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Almost all of the Japanese dogs have a classically the North view: wedge-shaped head, wrapped tail, erect ears. The eyes are usually deep-set, almond-shaped (“triangle”). They have a great composure and a steady mind.Japanese dog

An Amazing ability to focus on the situation in General are admirable: being naturally calm and attentive, Japanese dog unmistakably feel the moment when the host needs protection. That's when courage is really manifested in all its glory. It — true canine samurai.

Actually, a Japanese breed of dog that differs. Those who are acquainted with these beauties a little closer, it seems that the culture of JapanJapanese dogAnd literally soaked the dog tribe. Let's not dwell on the exteriors these dogs. Let's talk about them them admirable qualities.

Japanese dog associated with their regions (or areas): Kai inu, Shikoku inu, Kishu inu, Hokkaido inu, and, of course, — Akita inu.

The Latter has gained popularity after published in the press of the touching story of faithful Hachiko who waited for his master all his life until his last breath. This great Japanese dog proved to mankind that in her world there is love and devotion.

Every time Hachiko waited for the return of the owner from work and met him at the station. But one day he came — a heart attack ended the life of Professor all of a sudden. Then the dog was only a year and a half. And every evening, Hachiko came to the train, which was the owner, and late at night returned to the porch of the house in which he lived before. The dog tried to attach the relatives of the Professor, but he ran away every time and always come back to the station for the arrival of the train. Every day. From year to year. In any weather.


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It lasted nine long years. Hachiko died in 1935, in March.Great Japanese dog

Ueno, a former student who studied with Professor, he was shocked by such devotion, and have published an article on this dog. The material has caused a wide resonance. The day of death of Hachiko became Japan a day of mourning, and in honor of the dog erected a monument.

However, the monument was dismantled during the Second world war (all the metal went to the needs of the military industry), but after the war the monument was restored. Now he is on the station itself, where so many years spent waiting for your Professor Hachiko.

This place has become a meeting place for couples, and dogs — an example of faithfulness and selfless love. Exit from the station called “Access.». This dog is so stuck in the Japanese soul that the parents began to put it into an example for the children. Years later was withdrawn by the world-famous film "hah" (1987), and in 2009 and filmed a remake that rivals the depth and power of the first film. I must say that only a soulless person when viewing these films could hold back the tears, — so deeply were able to show that the history of the Directors.

Other cities have installed another 15 monuments in honour of dogs, the evacuation of which fell during one of the expeditions.

Japanese dog breedThe Huge popularity of the story about the dog-the dog who saved his blind master from death. The dog literally pulled him out from under the car, sacrificing his own paw. Realizing the danger, the dog selflessly rushed to rescue the owner. Then the act of dog-samurai admired the whole world, and public history have helped to gather an impressive amount of donations to help the blind.

Japanese dogs continue to amaze in our time. One day the rescuers came and ruffled the dog was all kind of asking them to follow her. Surprised people soon saw another dog, badly injured with many injuries. That such may be the dog's solidarity, loyalty and compassion.

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