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Honored artist of Russia Vitaly Smoljanac – the world's only worker of a circus, who plays without both legs. The audience of the famous show “Empire of the lionesses’ meet the tamer standing, arranging never-ending standing ovation for the professionalism of the master and courage caring person.Vitaly smolynec

The Path to the arena

In September 2016, he won the prestigious prize of the international festival “Idol-2016” among the circus performers, but once started the usual driver of the truck carrying the animals. A native of Donetsk oblast (Khartsyzsk), Vitaly Smolynec, whose biography is presented in the article, was born in 1973. After school, during the Soviet era, was called up to the Northern fleet, and was discharged in 1993, in the time of CIS. He worked as a truck driver, while the guy Sergei Belyakov opened in Russia private circus and was not invited Vitaly to work as a driver.

A Young man imbued with the atmosphere of the circus, and soon began to assist my friend in his room with the predators. Sometimes we had to completely replace that in the arena, and Vitaly began to dream about his own attraction. It took him six years to save enough money for the purchase first Pets: a lioness Nicky and Leo Simon, purchased in Novosibirsk in 2002.Vitaly smoljanac handler


A year later Vitaly Smoljanac (a photo in this article) has accepted baptism of fire. The room turned out, and after a time the young man became an artist of the state circus. In 2012 he created the original attraction, in which participated six lionesses and two tigers. Simon had to return to the zoo, for working with heterosexual predators did not happen. The lionesses must have one leader – trainer. Lions look at the arena spectacular, in addition to work with big cats is more difficult, but the young tamer did not seek easy ways.

His beauty began to do so unique stunts that in 2015 he will be presented circus prize “Master” as the best trainer. In his room of a lioness doing the excavation on hind legs ago, and the dynamics, complexity and precision such that Edgard Zapashny specifically went to Nizhny Novgorod, where he toured the trainer to get to know a talented colleague.Vitaly smoljanac accident

Family Circus

The Circus and the predators become the meaning of life artist. Vitaly Smoljanac even created a family with hereditary Carney. Inessa younger than husband by 10 years. She is also a trainer, but her animals-a pony and a monkey. The couple together for 13 years, touring with the circus, where all the second part programmes – attraction Vitali.

The family of two growing sons. Senior Igor – a schoolboy. He already went to a cage with young cubs to adults but his father does not start: the predators are able to attack those who are considered weaker. Today Igor lives in Ugra (Kemerovo region), where the mother-in-law Vitaly, in school. Junior mark is touring with his parents, learning the life of a circus behind the scenes. Big brother Vladimir is assisted by eminent relatives in the room with wild cats.


The Road divided the life of the trainer on before and after. 9.02.2015 at 3 a.m. he was driving a car on icy route Tver-Moscow. After 138 km, at the village of Redkino, he became a witness of how the front turned the car UAZ crashed into the separation fence. The passenger struck the windshield and flew into the middle of the highway, and the driver was in a state of shock. The next morning, the media will extensively report that Vitaly Smolynec, the trainer, had an accident that cost him both legs.Vitaly smoljanac trainer crashed

That night, the actor had to relive the most terrible moments of his life. By staying on the sidelines, he rushed to a lay passenger to pull him away from the roadway. Peripheral vision saw them speeding truck, whose driver lost control on a slippery road. Shouted the driver of the Oise, who managed to roll under the bump, Vitaly was able to push over the fence, unconscious passenger, and he was hit by the truck MAZ.

After an accident

Vitaly One leg blown off at once, and the second was an open fracture. In full consciousness the trainer called his wife, saying goodbye and asking forgiveness for everything. He sincerely believed that he would die, bleeding to death on the track. The pain was unbearable and he prayed for a speedy termination of his sufferings. But all subsequent events became a series of happy coincidences, as if in gratitude for the heroism and human sympathy.

Arrived employees of traffic policemanaged to stop the bleeding, dragging the leg harness. After 30 minutes the Ambulance took the wounded to the hospital of the village Redkino, belonged to the MOE. Professional surgeons, cutting away the clothes on the operating table, skillfully conducted the operation to amputate the second leg, retaining the artist's life. After a few hours at the bedside were already a wife, the next three months not otgadyvaya from their spouse. Vitaly Smolynec, the accident which ended so tragically, had brother Vladimir to replace him on tour. And he agreed, coming into the arena in three days. None of the viewers have not passed the ticket, although the basic tricks elder brother managed to get only a month.


He Learned of the tragedy in Redkino arrived Edgard Zapashny. Once his grandfather was murdered by gangrene. He knew that in a small village with minimal help hard to get out of a sick colleague, so called, I. Kobzon to help with the move to the Institute. Vishnevsky. The fate of Vitali participated not only friends, but also previously unfamiliar people. The artist moved to Moscow, where after 5 weeks of intensive care began the long process of healing.

Vitaly Smoljanac was discharged from hospital at the end of April. To fight for the life he was helped by the belief that even without legs he will be able to get back into the profession. The head of state in the person of Vadim Gagloeva not only to maintain attraction, but has allocated two million for the purchase of dentures, at which Paralympic Champions put their records. The remaining amount (3 million rubles) gathered friends, leaving a friend in trouble. After discharge, the trainer immediately went to Bryansk, where the road was his pet. It was the most touching meeting that is only possible between humans and animals.Vitaly smoljanac biography


Who are the people for whom he sacrificed his life Vitaly Smoljanac – trainer with the world name? The driver Ilya Manukhov were visited all the time of the Savior during treatment. Revelation to him was when Vitaly admitted that he has no regrets, and could hardly do otherwise. Passenger Sergey Suslov spent a month in a coma. He remembers nothing from the moment that went to sleep in the road in the passenger seat. Today, a young man living a normal life, although his speech is slightly difficult, and the consequences of trauma are felt. But his wife and two small children – a weighty reason to rejoice every moment the gift of life.

Only the driver of the truck appeared at the front door of the hospital only once to see whether the victim to bring a criminal case regarding the accident. Vitaly believes that today nothing is correct, so it makes no sense to look guilty. We need to find ways comeback.Vitaly smoljanac photo

The Return

In August of 2015 Vitaly Smolynec stood on the prosthesis, and in September began to rehearse the number. His wife, Inna decided to go to the attraction to her husband to always be there, even at the circus. The actor had no doubt that I will be able to enter the cage to the animals, recognizing him as a leader, even if he drove there in a wheelchair. But worried about the reaction of the audience: could they not notice his crutches and does not cause his appearance pity?

The Premiere performance took place in December 2015 in Rostov. The artist used the crutches instead of the stack, and so focused on what is happening in the cell that he was in some kind of a moment: the tribune did not react to his tricks. But when the number ended, he heard the sound of deafening applause, standing and cheering the artist really strong person. Because the lions will never believe weak.

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