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Predicting the weather on national signs – it is a priceless inheritance we received from our ancestors, who observed the nature and interrelationship of all living things in it. Signs helped farmers determine when to begin sowing, the harvest, the onset of frost or thaw.

Of Course, for modern man it lost some of its relevance, but still has not become unnecessary knowledge.

Folk omens about the weather: the rainfolk omens about the weather

  • Flowers, bushes of acacia and Jasmine smell is stronger and above them in a large number of hovering flies – so, soon it starts to rain.
  • Many trees in front of bad weather get rid of moisture, “wailing” and dropping dew.
  • The day before the rain ate lowered his paws and impact scales of the cones.
  • Precipitation portend an especially loud shouting of crows and jackdaws, they sit hunched and drooping wings.
  • From the lake begins to smell fresh fish, and frogs for a long time are on land.
  • Ants hiding before the rain deep in the anthill of their dolls.
  • Sparrows “swimming” in the dust, swallows and Swifts flying low over the land, and the rooks “grazing” in the grass.
  • If in wet weather the whole day biting mosquitoes, and leeches float to the surface of the water, the rain for a long time.
  • The opened field bindweed predicts a cloudy day.

Folk omens about the weather: to clear weatherpredicting the weather folk omens

  • Good to hear after a long rain loud chirping of birds – it's a Sunny weather.
  • Heavy dew on the grass in the morning and evening – is also the harbinger of a clear hot day.
  • If the night bright visible stars of the milky way – good weather is settled.
  • Bright month in the sky may portend drought.
  • Strong heat predict and bees sitting on the walls of the hives.
  • In anticipation of a clear day in the evening, after sunset, long lasting in the air the bats.
  • If the night fireflies bright – the day will be clear.
  • The Onset of good weather after the rain portend and butterflies, which appeared at a time when the sky clouds are still visible.

Folk omens about the weather: the frost and coldweather folk omens

  • Winter, frost, night, sparkling stars.
  • Before prolonged cold weather with pine trees often fall a large lump.
  • The Trees to frost cracking.
  • Finch begins to sing loudly – to storm.
  • Sparrows and magpies hiding who – where, then, is Blizzard.
  • Before a prolonged severe frosts wolves come out of the forest close to human habitation.
  • Low clouds at lunchtime – a sign of cooling in the evening.
  • Chickens, heralding the snow and cold get high to roost.
  • The Cat, curled up, hiding his nose under his paw – wait for the frost.

Folk omens about the weather: thawthe snow before the thaw

  • The Loud noise of the forest foreshadows warming.
  • Appeared In the sky red moon – in the coming days will become warmer.
  • Thick snow, large flakes placed on the ground, too, hints at the warm weather.
  • Forty in the Morning, jumping from branch to branch – to thaw.
  • Roosters at sunset screaming persistently – to warming.

The weather Forecast on national signs can help any of us to determine what to expect from nature in the near future and, consequently, feel more confident – the world around will never be the same incomprehensible and unpredictable. You have a good weather!

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