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When the house is a furry pet, the owner strives to take care of it. But we need not only to feed the pet, play with it and give vitamin supplements. It is equally important to care for the cat's fur in order to spot intruders in the form of fleas and ticks. Insects cause discomfort to the pet and can be dangerous to humans. Of the infection will tell you the animal's behavior. The cat becomes nervous, often jumping and itchy. For such cases the house can have the drug “Firist" for cats. The manual shows that there is a rapid cleansing of parasites and the animal life returned to normal.

fipricet for cats instructions

Active substance

The Preparation is intended for external use only. The main component acting on the parasites, is fipronil. Alongside him, the remedy included: Polysorbate, dimethyl sulfoxide, povidone, butylhydroxytoluene.

Appearance – it is a transparent liquid that has no color and characteristic odor. The tool is sold in small boxes, in which there are three pipettes for convenient use.

The Available ‘Firist” for cats, the manual warns that the action is based on blocking nerve receptors in insects, causing their death. A pet does not apply and its application is absolutely harmless.

If you examine the annotation to the drug, you will see that it can be used not only to fight against fleas. Scope covers ear mites and ticks of cheyletiella.


Fipronil belongs to the category of phenylpyrazole. It has a great scope and has the ability to dissolve poorly in water. Its main properties are:

  • Blocking nerve receptors, parasites;
  • Evenly distributed on the skin of cats, but is practically not absorbed and does not penetrate into the circulatory system;
  • Causes of diseases of the nervous system in arthropods;
  • Tends to gradually accumulate in the sebaceous glands of the pet and, consequently, a long duration;
  • According to the degree of risk relates to third class, what is moderate risk;
  • Despite the stated security cannot be used to handle rabbits, because fipronil is toxic.

“Firist” for cats, the statement confirms, can be successfully used on ferrets. Fights fleas, ticks and blasedale. Can be used as treatment of infected animals and as a prevention.


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 fipricet spray for cats instructions


The Drug is used once by applying on clean skin, devoid of damage. “Firist” for cats application instructions located in each bundle, you must apply point. Packaging in the form of pipette that helps. The tool is distributed on the skin, near the shoulder blades of the animal to prevent licking.

Packing and Packaging is very convenient. To use the product, Unscrew the cap of the pipette and turn the limiter, which prevents accidental spillage. “Fipricet Combo” for cats, manual confirmation can contain from 3 to 10 pipettes. The choice depends on the degree of risk of infection of the animal and the amount.

For one treatment, regardless of the weight of the pet, you need one pipette “firist" for cats. The manual explains that 0.5 ml dose contains, is able to relieve the animal from insects and to provide prevention for a period of 1.5 months.

For getting rid of mites otodektoza requires burying money in the ears. The recommended dose is 4-6 drops, which drop in both ears, regardless of the extent of the disease. To hit the target, you should bend your ear and after massage.

To the drug acted on a cat should not bathe for two days. Also no need to admit to her children themselves do not iron.

fipricet for cats manual price

Possible side effects “Firist” for cats

Manual and reviews from owners of cats say that if you follow all recommendations, negative effects should not be. But you should remember individual cases allergic reactions. If they began after treatment, you should immediately stop using it and wash the treated area with soap and water. If the health of the cats deteriorated, you will need to consult a veterinarian who may prescribe an absorbent means. You may need desensitizing treatment.

In Addition to individual intolerance the drug has a number of contraindications the following:

  • Prohibited use in kittens younger than two months;
  • Not recommended for treatment of emaciated or sick animals;
  • Simultaneous combination with such drugs can cause overdose and intoxication.

fipricet for cats user reviews


During handling of the animal should not eat, drink beverages or smoke. If contact with mucous membranes, it is removed with a cotton swab and washed with water. If there is redness then a doctor should be consulted.

To dispose of the drug, it must be placed in a plastic bag. It is not forbidden to throw in the garbage disposal with your normal household waste.

In cases where the drug was not used, it is better to pour the remains into the sewer. Note that for amphibians the components of the means are toxic.

fipricet for cats application instructions

Varieties of ‘FIPRESCI”

Spray for cats, the statement confirms, is also effective against parasites. In this case, it is packaging in the form of a bottle equipped with a sprayer. If the drops you can use at home, the spray is recommended for use outdoors.

After processing the animal, the mechanism of action of the drug is the same. It inhibits nerve impulses parasites. Spray guarantees long-lasting result and protects pet from intruders.

The validity of the drug varies depending on the species of the attacking insect. Ticks cat will be protected for about 5 weeks, fleas will not be afraid of a month and a half.

Used the tool outdoors. In the case of home use, it is recommended to remove from the rooms of children, not to use indoors, where there is an aquarium with fish or a cage with decorative rabbits. Spraying is necessary in the area of the blades. Avoid licking you can put on your cat a special collar.

fipricet combo for cats instructions

How to use spray?

If ‘Fipricet Spot It” for cats, the manual clearly indicates, requires the use of one pipette, spray is used differently. To treat the animal, you must follow the manufacturer's recommendations:

  1. One-touch spray bottle that contains 100 ml of product, guarantee a dose of 0.5 ml;
  2. One-touch spray bottle that contains 250 ml of product, guarantee a dose of 1.5 ml;
  3. Accordingly, the bottle, with a capacity of 500 ml will provide a dose of 3 ml.

Determine the Dose, depending on the density and length of coat. It is recommended to use from 3 to 6 ml per one kg of body weight of the cat. The spray is also suitable for use on dogs.

To treat the animal, should lift his hair and spray spray spray. You must process the chest and the ear. To prevent damage to the eyes, cover them with his hand. In any case do not allow the cat to the source of fire and a radiator until the liquid dries.

To avoid perezarazhenie, spray processed litter or a house pet. Bathing a cat should not be in for two days after treatment.

Side effects

When used correctly, as indicated by reviews, side effects not observed. Can manifest an Allergy, as in the case tool proposed in the pipette. Actions should be the same. Rinse the wool with soapy water and watch for a reaction.

Often, the owner will overdo it and spray too much spray. Overdose is possible if not clearly follow the instructions. Symptoms are:

  • Vomiting
  • Increased salivation;
  • Muscle twitching.

The Spray has a relative security, but its use is not allowed if the kitten is not reached two months, animals whose skin is damaged, if the pet is weakened. Pregnant and nursing it is better to choose a different tool, if required necessary.

fipricet spot it for cats instructions

The price of the product

Owners of dogs and cats who choose ‘firist” for cats, the statement and the drug is primarily interested in. The article reviews in detail, and to buy the drug in veterinary pharmacies and pet stores. The cost of the package varies depending on the number of doses. The average price for one pipette is from 250 to 400 rubles.<...

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