Plaid faux fur: advantages and considerations


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Plaid faux fur is increasingly used in the domestic environment. Despite the fact that this product is synthetic, it has many advantages. First of all, we should say that artificial plaid can be difficult to distinguish from the natural. However, he also has beautiful coloring, is soft hairs. You also have the opportunity to select among many colors and combinations of patterns.

plaid faux furPlaid faux fur is completely safe, perfectly insulates heat, so under it you will not be cold. Through the use of modern materials and technologies, this product is very durable, resistant to the negative effects of moisture, abrasion and wear. Due to this, it can be considered durable.

Of Course, plaid faux fur requires some care. For example, it is washable, however the maximum water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. As for washing powders, in the case of faux fur, you need to use only a neutral tool. In any case, do not use any bleaching agents.

Plaid faux fur does not need to be vykrutka in the washing machine, dry clean or forced drying. If the product has a stain, clean it only with gasoline or alcohol. Plaid to use. However, the iron temperature should not exceed 100 degrees. The product does not shrink, does not fade, and the hairs do not fall out.

plaid bedspread faux furPlaid-bedspread faux fur will brighten up your sofa or bed. The room will look more original and rich. It should be noted that the cost of this product is much lower than the blanket of fur. Despite all the advantages, it is necessary to note some shortcomings. The fact that the material is able to absorb dust and electrified.


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These products are Made from acrylic, microfiber and polyester. Often in the production of such rugs of wool or cotton. Naturally, such a product will cost a bit more. Through this veil the interior will become more warm, cozy, homey. Pleasant to the touch material gives a very pleasant feeling. It should not be fear that it will infest insects, small ticks.

plaids faux furPlaids faux fur can have different sizes, so they can cover not only sofas or beds, but also chairs. You can use them in any room: bedroom, living room, nursery. With options for kids can have special fabulous design. The pile may also have different length.

The Presented product can harmoniously complement your interior. At the same time it performs a practical function-warms. While selecting try to look for quality models that have all the necessary certificates of conformity to the accepted standards, especially if you buy them for children. It should be noted that this product will be a wonderful gift to a loved one or friend.

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