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During pregnancy a common problem for many women becomes a stuffy nose. But the reason for this can be not only a cold. So we have to consider why you may be a stuffy nose during pregnancy, what to do and how to get rid of it without harming your baby.

What are the reasons “not working” the nose?

Of Course, at this interesting period, there are various reasons for stuffy nose. During pregnancy so it may occur an allergic reaction or bad the moisture content in the air. In addition, it is not excluded infection and viruses. It can also be a natural reaction of the body to new condition. As you can see, the reasons are different, so consider the most frequent and common ones. It is very important, before you start treatment, find out why you have a stuffy nose.
stuffy nose of pregnancy


Some doctors believe that nasal congestion is one of the signs that the woman will become a mother soon. This phenomenon is not considered as something inexplicable, because in this period a number of changes in the body often provoke swelling. This explains the occurrence of sinusitis (swelling of the nasal mucosa), and it becomes clear why during pregnancy stuffy nose. Also, cause similar symptoms and other factors. These include hormonal changes. In any case, due to swelling there is a feeling of stuffiness of the nose, and the woman begins to breathe heavily. After a couple of days after birth, this condition seemed to evaporate. Experts say that such phenomenon is normal, but this does not mean that it is not necessary to take measures and to wait until the symptoms will disappear by themselves. If left unchecked, this seemingly small problem may contribute to the occurrence of serious inflammation or transform into a chronic disease.
stuffy nose during pregnancy what to do


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What to do if sinus infection

Sinusitis is the most common reason is a stuffy nose during pregnancy. Than to be treated in this case? The first recommendation is to diet, which contains foods rich in vitamin C. the Second tip is to go to traditional medicine. But it is worth remembering that it is better to avoid formulations that contain onion, black radish or garlic. In addition, drink herbal teas without consulting a doctor, is not recommended. It is better for them to do the washing and rinsing. So what if a stuffy nose during pregnancy? What to do and what tool to use?

  1. The Most common and the best potion is a decoction of chamomile. They need to flush the nasal passages of up to six times per day. For a solution is taken pharmacy chamomile (2 tbsp) and pour a glass of boiling water.
  2. An Effective remedy is a solution of sea salt. To prepare the composition is used in teaspoon of the product and half a liter of water. To apply the remedy several times a day.
  3. You Can make your own nose drops, which are used as often as three times a day. To do this, mix equal parts of beet juice (fresh) and olive oil.
  4. Sometimes you can breathe on potato steam.

General guidelines

why does pregnancy stuffy nose

In addition, if the stuffy nose during pregnancy, there are several ways to alleviate the condition.

  • If you have not observed the tendency to edema, it is necessary to increase the amount of fluid which is consumed during the day.
  • Much better tolerated by sinusitis if beside the bed is a humidifier.
  • Make Sure that the air you breathe, not have been contaminated with a lot of exhaust and cigarette smoke.
  • To at night to reduce the swelling of the mucosa, it is recommended to sleep in a state of half-sitting. This will help with extra pillows.


Eat you have not only a stuffy nose during pregnancy, but there is a selection, then this is evidence of rhinitis. So-called rhinitis, which may be the result of a virus or allergies. In any case, it is important to take measures at an early stage. The root cause of rhinitis will help to identify the doctor. If it is an Allergy, the physician individually would give gentle advice on how to fix it. In viral rhinitis should remember that many methods of treatment during pregnancy is contraindicated.

But there are still some ways that help safe for fetus treatment. For example, as in case of sinusitis, you can use sea salt. The solution is prepared for washing, it helps to fight with virus. For greater convenience, you can use a syringe. This washing allows you to clean passages of accumulated secretions and moisten the mucous membranes. It is important to consider that at full congestion, or when bleeding this method of treatment is invalid.

pregnancy stuffy nose temperature

But what if you have the pregnancy stuffy nose, temperature and a sore throat? What to save in this case, because strong drugs is prohibited? The only correct solution is to use the means of traditional medicine. Although they will not give instant result, it will help not to harm the child. When the temperature rises you can prepare a decoction of the following components:

  • Oregano (2 tbsp);
  • Raspberries (2 tsp);
  • Psyllium (3 tablespoons);
  • Mother and stepmother.

The Infusion of these ingredients, you should drink a tablespoon – not more than four times per day.

In Addition, you can use the spray that is suitable for irrigation (cleansing and moisturizing) of the nasal passages. Such drugs are made on the basis of sea water and allowed to pregnant women. Among these tools include the “Aqua Maris” and “other means”.

Inhalation with herbs

When nasal congestion, you can try to do inhalation. After the first few treatments it may seem that the method is not entirely effective and produce results. But the purpose of such inhalation is to strengthen and treat the diseased area. After a few treatments, the pregnant woman will start to notice changes for the better. Inhalation will need thyme, calendula and sage. You should prepare an infusion of herbs and inhale the vapors, covered with a towel. But if a woman has a temperature, this method of treatment is unacceptable. The procedure should not be performed before leaving the house. It is worth remembering that this sensitive period is strictly prohibited to use the mustard, banks or soar feet.stuffy nose during pregnancy how to treat

Should I use drops?

When very stuffy nose during pregnancy, I want to use the regular drops that will help to immediately get rid of the problem. This is usually vasoconstrictors. But to use them is not necessary, since they affect not only the nose but also on the placenta. When used even in small doses can disrupt the placental circulation. These failures lead to the fact that the fetus is not receiving an adequate diet, and does not exclude the occurrence of hypoxia (oxygen starvation).
very stuffy nose during pregnancy

If stuffy nose during pregnancy, and you feel that you will not be without drops, in this case, it is better to stop the choice on the products for newborn babies. But even with this medication you should be careful and take the drops just before bedtime. In addition, to ease the condition during the night period, it is possible to lift slightly the head of the bed with extra pillows.


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