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According to many experts, this breed is a true treasure of Russian cynology. She is still very young, but is loved by fans of decorative dogs. The long-haired Russian Toy Terrier, whose photo you see in this article, is a charming creature. These tiny creatures amazingly combine a touching and cute appearance, "pocket size", sociability, peacefulness and excellent health.

From the history of the breed

long-haired toy terrier

The very first Russian long-haired Toy Terrier (sometimes called the Moscow one) appeared in 1957. The father of the baby was an ordinary smooth-haired toy, and the mother's fur was slightly elongated. The newborn was named Chikki, he had unusual furs on his ears and paws for the breed. Next to his smooth-haired brothers, the puppy looked very impressive. Therefore, the Moscow team of dog handlers, led by the breeder Zharova, engaged in breeding and improving the breed. Later he was tied up with a bitch, which was distinguished by a slightly elongated coat and a black-red color. The result pleased the specialists. In 1964, these dogs were first presented at the exhibition.


The long-haired Toy Terrier is a friendly and cheerful animal. He easily finds a common language with all family members. Affectionate, sociable and affectionate dog will not leave anyone indifferent. This explains the fact that every year more and more people choose this miniature animal. According to experts, the basis for the creation of the breed of Russian Toy Terriers were English toy terriers, who were very much loved in pre-revolutionary Russia. After the war, this breed practically disappeared from the territory of Russia. But in the fifties, fans of small decorative dogs were happy to see a new object for adoration, and his name is the long-haired toy terrier Russian.


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Varieties and standards

russian toy terrier long-haired photo

The modern long-haired toy terrier, whose photo is presented in all cynological collections, is a miniature dog with a square body, a small head and a deep chest. Its height does not exceed twenty–eight centimeters, its weight is about three kilograms. A characteristic feature is a pointed muzzle, convex, usually black eyes, erect large ears and tall graceful legs. They can be divided into short-haired and long-haired.

In the second case, the animal's body is covered with straight, long hair. The head is covered with a shorter coat. The paws should have small combs, and fringe on the ears. There is an opinion that there are mini toy terriers. But you should clearly understand that these are just dwarfs who are not allowed to exhibitions and are prohibited from breeding: the breed is already quite fragile, which obliges you to be very careful about knitting, and knitting dwarfs is categorically not recommended.

Long-haired toy Terrier: puppies

If you are sure that you definitely need the one that you need this dog, find out how to choose the right puppy. Remember the main rule – you can not buy a baby at the bird market. Excessive heat or cold have a detrimental effect on such a crumb, and it will be in such conditions on the market. It is also better to refuse private ads (including in specialized publications) – you can meet a reseller, and eventually buy a sick dog. It is more correct and reliable to buy a dog in specialized kennels. You can do this with private breeders. In this case, it is necessary to look very carefully at the conditions in which the animal is kept, get to know the puppy's mother, it is desirable to see a photo of the father. A puppy should not be purchased before the age of three months.

moscow long-haired toy terrier

Maintenance, health, care

Sometimes this breed is called the Moscow long-haired Toy Terrier. In our article we will call it longhair. These animals feel great even in the smallest apartment. This crumb needs the attention and love of its owner, proper and full nutrition and regular "outings" for comfort and utter happiness most of all.

Despite their fragility, these dogs can very deftly exterminate rats, have a convincing and loud bark. If the puppy is from a good kennel, then you can be calm – he will not have any health problems, but you should not forget about annual vaccinations and a veterinarian's examination.

Features of mating

long-haired toy terrier photo

Not being a professional breeder, it is better not to knit a toy terrier. The nuances of such a procedure can only be known by a person with extensive experience. In order for your dog to be allowed to breed, it must regularly take part in exhibitions, receive assessments from strict experts.

Clubs and nurseries

Like all breeds, the long-haired Toy Terrier has its own national club. There are also several large nurseries that sometimes breed their own lines, and in addition - breeders who closely cooperate with nurseries. Nowadays, the breed continues to develop actively, for this reason, while its standard is recognized by the International Cynological Association as temporary. Experts believe that official recognition can be expected no earlier than 2016.

long-haired toy terrier puppiesIn addition, it should be noted that today the name "Moscow (Russian) long-haired toy Terrier" is outdated. According to the RKF system, the modern name is Russian toy longhair.

Why Russian Toy Terriers were on the verge of destruction

In the early nineties, the breed was almost on the verge of destruction. But why? During these years, several breeds of decorative dogs were imported from abroad. Due to too aggressive advertising, new breeds were forced out of the toy market, and their number in the country has sharply decreased. Despite this, thanks to the efforts of several breeders, the breed was revived, and interest in them increased again. However, the process was too slow – because Toy Terriers are infertile.

Currently, Russian longhair is especially popular in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and other major cities. In addition, they are bred in Finland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, and the USA.

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