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A small fox that lives in deserts was named fenek. The animal is small in size and very mobile. Scientists still cannot come to a consensus on which order fenek belongs to in the hierarchy of animals. fenek at homeThere are two versions: dry foxes or a separate species of Fennecus, which is distinguished not only by its specific appearance and body structure, but also by social features. While scientists are arguing, some lovers of domestic exotics are accustoming feneks to life in captivity. Oddly enough, but it turned out to be much easier to do than originally thought. Little chanterelles are not picky in food and are very affectionate. How does fennec behave at home and what kind of environment needs to be created for its maintenance – we will tell you about all this in this article.

General information

Desert miniature chanterelles have their own characteristics. First, homemade feneksBabies are always white in color, but over time the skin acquires a fawn or red color. Secondly, the ears of a fenec can reach 15 centimeters with a trunk length of 30 centimeters. Thirdly, the animals, despite their small size, are very active and jumping: they can jump up to a height of 70 centimeters. This ability helps the fox to hunt effectively and catch even the fastest animals.

Fennec at home

As mentioned earlier, this animal gets along well in captivity. If you take him to your home as a child, then be prepared that home feneks will need constant attention and even hand feeding for the first time. Later, when the fox gets used to it, it will become more independent and less dependent. What conditions should be created to make Fenek feel as comfortable as possible at home?fox fennec at home

  1. Allocate a place for the animal. It is better if it is a separate room, even if it is small. In it, you can try to recreate the natural environment for fenek. If it is not possible to allocate a room for the animal, then build a spacious aviary in which the fox can play.
  2. Buy a spacious cage. Even if you have set aside a special place for the animal, you can not do without it in any way. It will be useful to you in case you leave the animal alone at home.
  3. Remove from the floor all things or objects that may be dangerous to the fennec. This is important when you release the animal to run around the apartment. Keep in mind that an untidy wire or a bag of cereal that has fallen on the floor can become prey for your pet.
  4. In winter, fenek needs special care and care at home. Keep the animal only in a heated room, otherwise you risk freezing it and even killing it. Most deaths are associated with hypothermia.

What does fenek eat at home?

  • Live food (insects, locusts and small rodents);
  • Raw meat;
  • Vegetables;
  • Fruits.

Sometimes eggs, fish, milk, kefir can be added to the diet.

So, now you know that fox Fenek feels great at home, but requires maximum care and care. This information will be useful to you if you still decide to purchase such a pet for yourself.

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