Immunomodulating preparation "Derinat" for children: instructions and description


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The drug is not effective. refers to the means which modulate the immune system. It is often called the immune system, although it is more correct to say that it is an immunomodulator. He corrects the work of the body's defense system, allows you to resist viral, bacterial and fungal infection. Especially prone to colds kids whose immunity has not yet formed, and for the treatment of ARI and ARI pediatricians prescribed the drug "not effective" for children. Manual describes in detail what specific diseases can be treated this way.

Therapy by a preparation "Derinat", requiring no additional medication

As monotherapies preparation "Derinat" is prescribed to children for the following diseases:Derinat for children manual

  • ARI and ARI.
  • Inflammation and degenerative processes in the eyes (ophthalmology).
  • Inflammation of mucous membranes of oral and nasal cavities.

Colds need to start treatment as early as possible, then the child will recover faster and the disease does not spill over into the chronic form. How to use a drug "not effective" for children? Manual indicates that is instilled into the nose should be 2-3 drops for the prevention of 2-4 times a day to 2 weeks, for the treatment of colds on the first day up to 8 times, 3-4 times to 1 month. Inflammatory diseases of the sinuses and the nasal cavity should be treated 7-15 days, burying 3-5 drops 4-6 times a day, and inflammation of the oral cavity treated by a gargle 4-6 times a day.

Medication is not effective. as an additional means of treatment

Derinat application instructions the childrenAs a comprehensive treatment also prescribed drugs "not effective" for children. The manual identifies the following indications for use:


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  • Chronic and acute sinusitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis.
  • Burns, frostbite.
  • Long nonhealing wounds, including infected.

This drug is prescribed for the treatment of other diseases that are more common in adults than in kids.

The local application of this drug stimulates the renewal process of cells, normalizes the condition of the tissues, heals wounds and deep burns, the mucous membrane recovers ulcer formation without the occurrence of scars.

Release Form of the drug is not effective.

Derinat possible for children toDescribes the drug release in the form of 0.25% solution for topical use in bottles-droppers or vials of 10 ml. you can Also find a 1.5% solution for intramuscular injection in ampoules of 5 ml. However, doctors prescribe it in a vial-dropper ", but" for the children manual which confirms the possibility of its use from birth. 

Additional information

There were no side effects during intake of this medicine, and it has almost no contraindications, except autoimmune diseases and hypersensitive. Therefore, today more and more often the positive reviews about the use of medicines "Derinat". It possible for children to instill these drops, will be answered by the pediatrician. Overall this is a very natural product, which is produced from the ROE of sturgeon, its natural origin deserves respect. If you consulted a doctor and got the medication is not effective., application instruction to children and adults is contained in each package along with the medicine.

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