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Malawi cichlids its name obliged to lake Malawi, located in Eastern Africa. According to various sources in the subsoil is inhabited by from 500 to 1000 different species of fish, the largest number which belongs to the family ciclovia. Attracts aquarium enthusiasts in these vivid fish appearance and behaviour.Malawian cichlids

Cichlids: description

By outward appearance these underwater inhabitants are very diverse. The body may have an elongated torpedo-like form as, for example, the predators of the African and American lepidiolamprologus clinical. But the North, angelfish and discus are high and flattened bodies. They live in ponds with enough plants among the clusters of twigs and coastal plexus roots.

To Hide them helps their separating color – black vertical stripes, reproducing the shift of light and shadow. And here is a colorful, eye-catching color certain African cichlids, enables them from afar to see and learn enemy – the male of the breed either the female (the tone of both species varies quite significantly).

When the excitement of most varieties of fish can almost instantly change the tint: it becomes a beautiful, contrasting, drawing spots and stripes. The same is observed during spawning: females nandekar the green patterned painted black with checkerboard patterns, while the females of some apistogramma take expressive yellow color.cichlid aquarium

What are the rocks

Types of Malawi cichlids are very diverse and they are divided into two groups: mbuna and Utaka.

The first category includes samples that choose a coastal area. They eat small invertebrate animals, however, the major share of the diet are algae. Fish have a rather unusual shape of the mouth, which they are specially used in order to easily peel the layers of algae from the rocks. But if the cichlids will be the main diet of animal food, it may lead to obesity or lead to the loss of ability to reproduce.


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Fish of the second type are larger. They can reach lengths of 17-20 cm Prefer more spacious areas for enhanced hunting. To sail Utaka has adapted so much better than mbuna. Tone females unattractive and inconspicuous, usually a gray one and a small transverse lines. Malawi cichlids eat 80% of food of animal origin.cichlids description

Melanochromis Auratus

Considered the most popular species in lake Malawi. All pervasive and it has manifested saturated color options. In nature, does not exceed in size more than 10 cm females and males are markedly different. Males are almost black with pale pink longitudinal stripes running the length of the body from tail to head. Females on the amber-yellow color are two diametrical lines: one in the middle of the torso, and the other in the surface of the body. Fish eat everything, but when feeding it is necessary to pay more attention to plant food, since the animals tend to protein intoxication as the result of eating too much animal food.

Melanochromis of Johann

This is the most popular cichlids aquarium released a fantastically elegant yellow-orange tint. Males with the advent of puberty completely changes its tone, becoming blue-black with two expressive blue stripes along the body. The male is a little bigger females and differ more manifest spots, similar to the eggs in the area of the anal fin. Their dimensions in the environment do not exceed 8 cmtypes of Malawi cichlids

Aulonocara, Maleri

Among the fans from all over the world, these cichlids have several names – “Orange Aulonocara”, “Yellow peacock” or “Solar bird”. Fish occur on the Islands of Namalenje, Maleri, Chidunga and many others. Males – medium-sized, up to 9.5 cm the Size “giants” can reach up to 13 cm, but they form a small natural population. Females gray, is characteristic of all Aulonocara color, 3-4 cm smaller than males.

Haplochromis Borlea

Malawian cichlids this variety is widely regarded as almost the most magnificent fish. Individuals distinguish the orange-red color of the body behind the Gill covers. Males outside the spawning stage of activities covered by 3 oval dark spots on the body, which are placed diagonally. Haplochromis grow to 15 cm, females are slightly smaller.Malawian cichlids the content

Malawi cichlids: content

For their existence, it is desirable to have an aquarium with a minimum volume of 150 l, so the animals felt in your home comfort. Water should be purified and transparent. Aquarium inhabitants require every week to change 30% of the amount of water as they are extremely sensitive to the change of its value. And water correct will be to defend. Mandatory need of strong aeration and filtration. The best water temperature-23-25 degrees. Total hardness – 4-8 degrees, and the pH-8-8,5.

Relief involves a large number of shelters, for example, shells. Also aquarium cichlids love to dig in the ground (it should not be very low, but also not big). Therefore, with the use of aquarium algae, you need to worry about that they were a strong root system, or simply, you can surround them with for Malawi cichlids

Food fish also will not be difficult: they eat frozen, live and dry food for Malawi cichlids.

How to breed fish

Many varieties of this breed are not monogamous, they do not have regular partners, and the male may spawn with different females. But some individuals, on the contrary, find themselves a couple and in the future always spawn together.

Bred fishes, laying eggs in holes dug in the soil, on plants or rocks. The distinctiveness of breeding cichlids is their tendency to carry eggs (sometimes fry) in his mouth. This method leads to the fact that most females are not able to refrain from eating in the aquarium conditions, and they swallowed or spit the eggs. However, many of them tormented by exhaustion, but still create the offspring.

To find Out whether suitable Malawian cichlids for breeding, the presence of 2-3 mm of the anal hump, which is the female ready to spawning, in the form of a truncated cone, and the male's is pointed. The female lays 3 to 8 eggs at a time, while the male immediately fertilizes them. The total number of eggs from diverse species is different. The fry usually appear after 2-4 days.

To Look after the eggs and fry can a female and male collectively. There were cases when the young parents ate the first clutch of eggs.

By and large it can be noted that the propagation of such extremely beautiful underwater creatures – the process is quite complex, and even not all aquarists succeed. But you can still try their luck in breeding these wonderful fish.


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