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Less than a century ago, a man received in a week about 15 thousand information messages. Now every hour we get about ten thousand messages. And among all this information flow is very difficult to find the desired message, but nothing to do – is only one of the negative characteristics of the modern information society.


So, what is the information society? It is a society in which the bulk of the workers occupied with production, storage or processing of information. At this stage of development of the information society has several distinctive characteristics:

  • In society the great value has the information, knowledge and technology.
  • Every year the number of people engaged in the production of information products, communications or information technology.
  • Increasing Informatization of society, using phones, TV, Internet, and mass media.
  • It Creates a global information space, which ensures effective interaction of individuals. People have access to global information resources. Within the created information space, each participant meets their needs for information products or services.
  • Rapidly developing e-democracy, information economy, e-government and the government appear digital markets social and business networks.
information technologies in society


The First, who determined that this information society, there were scientists from Japan. In Japan, the term began to be used in the 60-ies of the last century. Almost simultaneously with the term “information society" began to use scientists from the United States. In the development of this theory the great contribution made by authors such as M. Porat, I. Masuda, R. Karz, and others. This theory was supported by those researchers who studied the formation of man-made or technological companies, as well as those who have studied changes in the society that is affected by the increased role of knowledge.


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At the end of the twentieth century, the term “information society” firmly taken its place in the lexicon of experts of the InfoSphere, politicians, scientists, economists and teachers. It is most often associated with the development of information technologies and other means that would help humanity to make a new leap forward in evolutionary development.


Today, there are two opinions as to what the information society:

  1. A society where production and consumption information is considered to be the main activity, and the information most important resource.
  2. This is a society that has replaced the post-industrial, the main product here are information and knowledge, actively developing information economy.

It is Also believed that the concept of information society is nothing more than a kind of theory of postindustrial society. Therefore, it can be considered as sociological and futurological concept where the main factor of social development is the production and use of scientific and technical information.


Given how much leaked into the everyday life of information technology, these effects are often called information or computer revolution. In the teachings of the West, more and more attention is paid to this phenomenon, indicates that a large number of relevant publications. However, it should be noted that the notion of “information society” is placed on the place where in the 70-ies was the theory of postindustrial society.

Some scientists believe that post-industrial and information society are completely different stages of development, so between them need to draw a clear line. Despite the fact that the concept information society was intended to replace the theory of postindustrial society, its supporters still develop important provisions of technocracy and futurology.

role of the information society

Bell, who formulated the theory of post-industrial society considers the concept of information society a new stage in the development of post-industrial. Simply put, the scientist insists that the information society is the second level of postindustrial development, so we should not mix or substitute these concepts.

James Martin. Criteria of the information society

Writer James Martin believes that the information society should meet the following criteria:

  1. Technology. In different spheres of human activity applied information technology.
  2. Social. Important stimulator of changes in quality of life is information. There is such a thing as “consciousness” because knowledge was widely available.
  3. Economic. Information becomes the main resource in economic relations.
  4. Political. Freedom of information, which leads to the political process.
  5. Culture. is considered a cultural value.

The Development of the information society brings with it a number of changes. So, there are structural changes in the economy, especially when it comes to the distribution of the workforce. People are becoming more aware of the importance of information and technology. Many are beginning to realize that for full existence, you need to eliminate your own computer illiteracy, as in almost all spheres of present information technology. The government strongly supports the development of information and technology, but together with them develop malware and computer viruses.

information society strategy

Martin believes that in the information society the quality of life depends on information and how people will operate it. In such a society, all spheres of human life are influenced by achievements in the segment of knowledge and information.

Good and bad

Scientists believe that the development of information technology in the society give the ability to manage large complex organizations, production systems and coordinate the work of thousands of people. We continue to develop new research directions related to the problems of organizational sets.

And yet the process of Informatization of society has its drawbacks. Society loses its stability. Small groups of people can have a direct impact on the information society. For example, hackers can hack into the Bank system and transfer to their accounts large sums of money. Or in the media can illuminate the problem of terrorism, which have a destructive influence on the formation of social consciousness.

