Neutering cats: the pros and cons. When is the best time to do the cat sterilization


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In the life of every cat owner there comes a time when you have to solve the issue of procreation pet. It really becomes a problem when the light appears periodically the kittens, which was getting harder and harder to attach. Good and caring hands was not enough, so most of the kids doomed to a hungry existence, they find themselves on the street and adding to the army of homeless animals. a cat sterilization pros and consIs Not always desirable and the fate of their mother. Repeated estrus in the absence of mating or the use of hormonal methods may eventually lead to exhaustion of the nervous system of cats and to diseases such as ovarian cancer, vulvovaginitis, pyometra, etc.

Therefore, for those owners who truly care about the health of your home pet, the best solution is neutering a cat. The pros and cons of this event is to study in advance to prevent any unwanted complications.

What is sterilization

It is the deprivation of the cats ability to reproduce. Is often a surgery, which removes completely or partially the internal sex organs. The procedure is performed under General anesthesia for 40-45 minutes. The seam overlaps with normal or internal. In contemporary practice, use and seamless operation when the incision is not more than 1 cm

Types of sterilization

There are medical, radiation and surgical sterilization of the cat. The pros and cons of each of them. But more favourable is surgical. In case of pharmaceutical sterilization use of hormonal drugs have a large risk of tumors, including malignant. The method using the radiation, many doctors believe is detrimental to the animal, because the slightest miscalculation of dosage of radiation, it can adversely affect the state of the cells.


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Surgical methods of sterilization most commonly used ovariohysterectomy — complete removal of the uterus and ovaries. There are other options – tubal occlusion (tug fallopian tubes), hysterectomy (removal of only the uterus), oophorectomy (removal of ovaries only). The last of these methods is preferable, but only applicable to young nulliparous animals. Two other very adversely affect the health of cats, so in modern veterinary medicine is almost not used.

Consequences of sterilisation

This operation though is a complex, done in almost any clinic. The animal recovers quite quickly, within two weeks leaving only a small mark on the spot where the seam was. what to do after the sterilization of catsAfter sterilisation cats are more attached to the house. The psycho-emotional sphere, hunting instincts did not suffer. Health after the surgery perfect, allowing the cat to live a full life, without causing trouble to their owners.

Advantages of sterilization

Observed that sterilized cats live longer and healthier lives. They do not seek to find a partner, so don't run away from home and are not satisfied with the cat's "concerts". But if the sexual instinct is not distracting them, respectively, the more attention and love goes to the owners. Cats become more calm, keeping and appearance, and demeanor, in addition, they will not bring unwanted offspring.neutering cats when is the best time to do

After sterilization significantly reduced the risk of cancer tumors, polycystic disease, pyometra and other diseases that affect almost every nulliparous cat older than 5 years. As a result of improved metabolic animal requires less feed, which leads to lower food costs.

It is Recommended to read about such operations as the sterilisation of cats, reviews of the owners, they will help to make the final decision. Often people say that they are very happy that I decided to take the operation as after it the cat no exhausting heat, unwanted kittens, it is always active, playful, with a shiny luxurious coat, which did not differ earlier.

Cons of sterilization

There are negative aspects of sterilization. As hormonal after the surgery still changes in the body occur and other changes, including negative. Change of metabolism requires a completely different food. After sterilization significantly reduced energy needs, amid increasing appetite it can lead to weight gain of the animal. To prevent the risk of obesity, cat transferred to the special food.

Of Course, this is not a serious obstacle if the scale is the health of the pet and require sterilization of cats. The pros and cons have any, even the most simple operation.

At what age to do sterilization

In the absence of medical contraindications can be performed regardless of age. The most favorable period for sterilization — this is when the body is almost completely formed, but sexual maturity is not yet reached, i.e. before the first heat. In our country such operations are often carried out at the age of 8—10 months. At this time the animals are much easier to tolerate such a procedure, andthe recovery process is faster. Minimum and the risk of breast tumors, which with each subsequent estrus increases. neutering cats reviewsAge limit is almost no such operations as the sterilisation of cats. When is the best time to do it is decided as necessary. Even in the old animal the negative effects will not occur if it is completely cool. In any case, by the time operations are conducted surveys and made analyses in order to determine the overall health of a pet.

