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Adorable babies breed mini Biewer Terrier came to light recently, thirty years ago, the German breeders Gertrude and Werner Biewer. The parents of these unusual puppies become Yorkshire Terriers.

External features

The Biewer Terrier, description of the breed which today can be found in all veterinary handbooks - tiny, harmoniously composed of a dog. Her height - not more than 27 cm, and the weight standard should not be more than 3.5 kg.Biewer Yorkshire Terrier description of breed

The Biewer Terrier, the price is quite high, has luxurious, long, perfectly straight coat, which is dressy gown falls on the sides of the torso this little beauty. It is divided into a middle parting along the center of the body - from head to base of tail. On the body hair from the withers reaches the ground. It has a silky texture, not woolly, but quite thick. The tail, covered with hair, not cropped.

The Main difference from the classic York – an unusual color. It can be quite varied. For example, on the head allowed stains: white, black, Golden. The case most often blue and white, black white, black white or blue frill. Chest, legs and stomach are always pure white color.


This girl is smart and funny, active and confident. The animal is very affectionate and outgoing, with a strong and balanced character. Perhaps that is why many experts believe that this is the best dog for a child. This is confirmed by the owners of these babies. Indeed, a very seasoned and intelligent dog, the Biewer Terrier. Description of the breed in the dog training literature suggests that these Terriers have inherited many features of their ancient ancestors - perseverance, courage, as well, and stubbornness. Therefore, the master should, where necessary, be firm in raising a puppy, despite his touching and delicate appearance.Biewer Yorkshire Terrier price


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The Future owners of these animals need to know what features has the Biewer Terrier. Description of the breed given by the leading handlers of our country says that these kids are to a great age retain the immediacy and openness. But it should be noted that they very rapidly learn that the owner allows them to do and what is strictly prohibited.

Care and Maintenance

Today, the hero of our article was the Biewer Terrier. Description of the breed, which we quoted above probably tells you that the main problem in the care of this pet are the care and care of a luxurious fur coat. Comb it should be every day. If the dog owner does not intend to present it at exhibitions, it would be better to cut hair shorter. Experts call this haircut "puppy". best dog

We already mentioned that according to many owners it is the best dog for a child. Will be very useful if the baby will take an active part in the care of the animals and not just play with it. Morning little beaver should begin with rinsing of the eye. For this you can use warm boiled water or a weak solution of chamomile.

To clean the ears use a cotton swab, and the hair on them should be cut off, exposing the third part of the ear.

When beavers are vary teeth, they often do not have the fangs. If this has not happened for seven months, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will remove them. In addition, it is important to remove Tartar.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier reviews

We already talked about the fact that these cute kids are very inquisitive, and if we add to this their boldness, the owner must be clear that beavers are required to walk only on a leash. Otherwise, intrigued by something, your pet can chase the interesting object.


Among the dwarf breeds of dogs can be considered a survivor of the Biewer Terrier. Description of the breed and of the certificate owners say that with proper care they can live up to 15 years. Unfortunately, they have a typical breed diseases:

- extrahepatic Portosystemic shunts — pathology of blood vessels (congenital), in which the animal ceases to grow, it often appears causeless vomiting, possible seizures. Treatment — operative Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

- Acute pancreatitis. It is often cause excessively greasy and high-calorie foods and overweight dogs.

the Disease, Legg-perthese – another problem which can only be treated surgically. This necrosis of the head of the thigh bone, which is manifested by rapidly progressive muscle atrophy and lameness.

The Biewer Terrier (a description of the breed confirms this) to a greater risk of hereditary diseases, so before you buy a puppy, you need to collect all the information about the breed lines. This will help you to avoid further health problems of the pet.

Puppies of Biewer Terrier: how to choose the correct

No doubt every owner wants to purchase a pedigree and healthy puppy. How to do it right? Needless to say that suchthe dog must be bought only in specialised nursery.

First, examine the documents accompanying the puppy, look at his parents. Don't be surprised if the mother at the period of rearing offspring will be cropped.

Now you can see the kids. Immediately note the dental formula – it should be full, the cutters 6 x 6.

The coat should conform to the standard. On the body are not allowed to have red hair. Place the puppy in the rack, and it is better to ask a breeder, rate the silhouette of the baby. Great importance is back — it should be wide, straight and smooth. Look at the puppy in motion.

When your baby comes into the house in the first days it will start to surprise you with its intelligence, wit. Bevery endlessly cheerful, always cheerful, but this little one has their own opinion, and it will achieve the goal, showing incredible tenacity. Because raising a dog, you need to be tactful and persistent.


This process is divided into three parts. The first stage begins before weaning the baby from the mother. The puppy needs to understand that there are people who have rights and duties, he must learn the rules of life according to the laws of the pack. During this period he will learn to attack and defend, play, forage, but at the same time to get rid of stubbornness. Watch how a mother raises their puppies. She lovingly teaches them the liveliness, the fun, but if the need arises, it punishes the naughty ones for each violation.puppies Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Do Not purchase a puppy that grew up without a mother. If the animal did not know of maternal affection and love, then it's not received primary education. Subsequently this dog will not be emotionally able to relate to people with love.

The Second stage begins after moving into a new house. Typically, this occurs when the puppy turns 6 to 8 weeks. At this time he learns the rules of coexistence with man. The kid should know not to whine at night, and that he has to sleep only, not to chew on shoes, furniture, etc.

After some time the puppy leaves beaver with the owner for a walk. This begins the third phase of education. The puppy will learn to walk on a leash, not to pick up anything from the ground, to understand the commands "Fu!” and “me!” if the owner let him off the leash.

The Cost of a puppy

This dog is not cheap – the Biewer Terrier. The price of this baby in Russia ranges from 25 to 50 thousand rubles.

The Biewer Terrier: owner reviews

These adorable creatures cause only positive emotions from their owners. They are smart and affectionate, very careful and sensitive to the family members. But most of all they love children, are very attached to them and can play for days on end.

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