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Sooner or later there comes a time when children are old enough to demand their own happy birthday. This is a real nightmare for mom, because she doesn't just need to be a great cook to feed all the little guests. She still needs to be an animator and a designer in one person. After all, everything should be perfect. Let's talk today about how to decorate a table for a child's birthday.

how to decorate a table for a child's birthday


If you have a themed party, then you need to start talking about how to decorate a table for a child's birthday. After all, everything should be in the same style. The decoration of the table should read the theme of the evening. So if this is a pirate party, stock up on black napkins, dough anchors, and so on. But about everything in more detail. So, first you need to discuss with the child the whole holiday and the design of the table separately. You can make a lot of decorations together. But you'll have to go to the store, too. You will need disposable tableware, paper cupcake molds, toothpicks or long skewers, a bright disposable tablecloth, caps and balls. Do not forget to look into the stationery store. Before decorating a children's holiday table, stock up on cardboard, watman, paints, pencils and corrugated paper. All this will definitely come in handy.

Important tips

1) It is important to protect your children from accidentally breaking a cup or plate. Therefore, the dishes should be disposable or plastic. Of course, a new one. Or other parents may be seriously outraged.

how to decorate a children's holiday table

2) The occasion of the holiday should be read on each design element. Decorate the table with flags with the child's name and the number of his years. Prepare themed napkins or even T-shirts.

3) Everything should be bright and festive – a children's birthday.

4) To protect your carpets and furniture, it is better to cover them with a fabric in the theme of the evening. For example, if it's a sea party, then the chairs can be decorated with canvas or canvas fabric.

And these are all important tips for those who are thinking how to decorate a table for a child's birthday.

Making out a holiday

For the usual and bright holiday decoration, we will produce:

- Plaques with the names of invited guests, on the reverse side we will indicate the occasion of the celebration.

- Checkboxes for cupcakes.

- Cards with wishes.

- Branded napkins.

- Bonbonnieres.

how to decorate a festive table with fruits

So let's get started. For the plates, we will print inscriptions like "Angela", and on the other hand, "Stepan is 3 years old." Bend the cardboard in half, decorate with bright ribbons. We'll wrap the toothpicks with bright paper. Cut out the flag and stick it in the cupcakes. We will print out the cards with wishes on bright paper on the computer. We will distribute it to the children after the meal. In order to turn napkins into products in the corporate style, we will print out the inscription on self-adhesive paper: "Stepan is 3 years old", cut out in the form of a blob and glue it. Bonbonnieres can be made the simplest: wrap the cardboard in a roll, secure with tape, put sweets inside and wrap with gift paper according to the type of firecracker or candy. That's it, the guests will get these treats when they get ready to go home. Thus, we have made it as easy as possible for you to answer the question of how to decorate a table for a child's birthday.

Fun food

Food can also decorate the table. For example, there is a funny way to decorate a festive table with fruits. Build figures out of them:

- a hedgehog made of an apple and grapes, bumping them on toothpicks;

- a cheerful punk made of pineapple;

- an octopus made of bananas and an apple with eyes made of grapes.

Turn on your imagination, and the result will delight all your little guests.

Every children's holiday is a "sea" of entertainment and "mountains" of treats. And the correct presentation of all this is a guarantee of positive impressions for the little host and his guests. Special attention should be paid to the design of the children's table: tablecloths, dishes, original serving, etc. Such trifles do not go unnoticed by a young audience.

Let's figure out in more detail: which design styles are relevant for children's holidays, which treats are best suited, in which dishes to serve them and much more.

How to decorate a table: preparing for the process

Table decoration for young guests requires theoretical and practical training. It is worth starting with the preparation of a plan of upcoming actions, namely:

  1. Choosing the main theme of the holiday. Now it is fashionable to design a celebration in the style of your favorite cartoons, movies, fairy tales of a child.
  2. The number of invited. This will affect the size of the table, how it will be located in space and shape, whether guests will be seated or whether it will be a buffet.
  3. The venue of the holiday. Now it is customary to install a decorated table in the same place where the entertainment part of the event takes place. The dimensions of the room will affect the size of the table. If the apartment is small, then you will have to share the play area with the dining area.
  4. Menu. Since the holiday is planned for the child, it is necessary to proceed from his gastronomic preferences in this matter. Most often, children prefer sweets: original cakes, pastries, cupcakes, desserts and fruits.
  5. Accessories. Minimalism is not appropriate when preparing a festive children's table. The more accessories, the more interesting it is for the child. Special delight will be caused by small gifts for guests laid out on the table.

Together, all these nuances of design will create not just a table, but a table of delight.

Design styles popular with children

Most modern children's holidays are not complete without a storyline, whether it's a cartoon or a fairy tale. Especially popular are the plots of Russian and Disney cartoons, less often Soviet ones. A holiday decorated in the style of a child's hobbies will leave no less delight for children: sports, marine themes, music.

When decorating the table, the selected motifs will be used on tablecloths, dishes, accessories or even in food. But the brightest accent will be a cake decorated with the presence of your favorite characters. But, the place of the meal of young guests should not be full of elements of the chosen theme. Otherwise, children will simply "get lost" between what is edible and what is used as decoration.

