, the frying pan can be purchased from 1900 rubles for a volume of 1.5 liters and up to 3500 rubles for a volume of 5.9 liters.


Like the previous series, Stern is an 18/10 stainless steel cookware. A distinctive feature of this line is the revolutionary Excalibur non-stick coating, which allows you to cook food without the use of auxiliary fats. This coating is quite durable. Unlike conventional non-stick "lotions", Excalibur does not lose its properties after a year of operation. To maintain the state of novelty, the manufacturer suggests using branded silicone accessories for this series.

Handles, as in other models, are made in a combination of steel and silicone, fixed by the riveting method. The lids have holes for steam output to the outside.

Another feature is the dimensional marking on the inner walls of the pots, which is a convenient hint for cooks who like to cook strictly according to the recipe and observe the proportions. Thus, if you want to facilitate the workflow in the kitchen, Rondell (a set of dishes) will become an indispensable assistant. Reviews of this series are not particularly diverse, they all boil down to the fact that Stern fully meets all operational requirements.

Dishes can be used on all types of cooking surfaces, washed in dishwashers, but it is not recommended to use them for cooking in the oven.

The price of pans of this series varies from 1650 to 2100 rubles, depending on the volume, the cost of pans – from 2100 to 2350 rubles.


One of the most popular series. Rondell Flamme tableware is versatile and suitable for any heat sources. The case is made of high-quality food-grade steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm. The triple bottom made of titanium alloy allows you to cook dishes of any type.

The dishes of this line are distinguished by an exquisite design: the inner coating is matted, the outer one is mirrored.

In addition, the Flamme has a heat-resistant lid with rubberized edges, silicone inserts on the handles and their secure attachment to the body, i.e. all the advantages that other Rondell tableware offers.

The price of this model range is slightly lower, so even the average consumer will be able to afford this luxury. Flamme pots cost from 1,250 rubles, and frying pans - from 1,350 rubles.

Terrakotte and Eis

These are series with ceramic coating.

Terrakotte is a bright line that got its name due to the color of the exterior finish. The case is based on stamped aluminum with a thickness of 3 mm. The non-stick function is performed by the ceramic coating Innovations. Stainless steel handles complement the idea of the original design.

Products of this series require careful care. According to the manufacturer's requirements, German Terrakotte tableware cannot be used on induction surfaces and should only be cleaned manually. Silicone or wooden utensils are allowed to be used as accessories.

You can buy a frying pan of this series from 1100 rubles, pots - from 1350 rubles.As for the Eis series, it is also made of stamped aluminum, but the inner bottom is covered with two-layer ILAG ceramics. At the bottom of the dishes there are microscopic cells that allow you to connect two processing processes – dishes are fried and cooked at the same time due to the steam accumulated in the cells.
The Eis series is made in a soft silver color and is suitable for any kitchen design.

The average price of pans of this series is 1,650 rubles.

Deep Burgundy and Noble Red

If you ask any hostess which gift is better, she will undoubtedly answer that it is a Rondell - a set of dishes. Reviews of Noble Red are the most attractive, even though this series is one of the most expensive. And all because this ruler is made of cast iron, which has been considered the strongest material since time immemorial. The thickness of the bottom is 6.5 mm, which completely eliminates food spoilage due to thermal overheating. The cast-iron base is faceted on both sides by an enameled coating with non-stick properties.

A set of pans of this series includes containers for 2.7 liters (3180 rubles) and 4.2 liters (3780 rubles), as well as a duck house for 3 liters (3230 rubles). The frying pan is available only in one size – 28 cm, it costs 2900 rubles.

Exclusive series and sets

In addition to the above series, the manufacturer produces ladles, saucepans, steamer pots, kitchen knives and accessories, oven molds, as well as sets of kitchen utensils. All these are Rondell dishes. Reviews of these products are positive due to the unsurpassed quality and variety of the model range. Even the most demanding cook will be able to find a kitchen assistant in the ranks of Rondell products.

For example, the manufacturer recently presented its new creation - the ChefArt frying pan. This model differs from the previous ones with a built-in display in the handle that signals a change in temperature. Thus, the probability that the food will be cooked incorrectly is minimized.

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