The most aggressive dogs: rating. Caution: in the yard of a vicious dog


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To Be the rating of the most aggressive dogs is not so easy. A number of questions arise, for example, who did not like the representatives of a particular breed as their counterparts or they show aggression towards a person? Is it fair to include in this list of our four-legged friends that have been bred to guard and protect? What in this case to rely on indicators? Why the dog barks and can we consider this a sign of aggression? Is it possible to create such a rating, relying only on personal experience and attachment to some people?

How to treat “dog-killers” who live in families with children and often perfectly cope with the role of babysitter? How to treat a young, burnt the Rottweiler, which issued from the burning house of two kids and came back for their mother? The vast majority of handlers are sure that the cause of the unjustified aggression of dogs to be found in their owners and in the methods of raising animals. After all, almost any dog can be dangerous when it falls into the inexperienced or the wrong hands.

most aggressive dogs

Nevertheless, below we will present some breeds of dogs are more likely than others to aggression. But first I want to answer one of the last questions — why a dog barks. Do not forget that it is the only way to communicate the animal with the world and his fellows, and he says that a barking dog is going to attack you. Barking may be a warning when the animal is not recommends you to go to the territory of his master. It can be caused by curiosity, when your pet has heard a strange sound. Often the dog barks plaintively, when she's hurt or scared.


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This large herding and guard dog has a awesome view. She has a good body, powerful jaws, a strong muscular legs, in a word, it is consistent with the view of many people about how to look at the most aggressive dogs.

most aggressive dog breeds

In fact, it is not as aggressive as it may seem. It's very balanced animal. The Canary dog is very attached to its owner and to strangers wary. It is this attachment to the owner and can provoke aggression: if a pet feels threatened his master, he instantly attack the offender, and given the size of the animal (height - 65 cm, weight about 60 kg), it can be assumed that the consequences can be disastrous.

German shepherd

I Think that many readers will be surprised to see among the most aggressive dogs, the German shepherd. She is known as one of the most intelligent animals. These great guards and companions, according to experienced dog handlers, are not always ready to obey, especially if the owner is new to dog breeding.

 why the dog barks

With great force, at high speed while running, they can cause serious harm to the person, so they are rightfully included in the top ten most aggressive dog breeds.


These handsome dogs were bred in Germany as a guard dog. They are perfectly cope with their responsibilities of defenders and perfectly understand, when the owner threatens real danger. These animals show aggression towards other dogs and strangers.

 what breed of dog is the most aggressive

Dobermans features explosive temper, and the manifestation of anger they are in fact very dangerous.

Chow Chow

Answering the question “What breed of dog is most aggressive?”, few novice breeders call this lovely “bear”, which has an unusual appearance. Moreover, this animal has a melancholic character.

the ranking of the most aggressive dogs

However, this breed is very distrustful of strangers: they do not like when they are trying to iron. In this case, these animals are irritable and can be aggressive. But especially seriously these dogs defend their right to food, and not be good for those who encroach on their bowl with food. With this breed you always have to be alert.

Siberian husky

The devotion these animals are legends, but not everyone knows that this is one of the most aggressive breeds of dogs. Since ancient times, people used the breed for transportation and driving a sled through the snow.

evil little dog

But somehow, in the sixties of the last century, the handlers of the Soviet Union decided to exclude this breed from the registry of the Northern breeds. Siberian husky in certain situations can be dangerous to humans. Perhaps because these dogs very difficult to train. To raise them only during the game.

Caucasian Ovcharka

One of the most popular and common guard dog breeds in our country. According to legend, the breed appeared in ancient state of Urartu. Despite the menacing appearance and a large increase (72 cm with a weight over 70 kg), to train them is easy.

most aggressive dogs

These giants are distinguished by ingenuity, outstanding watch quality and endurance. However, to strangers, these dogs are very cautious, and as a consequence, pose a serious threat to man.

The boxer

The Ancestors of these animals were bullenbeyser, which, thought to be extinct species, and the English bulldog. Breeders wanted to bring the dog, the jaws of which could easily dig into flesh and not let her go.

most aggressive dog breeds

The boxer fully meet these requirements. Originally these dogs were used for hunting boar and bears. And some, particularly large and powerful individuals, were involved in fights with older bulls. Now the German fighters more even-tempered, loyal owners and love children. But if this dog decides that a person is a threat not only for him but for the owners, he will instantly rush to the alien and will fight to victory.

Angry Little dog — fee

The Appearance of this dog in our ranking will surprise many. But it is quite reasonable. Recent research by scientists studying the behavior of dogs, proved that taxes – the most aggressive dogs in the world. Of course, serious harm to the person the fee will not be applied, however much it may bite, but these dogs are known for their aggression towards unfamiliar people.

 why the dog barks

According to statistics, every fifth taxi at least once in his life had bitten the man, and every twelfth – he attacked the owner. Besides, taxes are not too good with children.


In recent years, dogs of this breed became fashionable. Many people do not take them seriously. And it is in vain. It may not sound like the most aggressive dog, but it is expect to lead. The trainers say that is more likely to bite a Chihuahua than a boxer or Caucasian shepherd.

what breed of dog is the most aggressive

This breed is very developed leadership skills, so owners must train their Pets and from an early age to socializing a Chihuahua.

Bull Terrier

The dog was taken in XIX century in the UK. She has a really terrifying look. The dog has powerful muscles and strong jaws. The bull Terrier has a stranglehold. Under normal conditions, a dog friendly and active, devoted to its owner, easy to train, but outbreaks of aggression, unfortunately, sometimes unmanageable. The bull Terrier is not too gets on well with other animals.

 the ranking of the most aggressive dogs

Pit Bull

Perhaps this is the most aggressive dogs in the world. It brought to the United States for dog fighting. About it there many conflicting opinions: some owners believe that this is the most faithful creature on earth and most reliable defender, while others believe that with excellent fighting qualities this is a very dangerous animal.

evil little dog

Representatives of the breed can attack instantly. That is why in many EU countries, their breeding is prohibited. But in America and most of the CIS countries, the breed is still allowed.


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