Information revolution

The authors of the concept “information society” claim that before it will be finished, must go through several stages of development of the information society:

  1. The spread of the language.
  2. The Advent of writing.
  3. Mass printing of books.
  4. Using different kinds of electrical connections.
  5. The Use of computer technology.

A. Rakitov emphasizes that the role of the information society in the near future will be to influence the civilizational and cultural processes. Knowledge will be the most significant stake in the global competition for power.


Society can be considered information in several cases:

  • Individuals can use the information resources of companies anywhere in the country. That is, from anywhere they can access the information they need for life.
  • Information technology accessible to everyone.
  • There are infrastructures that provide necessary information resources.
  • In all industries, the process acceleration and automation.
  • Changed the social structure, and as a result expand the scope of information activities and services.
what is information society

The Information society different from the industrial to the rapid growth rate of new jobs. In the segment of economic development dominated by the information industry.

Two questions

The Dynamic technological modernization of society poses two main questions:

  • Whether people Adapt to changes?
  • Will the new technology give rise to a differentiation of society?

During the transition to the informational society people can face a significant problem. They are divided into those who can use new knowledge and technology and those who do not have such skills. As a result of information technology will remain in the hands of a small social group that will lead to the inevitable stratification of society and the struggle for power.

But despite the danger, the new technology can empower citizens, giving them instant access to the required information. Will allow you to create and not just consume new knowledge and allow you to remain anonymous personal messages. Although, on the other hand, the penetration of information technologies in private life is a threat to data privacy. Whatever aspect we consider the information society, the main trends of its development will always be called as a sea of enthusiasm and indignation. As, however, and in any other sphere.

Information society: development strategy

When it was recognized that society has moved to a new stage of development, and took appropriate steps. Authorities in many countries began to plan the development of the information society. For example, in Russia, researchers have identified several stage of development:

  1. First foundations were laid of in the field of information (1991-1994).
  2. Later there was a change of priorities of Informatization the development of information policy (1994-1998)
  3. The Third stage is the formation of policy in the sphere of building the information society (2002 - present).
information resources of society

Interested in the development of this process andstate. In 2008 the Russian government adopted the strategy for information society development, which is valid until 2020. The government has set itself the following tasks:

  • The Creation of an information and telecommunication infrastructure, to provide on its basis of qualitative services for access to information.
  • Based On the development of technologies to improve the quality of education, health care and social protection.
  • Improving the system of state guarantees of human rights in the information sphere.
  • Using information and communication technologies to improve the economy.
  • Improve the efficiency of public administration.
  • To Develop science, technology and engineering to prepare qualified personnel in the sphere of information technologies.
  • To Preserve the culture, strengthen the moral and Patriotic principles in public consciousness, to develop a system of cultural and humanitarian enlightenment.
  • To Oppose the use of information technology as a threat to national interests of the country.

To solve such problems, the government develops special actions for the development of a new society. Define the control parameters of the dynamics of social development, improve policy in the field of information technologies. Create favorable conditions for the development of science, technology and equal access of citizens to information.


So, what is the information society? This is a theoretical model used to describe the new stage of social development that started in the beginning of the information-computer revolution. As a technological basis in this society are not industrialized, and information and communication technologies.

A society where information is the main economic resource, and the pace of development in this sector took the first place, the number of employees, share of GDP and investment. Traced well-developed infrastructure, which ensures the creation of information resources. Her first and foremost education and science. In such a society intellectual property is the main form of ownership.

information society development

The Information is converted into a product of mass consumption. Everyone in society has access to any kind of information, it ensures not only the law, but also technical capabilities. Besides, there are new criteria of an assessment of the level of development of society. For example, an important criterion is the number of computers connection in the Network, mobile and home phones. With the merger of telecommunication, computer and electronic and audiovisual technology in society creates a single, integrated information system.

Today, the information society can be regarded as a kind of global phenomenon that includes: the global information economy, space, infrastructure, and legal system. Here, business activity becomes an information and communication environment, the virtual economy and the financial system is spreading. The information society gives a lot of opportunities, but it didn't come out of nowhere – it is the result of a centuries-old activities of all mankind.

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