Some veterinarians claim that the time of sterilization of cats does not matter for further development. And operate on kittens at the age of 2 months. But this opinion is not very supported by most of their colleagues who consider that the operation at such an early age may lead to disorders in the development of the internal organs.

Preparing for surgery

So the cat would make it easier to transfer the anesthetic, it should not be fed prior to surgery. The last portion of the feed is given at least 12 hours. Is necessarily performed such processing. So the cat could not further corrupt the seam, claws her in advance to cut the special kogterezki. Carrying an animal, as a rule, bag-carrying, it is possible for this purpose to use a bag of heavy material or a backpack. If the distance to the clinic is small, it is better to walk. To avoid stress and panic behaviours of cats, the way it should be to reassure with gentle words and strokes. seam after sterilization of catsOf Course, in native walls to move the operation much easier, so often practiced in recent neutering cats at home.

What to do after sterilizing the cats

The First days after surgery, the cat is in dire need of care. At home you should have a box, putting in her warm bedding and placing it near the battery or heater. The animal may experience severe chills in the period when it would move under. After sterilization of the cats the first night sleep almost all the time, why it is desirable to observe peace and quiet, follow the breath of the animal. The condition of the joints should be checked daily by processing with hydrogen peroxide and green paint. If you have redness, swelling or health of the animal deteriorates, you should immediately consult a doctor.what to do after the sterilization of cats

Usually the cat is not eating after sterilization. Her first day will be given to drink water or milk from a syringe, and the next day she drinks herself. The appetite gradually appears. After 3—4 days the cat is already beginning to behave more actively, but excessive movement is to be restricted. After a week the stitches are removed and very soon the animal recovers completely.

Possible complications

If the operation is performed in the clinic by an experienced professional, any inflammatory processes are virtually eliminated. If the animal is subjected to sterilization at the age or having chronic diseases of the heart, then tentatively held him examined by a cardiologist.

Some of the animals found an acute reaction to the anesthesia, which is in advance impossible to predict. It occurs most commonly in animals with allergies. Therefore, in such operations as the sterilisation of cats for these patients is individual selection of drugs.

Obesity after surgery

There is an opinion that after neutering the cat will begin to gain weight. This is not entirely true. The operation itself may not cause obesity, it appears as a result of slowing metabolism and hormonal changes, causing the cat becomes calmer and it requires less food. So if you change the diet, reducing the amount of feed for 15—20%, and more play with your pet, providing regular exercise, the problem of overweight is unlikely to occur.the time of sterilization of cats

All of this will take time, so you need to take into account their capabilities, responsible approach to issues such as the sterilisation of cats. The pros and cons of this procedure should consider each owner of the animal before heading to the vet. After all, obesity — is also a kind of disease, despite the fact that the sight of well-fed cats are very adorable. When not overweight, the animal retains the hunting instincts and previous activity level.

The Food is sterilized cats

Diet is made immediately after surgery. It may consist of prepared feeds in industrial production or domestic natural food. Mixing these two types of food is undesirable.

When feeding your cat natural food preference of lean meat, offal, dairy cereals. Recommended fermented milk products (cheese, yogurt). Do not feed the cat sterilized fish because it contains a lot of magnesium, the excess of which leads to the formation of salt rocks.

The Manufacturers of industrial foods offer a variety of special products for sterilised cats. From the variety it is better to choose food premium or super premium class. They are made from the finest ingredients, well-balanced, safe and widely recommended by the experts after such an operation asneutering cats. Reviews about the feeds in this class are mostly positive.anesthesia after sterilization of cats

The Combination of a balanced diet and control the health of your furry pet guarantee him a long and happy life.

Now you know all about such operations as the sterilisation of cats: when to do, how it is conducted and what the results are. So the choice now is yours.

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