Ovulation test: how much and how to use it?


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Every woman who chooses to have a baby, want to get pregnant as quickly as possible. However, during the whole menstrual cycle there are only a few days in which conception is most likely. This is the time of ovulation, when the egg leaves the ovary. If intercourse happens during this period, the pregnancy will come with a probability of about 30%.

Today, there are several ways to determine the day of the release of the egg in the fallopian tube. But the simplest and most accurate of all considered the ovulation test, which is sold in any drugstore and is relatively inexpensive.

The Release of an egg from the ovary is stimulated by increased luteinizing hormone (LH). It elevated levels in the urine and allows you to record ovulation test. The peak concentration of this hormone indicates that in a day it will happen. So within 36 hours you must commit a sexual act, after release from the ovary the egg lives a little more than a day.

Each woman chooses a method to determine the time of contact with a Mature egg in the fallopian tube, people wonder how ovulation tests, and other methods? For Example, you can measure the basal temperature and be guided by their sensations absolutely free of charge, but it is inconvenient and the accuracy will be very low. The most reliable method is to folliculogenesis in combination with tests for hormones, but it is expensive and will have to regularly during the cycle to do an ultrasound and take blood from a vein.

The best option is the ovulation test that is cheaper, it can be done at home or at work, and he has a 99% accuracy. However, we must remember that it still captures the peak of LH. If a woman has problems with reproductive health, the release of an egg, ready for fertilization, it may well not occur.


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The Cost depends on the manufacturer, region, number of packages and species. There are test strips, cassettes and ink-jet tests, the latter are about twice as expensive as the first. The most common packing of 5 pieces. Their cost in Moscow pharmacies is from 100 to 400 rubles, depending on the type and manufacturer.

Any woman who wants to use this method to determine the most probable time of conception, interested in how to use test ovulation right? Its main advantage – it is very easy to use.

First you need to determine the length of your cycle. For most women, it ranges from 21 to 35 days and must be regular. If not, it is necessary for the calculations to take the shortest cycle over four months.

To Start doing the ovulation test is recommended for 17 days before the start of menstruation. That is, when the length of cycle 28 days should start from 11th and continue till the positive result.

Research should be carried out at the same time daily. To get a reliable result two hours before him should not drink and pee, and I also have to use morning urine sample.

Depending on the type of dough you want to place it under the urine stream for 5seconds (jet) or lower collected in a container of urine (test strip). Then remove, leave on dry face and wait 5-10 minutes. Then it is necessary to compare the control line, which appears always, when done correctly, the test line result. If it is darker than the sample or the same, it soon will be ovulating and the test should be stopped. If it does not or it paler, then you need to continue on to obtain two identical strips.

Thus, ovulation tests – a convenient, accurate and relatively inexpensive method for determining the probable time of conception. Its use significantly increases the possibility of pregnancy, and accelerates it.

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