It begins when the first estrus in cats? The behavior of cats in heat


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For those who live in the house of a female quadruped of the cat family, it is useful to know more about when it starts on the first estrus in cats, as well as behaves purring in this period of life. It is very important to know all the nuances, as during this process, there are physical changes in the body, the other becomes the behavior of the pet. For example, it is possible aggression, which is dangerous for the owner.

When a cat is in heat for the first time

it begins when the first estrus in cats

A Clear answer to this question is impossible. Physiological process depends on various factors. And still the question about when it starts on the first estrus in cats, you can answer approximately – this occurs around the age of six to nine months. Although there are some animals in which this process occurs for the first time in a year. If estrus has not occurred, it should be mandatory to show the cat to the vet as in this case, it is possible violation of hormonal in nature. Then you will need to undergo treatment.

What are the factors that have an effect on first estrus in cats

the cat's meow

1. Breed.

2. Time of the year.

3. The presence of males nearby.

4. The size of a cat.

Information about this process

Mature fluffy beauty estrus concerned about three times a year, if it has not been sterilized. Many interesting to know how many days is the estrus in cats. In fact, the duration of such events is about two weeks. If you have a hormonal imbalance, the timing of the process is broken. The representatives of the Oriental breeds tend to have more frequent chutes.

Behave Like four-legged humming in heat

how many days is the estrus in cats

1. They are excited.

2. The behavior of a cat in heat is restless.

3. Contact with a cat is stimulating her.

4. There was a strong and unusual the cat's meow.

What are the symptoms can be argued that it is in heat

1. No blood discharge.

2. Mean swollen genitals.

3. Allocation in the form of transparent grease.

4. Frequent meowing cat, she's more affectionate than usual, rolling on the floor and rubs at the corners.

5. If Pat darling at the lumbosacral area, it will bend and falling on his front paws, rear Peremena.

6. Perhaps the lack of appetite.

7. An animal often walks on the tray a little.

8. In futile search of a partner for mating, the cat screams.

9. It happens that all of the above symptoms during estrus of the animal are missing or not clearly visible.

How to calm a cat

the cat is in heat what to do

Regardless of how many days is the estrus in cats, everything possible must be done to calm your pet.

1. Should be given to purring more attention – to embrace, to stroke, to hold on his knees and hands. Thus, one can relieve tension.

2. To distract the cat from suffering, you need to play with it. New toy will interest the favorite. She would run around the apartment and bounce, as a result frees up additional energy.

3. You should feed less to mow in the heat. Veterinarians believe that the day do not need at this time to feed the animal, and at night in small quantities. The water should be in abundance all the time.


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4. To calm you can turn on classical music.

5. The period begins when the first estrus in cats, isolate her in a separate room or in the bathroom. So the wedding night the screaming will be kept to a minimum. The main thing-do not forget to leave your pet a bowl of water and put a cozy couch.

6. Some purring helps homeopathy-if the veterinarian credited with such drugs, they can be easily purchased at the pharmacy.

7. Medication “Her” - a great tool during estrus in cats.

Remember that empty estrus within a few years lead to problems with gynecology. In this case, it is possible even breast cancer.

If a cat is in heat, what to do?

the first estrus in cats age

1. Several such processes can be ride out using the above recommendations. Then you have to tie a pet cat. Otherwise there is a risk to her health. As a temporary variant suited cat alter on multiple chutes.

2. An extreme measure – sterilization. The cat laid down physiologically to give birth. Otherwise you may have problems gynecological nature. Possible negative changes in the ovaries and in the uterus.

So, the first estrus in cats. Age here can be very different. But then, when was the other periods in the life of a purring, after an unsuccessful mating of the next heat will begin approximately three weeks later. When kittens are born, the next time the process will repeat in the next couple of months.

Phases of heat

the behavior of cats in heat

1. Proestrus. This is the initial stage lasting up to three days, during which the animal is anxious, seeking attention from the owner, rubs against his legs and walks on bent knees.

2. The estrus. Stage lasts from a week to a half. Here, mating may result in the fertilization of the female, next comes the pregnancy. A better binding would be between the third to the fifth day of oestrus.

3. Metestrus or interestred. This is the stage when the heat lasts from two to ten days. In the presence of sexual intercourse with ovulation is the desire of the cat is reduced, and then completely disappears. When the sexual instinct fades, the female is aggressive to the males.

4. The anestrus. The stage of sexual rest, when the individual returns to normal life.

What are the factors that predispose animals to anestrus

In the period begins when the first estrus in cats, and in the subsequent repetition of this process it is very important that for a long time was not interrupted. This is a real problem that you should contact your veterinarian.

Isolation from other cats from her family leads to the fact that she may not want a cat. As a result, owners should ponder, if this does not cause serious pathologies.

The Seasonal nature of heat depends on how much light gets a pet living in the apartment.

Have a sterilized cat removes the uterus and ovaries. Therefore, if the animal was picked up on the street, it is quite possible that this is not a pathology, and was carried out the sterilization.

One of the factors that increase the predisposition to anestrus cats is hypothyroidism, or low level of thyroid hormones.

How to solve the problem of estrus in cats

There are several methods by which it is possible to solve the problem.

1. Sterilization. Removed the ovaries and uterus. In the result, completely stopped the heat.

2. Knit. The purpose of the estrus is the mating with a cat. After that, the pet will calm down. It is important to remember that frequent pregnancy and childbirth can lead to serious diseases. In addition, in this case, you may experience a depletion of emotional and physical in nature.

3. Hormonal drugs. With their help it becomes possible to stop the estrus in cats. These drugs can be bought in veterinary pharmacy. To give his darling such medications should not more often one-two times a year. As a result of taking these medications possible failures in the animal body. Further, may form a tumor of the ovaries and uterus.

4. Sedative medications. Light herbal infusions will help the cat make it easier to transfer heat. This is a drug “cat-Bayun”, as well as drug "Drops of Bach”. But sometimes, this method proves to be effective.

5. Earplugs. Despite this playful Board, very often, sometimes these assistants are the only saviors during estrus in the cat – the owners can have a quiet nights sleep.

It is important to remember that the heat for the animal – this is a real stress. And here cats don't realize in their actions, behavior. Therefore, the owners do not have to punish them. You just need to be patient.


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