Current furniture

What a festive table should be, speaking of it as an object. First of all, it is convenient for children. Of course, most parents design a kitchen table, or a "grandmother's" table-book. But the problem is that they can be high for a young audience. Ideally, the furniture for the meal should be according to the height of the children: it is both comfortable and safe.

If there are no conditions to install the "right" furniture, then it needs to be "properly" decorated: to make it comfortable, without sharp corners. The same applies to chairs.

Both the table and the chairs should be made in the same style: cover the surfaces with a tablecloth and chair covers in the same color. More budget-friendly decor options:

  • Use satin or satin ribbons;
  • Decorate with paper garlands.

Choosing a tablecloth

A tablecloth is a necessary attribute for decorating the place of a festive children's meal. It must meet several requirements:

  1. To be bright, or as close as possible to the chosen design theme; if the theme of the celebration is a cartoon, then it is not necessary that its characters or plots are depicted on the tablecloth, it will be enough to choose the right monochrome colors;
  2. To be made of such fabrics that are easily washed. Restless guests will definitely leave stains on the tablecloth. Therefore, the tablecloth must either meet this requirement, or simply be inexpensive – so that it is not a pity to throw it away.
  3. Be safe. This means the following: during active games or no less active gatherings at the table, children are able to pull the cloth off the table and turn over all its contents. Therefore, the length of the canvas should be shortened, and the free edges are attached either to the legs or to the inside of the table. For older children (+10 years), the length of the tablecloth to the floor will be appropriate.

If you think that a cloth tablecloth is a relic of the past, then you can replace it with a colored oilcloth. And you can generally refuse any coverage, as such. Instead, he should use minimalism: spread out themed napkins, fabric or paper, under each cutlery.

Food and drinks

The menu of the upcoming holiday is one of the main achievements. And already here you can fantasize without restrictions. There are 2 options for dishes served: sweets or hearty food. But, since the main audience is children, it is necessary to take into account that it can be extremely problematic to force them to eat something. And here the creative design of food will help.

So, how to decorate a table for a children's holiday with sweets:

Put the original cake at the head of the table. Its size is determined by the number of guests, and the type is based on the theme. Mastic, gingerbread, mousse, caramel cartoon characters and fairy tale characters, palaces, cars, etc.

Separate "islands" can be arranged with tiered stands with cupcakes and mini-cakes.

Fruits and marshmallows on skewers are placed on separate oblong stands. If finances allow, then a chocolate fountain can be installed for such snacks.

The original presentation of fruits will be the "transformation" of them into various animals or whole compositions, for example, ships.

Sweet table for young princesses, recently, it has become fashionable to design in a single color scheme, especially since it is easy to implement for sweets. And if instead of a table you use a small bedside table – a candy bar - with treats, decorate the place next to it with balloons and garlands, it will turn out in a modern stylish way. Candy bars have high stands with cupcakes, cupcakes, glass jars with marmalade, marshmallows, etc.

The menu consists of more hearty dishes: salads, sandwiches, hotter, practiced less often on children's holidays. You can serve anything that the little hero of the occasion likes, the main condition is the correct design.

Put salads in some unusual form and decorate - in the form of an animal, for example. Do the same with sandwiches, or prefer canapes to them. Cut out interesting shapes from cheese or meat cuts that encourage appetite.

As drinks are used:

  • Homemade compotes and fruit drinks;
  • Non-alcoholic mulled wine;
  • Juices and sodas.

The content is not so important as the serving of the drink. It will be much more interesting for children to drink the same juice from an unusual bottle or jar suitable for the theme of the event. Cocktail tubes, long and curved, with various accessories will enhance the joy of every child.

Plastic cups with the image of your favorite characters will suit no worse. At the same time, they can add a "highlight": moisten the edges and sprinkle with sugar, or add cocktail umbrellas, fruit slices, etc.

Dishes and serving methods

To decorate a children's table with dishes, you first need to think over the details: what material it will be made of, how many types of it will be involved and how to decorate it.

The first is the material. For young children whose age does not exceed 7-9 years, it is better to give preference to unbreakable dishes – plastic, and preferably disposable. And now there are a huge number of thematic sets consisting of plates and cups. For older children, ordinary sets made of fragile materials are suitable, but not in their original form. It is better to decorate them in the theme of the party.

Metal or tourist tableware will delight children, because few people use such devices daily. You don't even have to decorate them.

Forks and spoons should be safe (without sharp edges) for small guests or absent altogether.


Additional pleasant little things on the children's festive table will enhance the impression of the whole event. Every little guest will be happy if there is a small box with a surprise lying next to his dishware, which you can then pick up for yourself.

The etiquettes on cocktail tubes, which are easily made independently, look interesting. And if you place toppers with the names of guests near the plates, then delight is guaranteed.

Toppers are the main accessory on any tables, not only for children. Wooden, multicolored, large and small, inserted into desserts or cakes – they alone, without additional accessories, are able to decorate the table.

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