Do not throw away the kerosene lamp, give it a second life


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So, it's time to finally put things in order in the attic or in the pantry... So much garbage and junk that I just want to take everything and throw it away. Stop! Think about whether it is possible to sell or redo something from this antique. Do you want to throw away an old kerosene lamp or send a metal chandelier to the trash? After all, electricity and modern energy-saving lighting devices have been in the house for a long time? Stop: a kerosene lamp can easily be turned into an original candlestick or even... hookah.

kerosene lamp And what an expanse for lovers of needlework! Alterations of such things can turn junk into real works of art.

How to prepare for a new life

So, the old kerosene lamp, first of all, should be thoroughly washed. Clean from dust and greasy plaque (you can use alcohol or gasoline). And then let your imagination run wild! Your kerosene lamp can be simply painted, for example, with acrylic or refractory paint of the metallic type. You can make decoupage, mosaic on it. If there is someone in the house who understands electricity, then the kerosene lamp, the photo of which we offer to your attention, will become an ordinary electric one. A stylized lamp will perfectly decorate the interior in the style of the twenties, thirties, fifties... In this transformed form, it will also become an excellent decoration for a cafe or bar. kerosene lamp photoTherefore, do not rush to throw out old kerosene lamps. If you don't want to do them yourself, you can just sell them. The demand for vintage items is constantly growing. Take a look at some online auction or place an ad in the newspaper. Modern youth, for example, have never seen a kerosene lamp in action, therefore, such an object will attract attention and become a bright accent in the "antique" interior.

Our days

You can also use it as a candlestick. old kerosene lampsIt will be enough to change the candle from time to time and remove the carbon. And you can use a kerosene lamp for its intended purpose, because in every city, and even more so in the village, there are power outages. Since the end of the nineteenth century, they are made with a special hood that protects from the wind, they can be used in the garden. Older models also had a mirror that allowed light to be reflected in the desired direction.

For home and camping conditions

Kerosene lamps are divided, by the way, into those that can be used indoors and intended for the street. The size of the flame depends on the shape and design. And gorenje is directly related to environmental conditions, so you should not use street lamps at home.: here they overheat a lot and become dangerous. But for tourists it is an ideal option. A kerosene lamp does not need batteries and power, and fuel can be bought literally for a penny. Outdoor options may well work in severe frosts. At the same time, kerosene consumption is minimal. Fishermen and hunters take such a lamp with them. Although for an ordinary city dweller, this is more exotic than necessary. But how many associations and nostalgic memories can cause the sight of this lamp! After all, it was with such lamps that our ancestors worked and rested a hundred years ago.

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