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Normal functioning of all systems of the settlement, competent and timely execution of tasks in the sphere of economic, social and other areas of development is impossible without control of the mayor. But how voters can evaluate the quality of work this man? In accordance with its responsibilities and powers, which will be discussed in this article.

The mayor of the city: the value of the concept

The head of the city – the person holding the highest position in the village and is authorized under Federal law, enshrined in the Constitution of 06.10.2003 year. Another name for this post – the mayor, or the head of the municipality.


The Head of the city administration empowered to solve problems and resolve conflicts at the local level.

It is Noteworthy that in different countries the position is called in its own way. For example, in Poland the mayor decided to call an agent in Bulgaria – KMET, and in Scotland – Lord provosta, etc.

Requirements to the mayor

In accordance with Russian law, not every citizen can obtain the position of mayor. To qualify for this important position, the country must have a Russian citizenship, you have to be registered on the territory of the state. There is one condition – the mayor of the village can not be people under the age of 21.

the head of the city administration

One of the unspoken rules is a good reputation of the candidate, which increases his chances of trust from the people for whose benefit and will make decisions and various legislation. The future mayor also should not be prosecuted. It also refers to the excellent reputation.


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The powers of the city Chapter

The Mayor performs diversified administrative functions. For example, the mayor promotes the adoption of various legal acts and regulations. He is also a representative of the controlled locality in meetings with regional authorities, legislative assemblies and other business meetings. The mayor has the right to approval and signing of various documents adopted by the Board of deputies of municipality. The head of administration in the limits of their authority may also make regulations which include orders and regulations.

office of the mayor

Position requires the mayor to be accountable to the Council of people's deputies. It is on the judgment of this legislature, the mayor submits the draft of the various programs for the development of the municipal formation, and also proposes to amend the amount of local taxes.

The Mayor has the discretion to dismiss or to hire their deputies, the heads of the city administration. The range of powers of the mayor includes a compilation of the orders of creation, elimination and restructuring of municipal institutions.

The acting head of the city is very diverse, and, because he controlled all departments of the village, he has the right to inspect their work.

Mayoral Elections

Elections of the mayor are carried out, in accordance with the Charter of the municipality, in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. There are two most common types of this procedure.

the elections of the mayor

The First type-a secret ballot on the basis of equal suffrage. It is open to all residents, except those who have not reached the desired age. The second type – voting among members of the local administration and other governing bodies of the municipality. It should be noted that the last elections mainly for rural areas where there is no need to hold the boundaries between the functions of the head of administration and representative body.

Gaining popularity of the system in which the mayor – just a nominal figure, not having the actual power. In this situation the decisions concerning the municipality, do the head of administration and representative body.

The Difference between functions of the city Manager and the city

What are the functions of the head of the city, was discussed above. Now more about the work of the city Manager. In Russia this position has not yet been widely adopted. In many cities not yet clearly established criteria governing the choice of the person for the position.

City Manager – professional Manager, carried out by the city administration tasks. Its purpose – to work quickly and efficiently, doing everything for the good of the economy and the economy of the municipality, improving the quality of life of the population through the demolition of dilapidated housing, development projects for the construction of hospitals and kindergartens, repair of roads, etc.

One of the chairmen of the regional Public chamber sees no difficulty in the introduction of the post of city Manager in administrative staff due to the lack of necessary reforms. So, it is planned to realign the powers between the authoritiesdifferent levels: local, regional and Federal. There was also a horizontal reform, which would allow to distinguish between the roles of mayor, Council and city Manager. Only after all of these changes will be the introduction of the specified positions in the administrative apparatus of municipal unit.

Termination of powers of the mayor

Sooner or later ends the period during which the person held the position of mayor. His powers are terminated when this post is selected a new mayor. However, it is possible early termination in the following cases.


First, the mayor may resign before the expiration of the term for which he was elected. Second, the decision on the resignation of the acting head of the city takes the court, if the official is declared incapacitated, partially incapacitated due to health reasons, missing or dead.

Third, the position of mayor is incompatible with the change of citizenship of the Russian Federation any more, and moving to another country for permanent residence.

Position does not relieve the head of the municipal education military or alternative civilian service, and therefore he shall cease to be the case, if he receives, for example, a summons from the draft Board.

The Term “the mayor”

new mayor

The Word ‘the mayor" is borrowed from the English language and means “home”. However, in the Russian Empire the post of the head of the city was called differently. The first man in the settlement was called by the mayor and was elected for three years. The post was established in the second half of the XVIII century by Catherine II.

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